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Challenges popular misconceptions about the origins of key baseball elements organized in an encyclopedic format on the beginnings of everything from catchers' masks and hook slides to intentional walks and cork-center baseballs.
No spin, no fuss, no gurus: get the real secret to business success Game of Inches dispels the myth that success must come from disruption, and provides an actionable blueprint for real-world business achievement. Entrepreneur Nigel Collin interviewed over 80 successful Australian entrepreneurs and leaders to learn the key factors that make a successful business; in this book, he distils his findings into a simple process of four actions governed by three behaviours that will guide your path to the top. Examples and case studies eschew the limelight in favour of those on the front lines of business doing well, illustrating the revolutionary idea that you don't have to make headlines to be a success. By shifting your mindset from explosive, overnight success to a quieter, more consistent, more sustainable process, you gain the ability to reach the top and stay there. You'll discover that innovation is actually in reach, doesn't cost too much and is not really all that complex when approached from a growth-oriented mindset of making small changes consistently. You don't need to be Steve Jobs, and you don't need to create the next iPhone to be a success in business. What you do need to do is redirect your attention away from who you are and toward what you deliver. Learn what really drives sustainable success Discover innovation that's within reach right now Focus on what you do, not who you are Work toward a process of constant, consistent improvement Business success is not a one-off event or a single "eureka" moment. It's a continuous, step-by-step process of becoming better every day. Incremental change is the surest route to the top; though others may skip the climb in favour of a helicopter, those who earn the summit tend to stay longest. Game of Inches is your straightforward roadmap to no-nonsense, long-term business success.
Football is our life, but love is what will save us. Our one-night hook-up somehow morphed into friendship. Neither of us wants anything more involved . . . or do we? Sarah I swore off dating athletes years ago. I’m completely committed to my career in politics and public relations, and I love being a single woman, thank you very much. When I met Gideon Maynard at our friends’ engagement party, the attraction between was instant and undeniable. Still, I’m smart enough to know that a relationship isn’t in the cards for us. Being friends is enough for me . . . until it isn’t. And that scares the hell out of me. Gideon People call me football royalty. Generations of my family have played this game, owned the teams, run the leagues . . . and as starting quarterback for the Richmond Rebels, I guess I’m fulfilling some kind of destiny. But I don’t care about any of that. I live and breathe football because the rest of my life is broken and empty. The moment I spotted Sarah Jenkins at that party, I knew she was trouble for me. One night might not have been enough to get her out of my system, but it’s all I can risk . . . even if I can’t stop myself from wanting her. When steamy nights and passionate kisses aren’t enough anymore, I’m tempted to try for something deeper, even if that means believing in scary ideas like trust and forgiveness. If only love were as simple as football.
Sports Illustrated Baseball is a complete and sate-of-the-art teaching guide by one of the nation's foremost college coaches. Former Major Leaguer Jerry Kindall shows you: The keys to improving you hitting, running, fielding, and throwing How to pitch, catch, and play the infield and outfield Eight unique batting drills and how to make them work for you Six plays any serious infielder should know 22 defensive stituations and how your team should handle them
A brilliant analysis of the game of baseball from two women who think everyone should be a baseball fan.
Loyalty to a great cause raises some of the most profound issues in philosophy, and loyalty to the greatest of all causes, the Boston Red Sox, poses these questions in the sharpest possible way. The Red Sox and Philosophy brings together a team of thirty of America's leading thinkers (twenty-eight of them citizens of Red Sox Nation), to unravel some of the mysteries of the Red Sox. Can we adapt Anselm's proof of the existence of God to prove that the Red Sox are the greatest conceivable sports team? Why are Red Sox fans moral heroes? Can the science of sabermetrics be reconciled with the religion of baseball? Are pink Red Sox hats rationally defensible? These and other challenging problems are solved in The Red Sox and Philosophy. - Publisher.
This history of America’s pastime describes the evolution of baseball from early bat and ball games to its growth and acceptance in different regions of the country. Such New York clubs as the Atlantics, Excelsiors and Mutuals are a primary focus, serving as examples of how the sport became more sophisticated and popular. The author compares theories about many of baseball’s “inventors,” exploring the often fascinating stories of several of baseball’s oldest founding myths. The impact of the Civil War on the sport is discussed and baseball’s unsteady path to becoming America’s national game is analyzed at length.

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