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Another side-splitting collection of jokes from Des MacHale. This time the target is not Kerrymen, Nor Cavan men, But the greatest man of 'em all - Jesus himself.
An amazing collection of thousands of jokes - great for any occasions or just to get a great belly-laugh.
Jimmy Pritchard has been collecting jokes from diverse individuals during his career tending bars in New York. This collection includes more than 400 jokes that are sure to have anybody laughing.
Welcome to the world of humour. What makes human beings laugh can be broadly defined under three headings: someone else's misfortune, someone else's misunderstanding or someone else's stupidity. The keywords here are "someone else's" because, let's face it, most silly things are much funnier when they happen to someone else. Neil Hutchison, creator of The Fool in Paradise, has collected thousands of jokes, then catalogued and listed them in this first volume of the Fool's Best Jokes. Now the many fans of the Fool will not have to be told that the jokes will veer away from political correctness until they are travelling in the absolute opposite direction. Now, if you have never read any of the many books about the Fool be prepared to be shocked. This book is not recommended to be read in situations where others may report you for laughing and talking to yourself. It's not recommended for those of a more liberal bent, be it feminism or any other trendy ism. The author refuses to take responsibility for any medical problems that this book may engender in readers. Life is ShortBreak the Rules Forgive Quickly Love Truly Laugh Uncontrollably ... and ... Never Regret Anything That Made You Smile
This book, Internet Joke Book, comes to you packed with fresh jokes, bizarre stories and the wittiest of satires gathered from throughout the United States and aborad, collected and compiled for your enjoyment. Beyond the books jacket (cover) you will discovery pages of humorous and sidesplitting and gut-wrenching witticisms. The jokes within, being of age-old and brand-new is all hilarious, and the ones weve heard before . . . still laughable! This book was not tailor-made for younger readers, and various contents may be inappropriate. After all, any book of this nature should rest with the judgement of the parent or guardian. I myself, being a single parent, would not recommend the contents of this book be disclosed to any teenager under the age of sixteen. In any event, there may be parents who chose to allow children as young as fourteen or fifteen to take in the contents. Again, this is not recommended by the author. I can only hope that all my readers savor, and receive as much enjoyment from the book, as we did while assembling it. We, my daughter and I, are now working on the third book of the series, Internet Joke Book-Volume Three.
The Irish Joke Book is a comprehensive set of jokes about the Irish. Brendon Kelly pokes fun at the Irish from the troubled times of the 1980s through to the Irish of today, still in global recession like the rest of us. The Irish can laugh at themselves and wont mind these, or should I say dese, jokes. Just take a few at a time. Youll laugh, groan and snicker at these sometimes harsh, sometimes crazy but always amusing Irish jokes. No-one is safe - not pilots on the Irish national airline Aer Lingus, not Guinness drinkers, nor Irish council workers. Sure theyre not safe. The Irish love a laugh, and have that inbuilt Celt good sense-of-humor, or as we text GSOH. And then theres the lurvely accent, on de ladies. And theyre good looking and the men - arent - Youll have your favorites. Then youll forget where the hell it was - dat joke. So I wrote dis handy Index at da back. Ya can test yourself by finding de words in de Index dat you remember all dere, to find de joke again. Or try and remember da joke from the line in de Index. Tanks a million ... P.S. Da sketches are of Molly Malone in Grafton Street, Dublin and the Irish milk given when ya donate a pint of blood. God bless the Irish! Brendon Kelly
The Pretty Good Joke Book includes all of the jokes from the first nine Prairie Home Companion Joke Shows--hundreds of jokes about every subject from blondes to lawyers to chickens to relationships. From one-liners and puns to jokes about the headlines, this book covers the field. Guys walk into bars, light bulbs get changed, doors are knocked on, and insults fly in this treasury of hilarity from one of America's favorite radio shows, audience-tested and certified Pretty Good.
This volume provides three good laughs for every day of the year. Funny stories, one-liners, riddles, knock-knocks, and more make up this hilarious collection of more than 1,000 good-natured jokes.

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