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In its natural condition the Sacramento Valley flooded annually and an inland sea formed during the rainy season, draining slowly away by the summer months. The effort to control the flooding and exploit the rich valley for agriculture has resulted in an intricate, thousand-mile system of levees and drains. Robert Kelley documents and analyzes the process and the widely-diverging ideas about how best to reclaim the Valley from flood -- a process equally relevant to riverine areas across the country, many of which experienced serious flooding in 1997. A new foreword by David N. Kennedy discusses the Sacramento Valley floods of 1997. "A valuable study, rich in scholarly detail and documentation... of America's use -- and abuse -- of natural resources in the western United States". -- Thomas Jablonsky, Southern California Quarterly
A fierce and beautiful debut novel about our capacity for harming ourselves, each other and the world around us In the early nineteenth century, British explorer John Oxley traversed the unknown wilderness of central Australia in search of water. He never found it, but he never ceased to believe that it was out there. The myth of 'the inland sea' was taken up by other men, and over the years search parties walked out into the desert, dying as they tried to find it. Two centuries later, Oxley's great-great-great granddaughter is reeling from her own self-destructive obsessions - drinking heavily, sleeping with strangers, wandering Sydney's streets at night, and navigating an affair with an ex-lover. She works as an emergency-dispatch operator, tracking the violence, floods and fires that bloom and rage across Australia during an increasingly unstable year. Reckless and adrift, she prepares to leave. The Inland Sea is a fierce and beautiful novel about coming of age in a dying world. Madeleine Watts grew up in Sydney, Australia and has lived in New York since 2013. She has an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University, and her fiction has been published in The White Review and The Lifted Brow. Her essays have appeared in The Believer and the Los Angeles Review of Books. Her novella, Afraid of Waking It, was awarded the 2015 Griffith Review Novella Prize. The Inland Sea is her first novel.
Poignant witty and artfully controlled poetry from the author of the famous poem, "Warning -- When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple".
"An elegiac prose celebration . . . a classic in its genre."—Publishers Weekly In this acclaimed travel memoir, Donald Richie paints a memorable portrait of the island-studded Inland Sea. His existential ruminations on food, culture, and love and his brilliant descriptions of life and landscape are a window into an Old Japan that has now nearly vanished. Included are the twenty black and white photographs by Yoichi Midorikawa that accompanied the original 1971 edition. Donald Richie (1924–2013) was an internationally recognized expert on Japanese culture and film. Yoichi Midorikawa (1915–2001) was one of Japan's foremost nature photographers.
Set in Yorkshire in the 1760s, Naomi Wallace's play portrays the efforts of Asquith Brown, Capability's less successful younger brother, to achieve his extraordinary vision. But this dream on paper turns into a nightmare in the mud.

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