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The Key to Survival has established itself as an affordable, straightforward text geared toward students with varying backgrounds. Based on reader feedback, research in communication and other fields, and events in the news, the first ten chapters have been thoroughly revised. An added final chapter addresses the widespread surge in communicating electronically and offers practical guidelines for using this medium. Smith and Tague-Buslers conversational writing style and their clear presentation of multifaceted topics defuse the possibility of confusion or intimidation. They define and analyze how specific human mental and physical processes affect interactions with others, stressing that effective communication is essential to meeting basic human needs. Unlocking a more complete understanding of these processes enables readers to implement the authors suggested techniques for mastering successful communication. Engaging chapter-opener narratives link common miscommunication experiences to essential points discussed in the text, spiking readers interest in ways to improve their own communication. Discussion questions, activities, boldfaced key terms throughout the text, and a comprehensive glossary are additional features that enhance teaching and learning about interpersonal communication.
Provides a firm grounding in basic interpersonal communication and management skills—such as rapport building, empathetic listening, behavior modeling, reframing, problem solving and decision making—and contains unique chapters on practice and application. Tools for the Conflict Survival Kit provide strategies that can be used immediately in workplace situations. Case studies and role plays give readers practice communicating, negotiating, and problem-solving and an opportunity to refine and develop this important craft. Gives readers a thorough grounding in basic interpersonal communication and management skills such as rapport building, empathetic listening, behavior modeling, reframing, problem solving and decision making. Addresses specific conflict resolution situations, including negotiation, mediation, group decision making, assertive confrontation etc. Includes resolution frameworks and models for these situations using a step-by-step process. Introduces readers to important techniques such as interest-based collaborative approaches, empathetic communication and listening, the supportive confrontation model, participative management practices and alternative dispute resolution. Provide a collection of specific skills, advice, activities, challenges and techniques which readers can apply immediately to workplace situations. Designed for those who need instant skill building and practical methods for handling organizational and personal conflicts.
This accessible text examines the increasingly topical subject of emotional well-being in the workplace and its relationship with the modern organization. It highlights the pressures of changing employment conditions, and with these, the shifting expectations of our own and others' abilities, both inside and outside of the workplace. The importance of strategies for identifying and coping with the challenges of work-related experiences is emphasized throughout, uniting academic expertise with practical relevance. Surviving the Workplace is the ideal text for students of occupational psychology and management at undergraduate, Master and MBA level.

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