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From the author of Wabi-Sabi, on the intersection of beauty and design.
Beautiful blossoms flourish in the front of the Florer a Roma-- but dangerous plans are blooming in the back room. Harry, an un-employed American newspaper reporter, comes to Mexico to have a good time. He wants to see the sights, play golf, go fishing, and hit the beach. His first night in Mexico City he has dinner with Rosa, a blue-eyed blonde Mexican girl, and he stumbles on a body in the back of the restaurant. From then on, he and Rosa are forced to fight for their lives, caught in the middle of a complex Cold War conspiracy to sabotage and eventually to take over Pemex, the government oil monopoly. Within days of arriving Harry has three job offers, including an offer from Rosa's boss at the Florer a Roma, and another for a part time job with United Press. When he visits the back room of the flower shop he discovers that the conspiracy goes well beyond the Pemex takeover and includes assassination and catastrophic global disorder.
What if you are nineteen, agonizingly shy, and need to get a job? Lacking a lighthouse in New Mexico, Gwendolyn Springfield applies for a job at the local flower shop and gets it. She tries to hide from the world, but the world, alas, comes to her. Weddings, funerals, gatherings large and small; all of them parade through her door-and into her life. She sees-and hears-it all. Meet Marjorie Wilkes, the Boss. She doesn't understand the "invisible cage" Gwen constantly finds herself in. Then there's Mrs. Hardcouer, the town troublemaker. All the townsfolk unload on Gwen, but to whom does she confide? The Flower Shop unfolds like a Willa Cather Novel: slow, with the sweep of insight and understanding gathered up at the end. Through others, Gwen comes to know herself. This novel is not recommended for girls under fifteen.
In engaging prose and hundreds of gorgeous color photographs, Sally Page records a year at a small Dorset flower shop. Each chapter represents a different month and depicts what flowers are in season and what a typical month’s activity is like. By sharing the joy of special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and holidays, while also touching on the sadness that is part of life, she shows how flowers represent the full range of human emotions.
Parker, who was once a stray, tells of his new life and job in a flower shop.
Bestselling author Petra Durst-Benning's Seed Traders' Saga continues, as a young woman in nineteenth-century Baden-Baden risks everything to pursue her dream of becoming a florist. Twenty-year-old Flora Kerner has arrived in Baden-Baden, the "Summer Capital of Europe." Having spurned the family seed trade, Flora has instead chosen to accept a floristry apprenticeship in the famed German spa town. She is a quick study in the art of flower arranging, but progress is slower in matters of the heart. As her magnificent displays and keen eye soon reverse the fortunes of her mentor's shop, she attracts the notice of princesses and other royal clientele. Flora's found her passion--or at least she hopes she has. But as her new life begins to blossom, does she dare risk everything to discover where her true heart lies?
The Flower Shop Christmas is a natural follow-on to The Flower Shop, Sally Page's first book. It takes the form of the 12 days of Christmas and reflects on life in the flower shop during this magical time of year - a time for family and friendship, full of love and sharing. Not only does it capture and celebrate the true spirit and meaning of Christmas through human stories, it also is full of fresh ideas and focuses on the essential role that flowers play in this enchanting season. Step inside and enjoy the unique experience of Christmas in The Flower Shop. The Flower Shop Christmas is devoted entirely to life in a country flower shop during the Christmas season. Scattered throughout are 470 exquisite color photographs detailing what happens during this magical season. The book represents the second phase of Sally Page's labor of love photographing and writing this record of the life of a small country flower shop. The Flower Shop is, quite simply, a book to treasure.

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