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Ahoy, me hearties! Matilda and the Pirates Next Door return in a series of illustrated stories for young readers. Every full moon, a mysterious ship is seen off the coast of Dull-on-Sea. Then, the next day, gold and jewelry are missing from homes, shops, and museums all over town. Matilda needs the Jolley-Rogers' help to investigate. Can Matilda and Jim Lad retrieve the stolen booty from the mysterious ship before the moon fades? Or will they end up stuck on board with a crew of ghostly pirates forever?
Tom Browning, a retired detective sergeant on the New York City Police Department, is asked by Larry Cummins, an old friend and former NYPD officer, to assist him in an investigation of Spectrum. His friend is currently in the FBI and is the agent in charge (AIC) of the East Coast of America. Due to several agents having already been killed while undercover in this ruthless organization, Larry is sure that there is a mole in one of the federal government agencies. Therefore, he needs a person not associated with any federal agency to, if possible, become a member and bring them to justice. Tom’s experiences in his investigation leads to life-and-death situations for him as well as the many victims of this international organization.
More than 40 activities feature a lovable crew of seafaring scoundrels and include picture and word puzzles, mazes, memory tests, and other swashbuckling adventures that are ready to be plundered by boys and girls ages 6 to 10.
Parents can be extremely embarrassing - especially when they refuse to act like parents! And sometimes in MY MUM TARZAN it is not obvious who is the mother and who is the child! The house Mum and the narrator live in is basically one big dress-up box. And Mum has the kind of imagination that can take a broom, a pair of rainboots, a vacuum cleaner, a cardboard tube - and turn it into something wonderful. On stormy days, she dresses up as a pirate and drives the narrator to school in her ghostly galleon with the Jolly Roger flapping on the roof. Sometimes she goes shopping dressed as a mermaid and they don't go down the aisle with the canned fish on special because it makes her cry. Other days she is an Egyptian princess or the Man from Snowy River. Some of the neighbours envy her imagination; others say they wish shed grow up. But whether she is Tarzan swinging through the jungles or just Mum helping out with the reading at school, it's clear that - embarrassing or not - the narrator hopes that this unique mother never will.
Remember the excitement of choosing your birthday cake as a child? Weeks of anxiously poring over The Australian Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book... Would it be the train? The butterfly? The pirate? Kids' Birthday Cakes is a new birthday cake book for the generation that grew up with that first classic book. It features spectacular new designs and, as always, each recipe is simple and easy to follow.

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