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What happens when a life-long apartment dweller becomes a homeowner? But more importantly, what happens when a gay Jew realises the American Dream by moving into a trailer park? Based on his popular and hysterical blog, Milton Stern threads together his trailer park adventures with Esmeralda the rescue beagle and his past exploits that only he can tell. Known for his engaging stories, dark and self-deprecating humour, hysterical and outlandish antics and a slightly warped view of life, Stern proves that Jews, even gay Jews, can thrive in any world.
WORKING BOYS by MILTON STERN, the popular online serial, is now in print. Published weekly over a two-year period, all the chapters are now together in two print editions. Follow the lives of notorious, retired madam, Madeline Bennett and her two Gay sons, Bradley, a former escort, and Marty, a police detective, as they navigate mid-life, while working to catch the Black Marble Murderer, who targets middle-aged, muscular gay men. Old loves return and new loves blossom. The cast of colorful characters are back, including the members of a secret organization, who have been hiding in plain sight. WORKING BOYS, Part II will leave you asking for more.
A cultural history of the customs, fashions, and figures of gay life in the twentieth and the early twenty-first centuries-and how they have changed us for the better. How the Homosexuals Saved Civilization presents a broad yet incisive look at how an unusual "immigrant" group, homosexual men, has influenced mainstream American society and has, in many ways, become mainstream itself. From the way camp, irony, and the gay aesthetic have become part of our national sensibility to the undeniable effect the gay cognoscenti have had on media and the arts, Cathy Crimmins examines how gay men have changed the concepts of community, family, sex, and fashion.
This Companion maps the dynamic literary landscape of the American South. From pre- and post-Civil War literature to modernist and civil rights fictions and writing by immigrants in the 'global' South of the late-twentieth and twenty-first centuries, these newly commissioned essays from leading scholars explore the region's established and emergent literary traditions. Touching on poetry and song, drama and screenwriting, key figures such as William Faulkner and Eudora Welty, and iconic texts such as Gone with the Wind, chapters investigate how issues of class, poverty, sexuality and regional identity have textured Southern writing across generations. The volume's rich contextual approach highlights patterns and connections between writers while offering insight into the development of Southern literary criticism, making this Companion a valuable guide for students and teachers of American literature, American studies and the history of storytelling in America.
With its fiery crosses and nightriders in pointed hoods and flowing robes, the Ku Klux Klan remains a recurring nightmare in American life. What began in the earliest post–Civil War days as a social group engaging in drunken hijinks at the expense of perceived inferiors soon turned into a murderous paramilitary organization determined to resist the “evils” of radical Reconstruction. For six generations and counting, the Klan has inflicted misery and death on countless victims nationwide and since the early 1920s, has expanded into distant corners of the globe. From the Klan’s post–Civil War lynchings in support of Jim Crow laws, to its bloody stand against desegregation during the 1960s, to its continued violence in the militia movement at the turn of the 21st century, this revealing volume chronicles the complete history of the world’s oldest surviving terrorist organization from 1866 to the present. The story is told without embellishment because, as this work demonstrates, the truth about the Ku Klux Klan is grim enough.
Nationality recognized activist Wayne Besen spent four years examining the phenomenon of "ex-gay" ministries and reparative therapies - interviewing leaders, attending conferences, and visiting ministries undercover as he accumulated hundreds of hours of research. The result is this groundbreaking expose of the controversial movement that's revered by independent religious groups and reviled by gay and lesbian organizations. The book examines "ex-gay" groups such as Love in Action, Exodus International, Homosexuals Anonymous, and profiles a cast of characters that includes Pat Robertson, Rev. Jerry Falwell, "ex-gay" poster boy John Paulk, National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality activist Richard Cohen, and psychiatrist Dr. Robert Spitzer.

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