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Examines the cultural, historical, and artistic significance of The Honeymooners in the context of postwar American values.
The first book to trace the 25-year history of TV's longest-running situation comedy, complete with summaries and plots of more than one hundred episodes, and with more than one hundred rare and nostalgic photographs. For serious students and fans, notes on how the show was created, written and filmed. (Mostly in chaos and exclamation points. The failsafe: get back to the kitchen table.) For lovers of detail, the Hong Kong Garden Chinese Restaurant, the Bushwick Hospital (where Ed went when a manhole cover landed on his head) and an exhaustive list of 500 Honeymooners references, from Aberdeen Proving Grounds to Ziggy. Scrapbook-style, with essays, reminiscence, photos, songs ("You're My Greatest Love"), note son Chauncy Street today, and updates on Ralph and Ed and all the Alices and all the Trixies. Plus selected sewer jokes and favorite fat jokes, interviews with Jackie Gleason and his real-life boyhood pals, comments by Audrey Meadows and Art Carney and original contributions by Imogene Coca, Bob Hope, Norman Lear, Sam Levenson, Bob Cummings, Joan Rivers. And away we go! 53,000 copies in print.
This guide offers a synopsis of each lost episode of "The Honeymooners," as well as details on their filming, and interviews with the stars
This is the ultimate Honeymooners Trivia challenge! Over 400 fun multiple choice questions! Can you answer these: According to Norton, at how many feet per second does the aroma of egg foo yung rise? How long ago did Norton meet Ralph? (10 years ago, 15 years ago, or 150 pounds ago?) Bonus section: Trivial but interesting facts about the cast, characters, and show! Loads of fun for parties. A must-have for any true Honeymooners fan!
The Encyclopedia of Television, second edtion is the first major reference work to provide description, history, analysis, and information on more than 1100 subjects related to television in its international context. For a full list of entries, contributors, and more, visit the Encyclo pedia of Television, 2nd edition website.
Here is the first official guide to those lovable newlyweds, Ralph, Norton, Alice and Trixie. Packed with trivia, anecdotes and photos from the "Classic 39".
Style matters. Television relies on style—setting, lighting, videography, editing, and so on—to set moods, hail viewers, construct meanings, build narratives, sell products, and shape information. Yet, to date, style has been the most understudied aspect of the medium. In this book, Jeremy G. Butler examines the meanings behind television’s stylstic conventions. Television Style dissects how style signifies and what significance it has had in specific television contexts. Using hundreds of frame captures from television programs, Television Style dares to look closely at television. Miami Vice, ER, soap operas, sitcoms, and commercials, among other prototypical television texts, are deconstructed in an attempt to understand how style functions in television. Television Style also assays the state of style during an era of media convergence and the ostensible demise of network television. This book is a much needed introduction to television style, and essential reading at a moment when the medium is undergoing radical transformation, perhaps even a stylistic renaissance. Discover additional examples and resources on the companion website:
I SPENT MY ENTIRE LIFE PLAYING NERDS. . .—Barry Livingston A true Hollywood survivor, Barry Livingston is one of the few child stars who turned early success into a lifelong career. As "Ernie" on the 1960s sit-com My Three Sons—which also featured his real-life brother Stanley as "Chip"—Barry become instantly recognizable for his horn-rimmed glasses and goofy charm. Five decades later, after working on TV shows like Mad Men and Desperate Housewives, and in feature films like Zodiac and The Social Network, Barry Livingston is one actor who knows The Importance of Being Ernie. . . In this fascinating and funny memoir, Barry reveals his most unforgettable anecdotes: Working on set with Fred McMurray, Ozzie and Harriet, Lucille Ball and Dick Van Dyke. Riding a limousine with Elvis Presley. Trying to upstage Ron "Opie" Howard. Even shooting a Superbowl beer commercial with Brad Pitt. At first, Barry's lazy eye and horn-rimmed glasses nearly derailed his career, getting him kicked off his first major film starring Paul Newman. Eventually, his "nerdy" look became his biggest asset, landing Barry a recurring role on Ozzie & Harriet and a regular part on My Three Sons. Fifty years later, Barry is still going strong—from the stage and small screen to to featured film roles opposite Adam Sandler and Robert Downey, Jr.. Like most Hollywood actors, Barry experienced some incredible highs and lows along the way, but he never gave up. "I've been around half a century," he affirms. "And I'm not going away." This is how one child star beat the odds and survived the dark side of the Hollywood dream factory—with charm, wit, determination. . .and big horn-rimmed glasses. This is The Importance of Being Ernie. Barry Livingston has been a professional actor on stage and screen for more than fifty years. Best known for his role as "Ernie" on the long-running TV program, My Three Sons, Livingston continues to appear regularly in feature films and television shows. He is married with two children, and lives in Los Angeles. Praise For The Importance Of Being Ernie "This wryly told saga of a child star who miraculously avoided the crash-and-burn fate of so many of the once-famous. . . an engaging tale of the unusual life of a humorous, modest, and observant man. Barry Livingston delivers a frank and funny tale of TV, movies, and family life." —Brent Maddock, co-author of Tremors and Short Circuit "For a child star, he's almost normal. This poor kid had to sit on William Frawley's lap; we're lucky he's not on a roof with a rifle. . .. Barry is one of those rare child stars who grew up to become an accomplished adult actor. Having logged fifty years in show business, working with everyone from Lucille Ball and Jack Benny to Brad Pitt and Robert Downey, Jr., he's got a great story to tell." —Paul Jackson, Producer Charmed and Sliders. "I have known Barry Livingston since he was nine years old. He always made me laugh. Now he's kept me awake reading his wonderful autobiography. There's a lot of talent in those size eight shoes." —Gene Reynolds, director of TV's M.A.S.H.and Promised Land
Provides homeschooling parents with tips and strategies for fully educating their children and instilling Christian values.
