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Coloring book "The House of Mouse Peep" created by painter Tanya Stolova filled with hand-painted beautiful pictures that you can colour and funny puzzles that you can solve with all your family. This book tells about friendship and necessity of help to each other. In this book your will meet a fairy-tale world with nice and funny creatures. Colour with pleasure. You can see what is inside the book follow this link https: //
Mouse is little and so is her house - but her apple is huge. She needs to find a home that is big enough for her and her apple. Peep through the holes and join Mouse in her search for a new home.
The Cheetah Girls have been waiting forever for producer Mouse Almighty to have time for them to record their demo tape. When they find out that he's finally selected some songs for them to record, they're totally psyched. Are the Cheetah Girls ready to shine in the spotlight?
Journey back to Mousetown in this tenth mouse book and go with them on another 171 adventures as they boldly conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout the stories, some of the time. Don’t be surprised at what you read, and remember, there may be some stories that you may want to skip over. If you are a young pup, you may want some parental guidance, and as always, read at your own risk; the mice prefer it that way.
Little Mouse finds the moon so beautiful that she longs to have a piece of it all to herself. What happens when her wish comes true? Little Mouse loves to look up at the moon every night. But one night, when a piece of the moon falls from the sky, she can't resist taking a little nibble. And another. Soon the moon is no longer round. What will happen to it now? Children will be eager to turn the pages and peek through the holes in an amusing tale of temptation featuring Petr Horacek's bold, vibrant illustrations.
"My name is Augustus Town Mouse. I'd like to show you round our house." The year is 1900 and Augustus Town Mouse would like to show you around the tall terraced house where he lives with his family and a host of servants. Upstairs, there are grand dinners in the dining room with the butler close at hand, and lessons in the schoolroom with the governess. Meanwhile, below stairs, Cook conjures up delicious meals in her vast kitchen and welcomes those who call at the door. Peep inside and discover what life would have been like if you had lived in the upper class in a busy town a hundred years ago. The unique artwork of Nigel Brooks and Abigail Horner illustrates in exquisite detail all the elements of turn-of-the-century town life.
Intricate and challenging in its arguments, yet engagingly and elegantly written, The Environmental Imagination is a major work of scholarship, one that establishes a new basis for the reading of American nature writing.
Two volumes in one.
The St Michael's mice are no ordinary mice. When Rachel saves them from the church's Mouse Man, it just seems like a good deed. But it soon becomes clear that they are very special mice indeed. They can talk. And not only that, they have a very special task for Rachel to perform, one thatwill help her save her father's church. And they also have a mystery for her to solve which stretches back through generations, involving children who have lived in the vicarage.Good old-fashioned story-telling, with an interesting and sympathetic heroine, and a plot that draws together beautifully its various strands of history, magic, and mystery.
Most of the churches authors Kesha Hinton and Jennifer Price have attended have more female than male members, a fact that many single sisters find thoroughly irritating. They believe that because these ladies spend so much time together in the service of the Lord, they should be more loving and accepting of one another. Instead of unity and harmony, however, there is frequently strife, fighting, arguing, complaining, jealousy, envy, and impatience. In Influential Spirits, Kesha and Jennifer take a comical yet serious look at the various spiritual personalities you may find among the women in any Christian church. Through hilarious and at times harrowing descriptions of each spirit, they discuss the spiritual attributes that uplift and those that tear down. They describe how these attributes are developed and maintained by women in the church, and they give suggestions of how to be transformed from a destructive spirit into a constructive spirit. Also included are scriptural references and prayers that you can use when faced with either challenges or joy. The Scriptures provide the critical information needed to rise above the negative influences in our lives. Take a fun and insightful spiritual journey with Kesha and Jennifer into Influential Spirits.

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