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Magic Child, a fifteen-year old Indian girl, wanders into the wrong whorehouse. She is looking for the right men to kill the monster. The monster that lives in the ice caves under the basement of Miss Hawkline's yellow house. Richard Brautigan takes the reader on a heroic, magical adventure through Eastern Oregon. The Hawkline Monster confirms his place as one of the twentieth century's most exciting writers.
This cult classic from the author of Trout Fishing in America “reads like a spaghetti Western crossed with Frankenstein, viewed through an opium haze” (The Sunday Times). The celebrated poet, novelist, and guru of the 1960s San Francisco literary scene, Richard Brautigan brings his highly original Gonzo style to this surreal parody Western. The time is 1902, the setting eastern Oregon. In the ice caves underneath Professor Hawkline’s house, a deadly monster lurks. It’s already turned the professor into an elephant foot umbrella stand, and now his two beautiful daughters have hired a pair of gunslingers to put a stop to the mayhem. But Hawkline Manor is full of curiosities and secrets, like the professor’s underground laboratory where his work on The Chemicals remains unfinished. And as the gunslingers pursue their peculiar quarry, they encounter monstrous mischief, amorous advances, and evil that is all too human. “Bursting with colour, humour and imagery, Brautigan’s virtuoso prose is rooted in his rural past.” —The Guardian
Every 3rd issue is a quarterly cumulation.
A luminous compendium of fascinating poetic and cultural history by one of our best and wisest bard/scholars. McClure's thinking is brave, obdurate, passionate, complex. This book sparkles with bright panoramic reminiscences, wit, juice, and vertebraic insight. -- Anne Waldman
"Tim Burton's "A Child's Garden of Nightmares" charts the filmmaker's path from malcontent animator at Walt Disney Productions (creating the 'scary movies for little kids', "Vincent and Frankenweenie") to directing feature films with a fantasy aesthetic and a natural sympathy for the alienated outsider ("Ed Wood", "Edward Scissorhands", "Batman", the "Deformed Penguin"). The book also acknowledges, both textually and visually, some of the 'monster culture' influences that inform his films: "Famous Monsters" of Filmland magazine, the films of Ed D. Wood, Jr. (the infamous 'worst filmmaker ever'), and the trading cards that inspired his "Mars Attacks"! This popular cult title is now updated and revised to include Burton's latest three films - "Big Fish", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "The Corpse Bride" - and to preview 2008's upcoming "Sweeney Todd".
Covers materials produced by and about Fitzgerald from the beginning to the year 1966.
Korte studie over het werk van de Amerikaanse schrijver (geb. 1935)
Brautigan's novels, poetry and short stories have been reviewed and criticized in both the popular and scholarly press, and his writings have been the subject of doctoral dissertations. Brautigan himself was the subject of several book-length studies. Until now there has been no bibliographic control of these numerous primary and secondary writings. The inclusion dates in this book are from 1956 through June 1989. It includes all of Brautigan's publications and all works concerning Brautigan that can be identified during this time period. Every effort has been made to be as inclusive as possible even though his early work was often published in broadside form and given away, or published in underground newspapers which were never indexed or collected. The bibliography is divided into six parts: works by; works about; criticism and reviews; mysterious and erroneous citations; obituaries and eulogies; and sources.

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