Catholicism has grown from a suppressed and persecuted outsiders' religion in the American colonies to become the nation's single largest denomination. James Fisher surveys more than four centuries of Catholics' involvement in American history, starting his narrative with one of the first Spanish expeditions to Florida, in 1528. He follows the transformation of Catholicism into one of America's most culturally and ethnically diverse religions, including the English Catholics' early settlement in Maryland, the Spanish missions to the Native Americans, the Irish and German poor who came in search of work and farmland, the proliferation of Polish and Italian communities, and the growing influx of Catholics from Latin America. The book discusses Catholic involvement in politics and conflict, from New York's Tammany Hall to the Vietnam War and abortion. Fisher highlights the critical role of women in American Catholicism--from St. Elizabeth Seton and Dorothy Day to Mother Cabrini, the first American citizen to be canonized a saint--and describes the influence of prominent American Catholics such as Cardinal John J. O'Connor, 1930s radio personality Father Charles Coughlin, President John F. Kennedy, pacifists Daniel and Philip Berrigan, activist Cesar Chavez, and author Flannery O'Connor. For this new edition, Fisher has brought the story up to date, including the latest struggles within the American church leadership.
Overall WINNER - CMI Management Book of the Year 2014 WINNER - Innovation & Entrpreneurship Category at the CMI Awards 2014 Create a great customer experience whoever you are. Customers are powerful. They have a loud voice, a wealth of choice and their expectations are higher than ever. This book covers ten principles you can use to make real world improvements to your customers’ experiences, whatever your business does and whoever you are. For managers, leaders and those starting a new business, the book shows that making improvements customers will appreciate doesn’t need to be complicated or cost a fortune.
Whether it was Lucy and Ethel (Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance) or Eve Arden as Miss Brooks, Gale Storm as her dad's "little" Margie, always interfering but with the best of intentions, or the more modern Bea Arthur as Maude, flaunting the conventions of how a woman was supposed to behave, we all have our favorite funny ladies who brought us laughter every week, and, for a half-hour at least, took us away from our daily problems. Classic TV expert Michael Karol, in a series of original essays, examines the roles these Sitcom Queens played on TV, and how they became the beloved TV icons of generation after generation of TV fans. With a sitcom timeline and a Top 10!
Sometimes we forget the goofy things that made us happy or the simplicity and possibility that was our past. Our lives are made up of fleeting moments--moments we wish we could've written down. Babes Remember is just that: a list of songs, people, ideas, toys, and trends sure to stir up memories of days gone by and bring back the feeling of those moments. Organized into fun categories like On the Screen, Over the Waves, and On the Page; Rockin' and Reelin'; Fads in Fashion; and The Lingo, Man; this 300-plus list of people, places, things, and groups is sure to create laughs and tears alike. Spurred by an afternoon of reminiscing, this book is an amazing array of cultural memory and makes an ideal present for those on the verge of old-timer-itis. Turn the pages and you'll remember: Howdy Doody The Stroll dance craze The Mod Squad Mr. Tudball and Mrs. Wiggins Hand-cranked water pumps Because a little nostalgia (from the 50s and 60s) can go along way--Babes Remember!
In this entertaining and informative book, Victor L. Cahn revisits memorable episodes from eleven classic television shows, including The Twilight Zone, Maverick, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Fugitive, The Avengers, and All in the Family. He provides background for each program, details about the creative individuals involved, close readings of the scripts, and reflections on why these series were influential when originally broadcast and why they continue to be enjoyed decades later by baby boomers, their children, and their grandchildren. With a scholar's insight and a fan's enthusiasm, he offers a unique perspective on an integral part of mid-twentieth-century American culture.
"Quite simply, a tour de force--a wonderful synthesis of history and criticism."--Daniel Czitrom, author of
Lavishly illustrated with prints, paintings, memorabilia, and objects from The Brooklyn Historical Society's unparalleled collection, Brooklyn! will bring every reader closer to the Brooklyn of legend and fact.
Liquid Metal brings together 'seminal' essays that have opened up the study of science fiction to serious critical interrogation. Eight distinct sections cover such topics as the cyborg in science fiction; the science fiction city; time travel and the primal scene; science fiction fandom; and the 1950s invasion narratives. Important writings by Susan Sontag, Vivian Sobchack, Steve Neale, J.P. Telotte, Peter Biskind and Constance Penley are included.
In a humorous memoir, the actress recalls her years playing Alice Kramden opposite Jackie Gleason on the popular TV series, "The Honeymooners"

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