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August, 1943: In his short time as a spy with the Office of Strategic Services, young Cletus Frade has faced many unlikely situations, but nothing like his new assignment. Having helped Lieutenant Colonel Wilhelm Frogger escape a Mississippi P.O.W. camp, he must now get the defiant German to turn against his country.
The Asian Logic Conference is part of the series of logic conferences inaugurated in Singapore in 1981. It is normally held every three years and rotates among countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The 11th Asian Logic Conference was held at the National University of Singapore, in honor of Professor Chong Chitat on the occasion of his 60th birthday. The conference is on the broad area of logic, including theoretical computer science. It is considered a major event in this field and is regularly sponsored by the Association of Symbolic Logic. This volume contains papers from this meeting. Contents:Provably Δ02 and Weakly Descending Chains (T Arai)Amalgamation, Absoluteness, and Categoricity (J Baldwin)K-Trivials are Never Continuously Random (G Barmpalias, N Greenberg, A Montalbán and T Slaman)Limitwise Monotonic Functions and Their Applications (R Downey, A Kach and D Turetsky)A Dichotomy for the Mackey Borel Structure (I Farah)On Automatic Families (S Jain, Y Ong, Sh Pu and F Stephan)Cappable CEA Sets and Ramsey's Theorem (A Kach, M Lerman and R Solomon)Computable Dowd-Type Generic Oracles (M Kumabe and T Suzuki)Models of Long Sentences I (G Sacks)A Universally-Free Modal Logic (S Yang) Readership: Researchers in mathematical logic and algebra, computer scientists in artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic. Keywords:Mathematical Logic;Model;Computability;Modal Logic;Logic Calculus;Computable Models;Computer Science;Computable Numberings;Theory;Proofs;Formulas;Non-Classical Logic;Temporal Logic;Fuzzy Logic
When a leased Boeing 727 is violently hijacked from Angola and flown to parts unknown, the President turns to an outsider—Major Carlos Guillermo Castillo—for answers. A pilot, West Point graduate, and veteran of Desert Storm, Castillo has a sharp eye for the facts—and the truth behind them. In Africa, he is helped and hindered by unexpected allies and ruthless enemies, and begins to untangle a plot of horrific dimensions—a plot that, unless Castillo acts quickly, will end very, very badly.
In this exciting new series, W.E.B. Griffin reveals a city police force with all the authentic detail and drama that made THE CORPS and BROTHERHOOD OF WAR phenomenal bestsellers. Here is an explosive novel of the men and women behind the badge--a unique brotherhood of courage, loyalty, and trust. Facing a desperate public, a hostile press, and reluctant witnesses, they must stop a new reign of violence--a terrifying spree of kidnapping and rape that has plunged the entire city in fear...
W.E. B. Griffin returns to his Honor Bound series set in the shadows of World War II espionage in South America… May 1945: Just weeks after Hitler’s suicide, Cletus Frade and his colleagues in the Office of Strategic Services are fighting several new and deadly battles. The first is political—with every department from Treasury to War to the FBI grabbing for OSS covert agents and assets. The second is military—with the OSS having smuggled Germans into Argentina for years because of their knowledge of Soviet KGB agents in America’s atomic bomb program. The third concerns what might be the next world war against Red Joe Stalin and his voracious ambitions. To get an early advantage, Frade has been conducting a secret and daring operation against the Communists. But to do it undetected, he and his men must walk a perilously dark line. Because all it takes is one slip—and everyone becomes a casualty of war.

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