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This true story was a Christmas tradition Dad added to our family before I had a choice. My sister and I were sent to bed early on Christmas Eve. My parents longed to create a morning full of surprise and delight which included putting the tree up after we were in bed. When I was eleven years old, I began to wonder why we didnt have our tree much sooner like all my friends. That Christmas Eve, Dad invited me to help him hunt down the perfect tree. We visited several tree lots by 10 oclock. It turned out this task was not as easy as I thought. I was surprised the lots were either closed or were still asking full price for their trees. At that point, I remembered the many treasures I had found in the YMCA dumpster. Dad finally agreed to go check it out. We were excited to find the dumpster overflowing with fresh garland from a Christmas party. I began to imagine how fun it would be to make our tree that year. We used the fresh garland, a floor lamp and wire hangers to create the most perfect homemade Christmas tree.
Making something with your own hands—whether it's a plate of just-baked cookies, a handcrafted stocking, a homemade wreath, or a hand-folded origami ornament—is a great way to connect with the true meaning of Christmas. From holiday decorating to gift giving, A Homemade Christmas is chock-full of projects, recipes, tips, and helpful hints that are guaranteed to add a homemade touch to your holiday season. Open this charming volume to any page and discover a wealth of practical and easy-to-accomplish ideas for a homemade holiday: • create personal, distinctive holiday greetings • deck the halls with festive, handmade trimmings • cook simple but memorable homemade dishes • make unique, handcrafted gifts • share the joy of the season with friends and family Packed with inspiration and how-tos for ideas that are family-friendly and eco-conscious, festive and meaningful, A Homemade Christmas will put homemade back into your holidays!
Christmas is our favorite holiday season of the year. We love the decorations, lights, music, being surrounded by family and busy get-togethers with loved ones. These special event can be quite expensive. Are you looking for meaningful Christmas gift ideas that don't cost much to make? "Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts 2014: DIY Gifts For Everyone You Know!" is filled with great projects that are perfect for all your gift-giving needs this holiday season. You and your kids will have fun making these gifts. Simple household items will become Popsicle Stick Puzzles, Melting Wax Crayons, plus many items will become beautiful, treasured gifts like the Lotion and Nail File Gift Box, Homemade Beeswax Candles, Let It Snow Treat Jars and even the dog will not be forgotten with special baked dog treats. Put on the Christmas tunes and get into the gift making spirit. "Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts 2014: DIY Gifts For Everyone You Know!" will inspire you
"Revolving Doors" is an adult, autobiographical novel in which 'Richard', now over sixty, recalls incidents of his nightmarish first five years of childhood, while fostered through 17 residences as a ward of Toronto's "S.W.York Co. Children's Aid Society." From his perspective and understanding as a small child, he shares details of memories of unspeakably perverse mistreatment, including perpetual abuse, torture and even rape. After years of counselling and treatment for ensuing, debilitating mental illnesses, 'Richard' experienced a "black-out," resulting in the sudden awareness of long-buried, traumatic memories. The Author, Ms. Ketteringham, graphically details her brother's incredible victimization/survival story by interweaving his recollections, and relentless nightmares, with documentation from the organizations involved. It is "Richard's" most sincere desire that his story of ultimate survival might encourage similar abuse victims who may be searching for hope in facing and fighting their own demons.
Add a touch of personality and creativity to your home with projects for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s and birthdays.
Nothing is easy about life above the Arctic Circle. Except, perhaps, falling in love. Bryson Faulkner embraces the challenges that come with making a home in one of the most beautiful but unforgiving places on earth: the isolation of the endless wilderness, the harsh and unpredictable climate, the predators that lurk about her remote cabin. And even the most perilous dangers of all—those that await her when she takes to the skies as one of Alaska’s most daring bush pilots. The only thing missing is a special woman to share it all with, but she’s resigned herself to the fact that few people can thrive in such an extreme environment. Everything Karla Edwards thought she knew gets called into question when a series of events turns her comfortable and well-ordered life on its ear. Her partner leaves her, her mother dies, and Karla learns she has a sister in Alaska she never knew. She takes a leave of absence from her job as an ER nurse in Atlanta and heads to the far north, seeking answers and adventure. She finds all that and more when she crosses paths with a sexy bush pilot who opens her eyes to new possibilities. But can she open her heart as well and learn to trust again?

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