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An evaluation of the multi-faceted role of the heart considers its representation of human emotions and spirituality as well as its essential role in the perpetuation of life, drawing on recent studies to reveal that the human heart has its own intelligence and memory and operates independently from the brain. Reprint. 75,000 first printing.
263 pages, consisting of 175 poems (two volumes) of spiritually penetrating poetry, including an introduction and afterthought, and A Letter To Those Who Are Listening. Not associated with any group, cult, organized religion or dogma, the author translates the Light given to him in an unusual and compelling matter. Thus The Heart Speaks is the moving poetic record of the author's deeply spiritual experiences...dreams, visions, spiritual insights and raptures, giving witness to the Presence and interior Vision of God (Nonliteral Persepective), who may be selflessly Realized, potentially, as our innermost Being.
The Heart Speaks is a book of poems based on the experiences encountered in life with matters of the heart, plus other things related, compiled in medley of words. The art of writing called poetry in an easy form, in areas that are more of interest to the author's perspective and notion. Some poems writing are intended for the heart's lifter in "New York, An Awesome City"; devotion, "A Love So Great"; inspirational in "Behold"; confession of a great love and/or true love; "My Dearly Beloved" and many others. Poems that are of grouching regrets,"Let Me Go"; melancholic in, "Lonely Newport Beach", melodramatic in "Life of a Snail" and even poignant scene like the "Agony of War" plus many others. The nature of the poem depends on how the mood struck at that moment in time or what music was playing, or thru' an affair of that day with someone special, love of life, or even a friend, or whatever the occasion maybe. This book depicts emotions of love, loneliness, family, sadness, desperation, hurt and other sentients clearly describe when the heart is in its best state.. either joy, agony or ecstasy. The medley of words fascinates the author to write her true feelings or even a dream situation or an event. Since family"Tribute to My Mother,"; "My Children", is very important to the author, a section is designated to those members so described in this book.
When Lerita Coleman, a 41-year-old single, African-American psychology professor, learns she has only 18 months to live without a heart transplant, anxiety overwhelmed her. The daunting challenge of medical procedures, medications and the unknowns of losing an organ that symbolized her core being haunted her. In desperation, she turned to her diseased heart for guidance about whether to live or die. What emerges are a series of remarkably wise and witty conversations with her old heart and the one she ultimately received during a transplant in 1995. The talks guide Lerita through a journey of transformation, which she shares in When the Heart Speaks, Listen--Discovering Inner Wisdom and offers as instructions on how to enter into your own heart dialogues. The revelation of her remarkable journey is that courage, wisdom and inner peace are available and can be experienced by anyone who chooses to listen to their heart.
From Laila and Majnu, the Search for God Through Love: In the beginning it was Laila that connected Majnu to the experience of highest love. Then Majnu found within himself the power to grant his connection with God. Majnu shows that once you discover connection to the source of the highest experience within yourself, then even if God knocks on your door, you will say, Thank you for visiting me, God, but I dont need you to visit, because now I experience you all the time! ~ Singh Modi is a truly gifted individual. He has the capacity to help transcend others to a higher state of consciousness. Singh sees the beauty in everyone he meets. He is a gift form God. Tom Shugrue, President, Bond Brokerage Firm of Wall Street I learned from this gifted Indian man that every event is a teacher in its own right and every challenge is an opportunity to grow and learnif I choose to do so. Kwarma Vanderpuye, former law partner of Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Singh Modi has a deep and genuine concern for the happiness of others. I rejoice for his boundless energy and skillfulness in cutting quickly to the heart of the matter as he cheerfully elucidates the path toward freedom for so many. Dimitri Ehrlich, Author of Inside the Music: Conversations about Spirituality, Creativity, Consciousness To order copies of this book, please visit

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