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The fifth in the Millennium series that began with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - the global publishing phenomenon that has sold more than 90 million copies worldwide. "Lagercrantz has more than met the challenge. Larsson's brainchildren are in good hands" Wall Street Journal "Lagercrantz pulls it off, and with a great deal of style" Observer "Salander and Blomkvist are just as compelling as ever" New York Times Now Lisbeth Salander (crime fiction's kick-ass heroine) and Mikael Blomkvist (an investigative journalist of unusual integrity) are back once again in the fifth installment of a series that changed the way we read crime novels.
Packed with suspense, science and lots of gold, Sarah Andrews' sixth novel takes us from the eagles' domain high over the American West right down into the depths of the earth itself. Like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, Andrews' engaging heroine, forensic geologist Emily Hansen, uses geological clues to solve crimes. Now, fresh from extricating herself-just barely-from suspicion in the investigation of the murder of a dinosaur paleontologist in Salt Lake City, Em allows a wily FBI agent to talk her into assisting the Bureau on another case. Em and the agent head into the deserts of Nevada: gambling and gold mining country, where fortunes-and lives-are won and lost. Their task is to investigate the high stakes behind conflicting reports about an endangered species on federal land, land the government has leased to a proposed billion-dollar gold-mining operation. But when they arrive, they discover the case has taken an alarming and lethal turn. The biologist they have flown five hundred miles to interrogate lies dead in her pickup truck at the edge of a lonesome road, and a key mining geologist has gone missing. What started as a simple fraud investigation quickly develops into an intricate murder case in which Em must unravel the secrets of gold, the desert, and an Indian tribe struggling to maintain its secrets. The wide-open spaces harbor a deadly enigma that is all too human-and what's at stake is not just Em's life. Andrews has updated observations into the dirt on dead men's shoes for the golden age of high-tech forensic analysis. An Eye for Gold is an enthralling, nail-biting adventure in the air and underground-her best book yet.
It is the summer of 1925. Emily Stewart and her brother, Michael, are thirteen-year-old twins—privileged, precocious, and wandering aimlessly around their family’s Philadelphia estate. One day Emily discovers an odd physical talent—she can secretly crack a joint in her ankle so the sound seems to burst in midair from nowhere. In their garden tea house, Emily and Michael gather the neighborhood children to fool them with these “spirit knockings.” But soon this game of contacting the dead creeps into a world of adults still reeling from a world war. And when the twins find themselves dabbling in the uncertain territory of human grief and family secrets, their game spins out of control…
An Eye for an Eye, (1879) by Anthony Trollope is a gothic romance and one of his very different and unique works. Placing the characters in a difficult situation, he presents an internal battle of the protagonist, about whether he should keep duty above love. The class-consciousness of the English society is also presented. This is one of his only works that does not culminate in a clear decision about whether love triumphs or not.
Over the weekend of 24 June 1996, in the pleasant Victorian holiday town of Harrogate in Northern England, three horrific murders were committed. Although similar, the police believed them to be unconnected. However, as this story unfolds it would seem that they were connected but not in the way it would seem. It would appear they were committed by three unassociated individuals. The first was a beautiful, brilliant student doctor about to become qualified. She had been savagely beaten, raped, and then strangled. Vanessa Machin was twenty-five and a student doctor, who was on the threshold of a medical careera beautiful girl, full of life and vitality. She was found raped and brutally bashed on Saturday morning under bushes near the Church of Christ on the stray (a large grass area in the town). Her injuries were so severe, they shocked the detectives investigating. The second was a young girl with Downs syndrome. She was pleasant and friendly. A funny-looking mongol with her face beaten beyond recognition. She had chocked on her own blood and vomit. Shirley Wilson was a Downs syndrome girl; a dumpy girl so severely beaten that she was unrecongnisable and dumped near the river at Canal Road. This was the next victim found on Sunday morning. Her identity had to be sought by dental records. The third was an ordinary pretty young girl. The attractive twenty-year-old had been brutalised and raped, her injuries beyond belief. Helen Johnson was a shop assistant and like Vanessa was raped and beaten. She was found at Plumpton Rocks, a picnic spot on the Wetherby Road. Each of these girls were found within half a mile of each other on three consecutive nights in the North Yorkshire town of Harrogate, a pleasant old town centred on the stray which was a large open grassed area left to the townsfolk by an ancient philanthropist. Not since the Yorkshire Ripper had such brutality surfaced. Harrogate Police had no precedence for murders like these as nothing like this had happened since the Yorkshire Ripper days, ten years earlier. But Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper, was behind bars leaving them baffled. They could find no witnesses or connections between these three girls. Forensics in 1996 was not as sophisticated as it is today, and they could find no clues as to who or why these crimes were committed
When the author H. Peter Hoffmans wife, Doris, developed Alzheimers, a hospice volunteer was assigned to visit her once per week. Carole Fischer was not only a great help for the couple, but also paved the way to the creation of this memoir when she asked Hoffman how he met Doris. Spanning from 1925 through 2002, The Wink of an Eye Volume I chronicles the love shared between the author and his wife. Through vivid narration, Hoffman relives the many unforgettable moments he shared with his loving, wise, and beautiful wife. Amid time and distance, amid the terror of World War II and the pain of Alzheimers, the couple managed to keep their vow of sticking up and being faithful to each other until death parted them. Lush with nostalgic letters and photographs, The Wink of an Eye Volume I is a fascinating and inspiring true tale of a love that stood resilient through the test of time.

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