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The Glass Palace Begins With The Shattering Of The Kingdom Of Burma, And Tells The Story Of A People, A Fortune, And A Family And Its Fate. It Traces The Life Of Rajkumar, A Poor Indian Boy, Who Is Lifted On The Tides Of Political And Social Turmoil To Build An Empire In The Burmese Teak Forest. When British Soldiers Force The Royal Family Out Of The Glass Palace, During The Invasion Of 1885, He Falls In Love With Dolly, An Attendant At The Palace. Years Later, Unable To Forget Her, Rajkumar Goes In Search Of His Love. Through This Brilliant And Impassioned Story Of Love And War, Amitav Ghosh Presents A Ruthless Appraisal Of The Horrors Of Colonialism And Capitalist Exploitation. Click Here To Visit The Amitav Ghosh Website
When Americans read in today's news that Qatar is funding rebel groups across the Middle East, few of us have any idea what Qatar is or how it is run. A nation of perhaps 250,000 locals served by 1.35 million foreign workers, the emirate is burning its gas and oil revenue at a break-neck pace in an effort to build a position on the global stage. Is Qatar actually a suitable ally or a legitimate partner for the United States? Under Qatari labor law, foreign workers are actually owned, for all practical purposes, by their Qatari sponsors in a system akin to slavery. This book chronicles the experience of an American executive working in Qatar and delves into Qatar's feudal work-sponsorship system, showing that an economic great leap forward is not necessarily accompanied by modernization, despite superficial emblems; that prosperity and democracy need not go hand in hand; and that being a US ally may be totally unrelated to any notion of human rights or personal liberties. There are other Western expats still trapped in Qatar. Yet American workers, students and others blithely interact with Qatar as if it were a 'normal' (i.e., Westernized) nation where one may navigate with confidence. It is nothing of the sort. In the meantime Qatar, under the leadership of an emir who overthrew his own father, is fostering international unrest across the entire Arab world, while racing to build a modern-looking city from scratch. Some of the economic, environmental and demographic assumptions underlying these plans are worthy of another 1000 tales from Arabia. American businessman Nasser Beydoun found out for himself how quickly the Qataris are moving when he embarked on an exciting new career path, leaving his hometown of Dearborn, Michigan, to move to Qatar to manage the opening of several chain restaurants as part of the sudden economic boom there. It didn't take long for the deal to turn sour, but Beydoun didn't realize the extent of his problem until he tried to leave the country — and was stopped at the border. In this book he paints a general picture of life in this fantastical realm while relaying his personal struggle to escape a legal runaround worthy of Kafka's novels.
FINALIST, Children's Book of the Year Award, 2012, National Association of Elementary School Principals. "Weisskoff's debut middle-grade novel takes newly orphaned Mia through raw grief and custody battles with gentleness and skill. Packs real emotional weight into its slim pages and escapes the didactic tone of some 'issue' novels. A promising debut in realistic youth fiction." -- Kirkus Reviews "Evenly paced, well-written and thoroughly engaging, Glass Palace is sensitive in its treatment of all the characters and is compassionate from beginning to end." -- The Therapist (Magazine of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists) Everything's going great for Mia in her hometown of Oakland, California. She and her best friend Samantha just started sixth grade and Mrs. Griffith is already their favorite teacher ever. After school, Mia tends her own garden behind her grandpa's house. And on clear nights, she and her dad take turns peering into her telescope, tracking planets across the starry sky. Then, on Mia's twelfth birthday, her mom and dad are killed in a car accident. And everything falls apart. As if it's not bad enough to lose your parents, Mia's grandparents start fighting over where she's going to live next. Her New York grandparents want her to move all the way across the country to live with them. Immediately! And for some reason, the grandpa she knows and loves best isn't trying to stop them. Unless Mia can find some way to slow things down, she's going to lose all that's left of her once perfect world. Ages 10 and up.
'The Glass Palace' is an Arabian fairy tale about what happens to a girl who is forbidden to touch cotton, just as the princess in 'Sleeping Beauty' must never touch a spindle.

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