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Shamanism is the oldest living path of spirituality and healing, dating back tens of thousands of years, yet many people don't know what it is or are confused about the practice. In The Hollow Bone, shaman, teacher, and author Colleen Deatsman unveils the mysterious world of Shamanism as it is still practiced today all around the world. Deatsman explains that shamanism is not a religion with a doctrine, dogma, or holy book. Rather, it is a spirituality rooted in the idea that all matter has consciousness and that accessing the spirit in all things is part of what keeps the world in balance and individuals healed and whole. The Hollow Bone examines shamanism's history, its core beliefs, and how it is practiced all around the world. It includes a glossary of terms, resources for finding and working with shamanic teachers, and over two dozen rare photographs and illustrations showing the magnificent range of shamanic tools, rituals, practitioners, and traditions. This comprehensive introduction answers many frequently asked questions such as:What is shamanism? Where is it practiced? What are the beliefs and understandings inherent to shamanism?Who are the shamans?What do shamans do?Can anyone train to be a shaman?Where can I learn more?
'I remember you once told me about mockingbirds and their special talents for mimicry. They steal the songs from others, you said. I want to ask you this- how were our own songs stolen from us, the notes dispersed, while our faces were turned away?' Berlin, 1936. Ernst Sch fer, a young, ambitious zoologist and keen hunter and collector, has come to the attention of Heinrich Himmler, who invites him to lead a group of SS scientists to the frozen mountains of Tibet. Their secret mission- to search for the origins of the Aryan race. Ernst has doubts initially, but soon seizes the opportunity to rise through the ranks of the Third Reich. While Ernst prepares for the trip, he marries Herta, his childhood sweetheart. But Herta, a flautist who refuses to play from the songbook of womanhood and marriage under the Reich, grows increasingly suspicious of Ernst and his expedition. When Ernst and his colleagues finally leave Germany in 1938, they realise the world has its eyes fixed on the horror they have left behind in their homeland. A lyrical and poignant cautionary tale, The Hollow Bones brings to life one of the Nazi regime's little-known villains through the eyes of the animals he destroyed and the wife he undermined in the name of science and cold ambition.
She wanted an adventure. She found fear, betrayal and a fight for survival. It's the kind of case that chills FBI agent Caitlyn to the bone - missing person, college student, beloved daughter of a world leader in biotechnology. Last seen on a cruise with friends, there is just one possible lead: reports of a stranger who may have lured the archaeology student off the ship and deep into the jungles of Guatemala. When Caitlyn follows her hunch into the jungle the trail takes a surprising turn into the very heart of darkness . . . From the ancient mysteries of a Mayan temple to the sinister secrets of modern medicine, Caitlyn Tierney uncovers crimes that have been buried too long and too deep. The standalone sequel to New York Times bestsellers Blind Faith and Black Sheep.
Poetry. Asian American Studies. The poetry of Bryan Tso Jones's RAKING THE HOLLOW BONES is haunted by the past, which mingles with the tastes and food of the present and creates a beauty which is light and clear and resonant. Bryan Tso Jones's ancestors, both literal and poetic---his mother is Chinese, his father American---speak in these poems, and Jones honors them with questions, echoes, speculations, and the proper reverence of a true poet: as the poet rakes leaves he identifies with his grandfather's gestures as he planted rice. Bryan Tso Jones's poems have appeared in the Connecticut Review, Crab Orchard Review, the Literary Review, and the Minnesota Review, among others. He has earned an MFA in creative writing and MA in literature from California State University, Chico, and attended the Napa Valley Writers' Conference and the Squaw Valley Community of Writers as a fellowship recipient. He was born in Oceanside, California, and has traveled widely, having visited or lived in Iran, the Philippines, Taiwan, England, Germany, Greece, and recently Australia. He currently makes his home in Chico, California.
* The magnum opus of a distinguished philosopher Mind and Brain was originally published as the first two parts of a single-volume hardback edition. In it, Ted Honderich considers the exact nature of the relation between mental and neural events, how both sorts of events come about, and their relation to actions. The answers that Honderich gives constitute a new determinist philosophy of mind.
Evo-illusion takes a completely objective and science-based look at evolution. Blume details his pathway from his childhood of being raised very much a religious creationist, to his early fascination with science, and then to his becoming beguiled by evolution and Charles Darwin in his first paleontology class in college. Blume then tells of his surprising and enlightening reversal. Evo-illusion tells a fascinating story of biology, astronomy, physics, particle physics, and other sciences that would certainly interest any person who reads it, no matter what their position is on evolution. It takes the reader from the beginning of the universe to the first living cells on Earth, to the first multicellular organism, and then to the formation of modern organisms. Blume uniquely utilizes thought experiments that the readers can easily do, which allow them to figure what may and may not have happened during the early steps on the pathway to the formation of multicellular organisms.

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