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The classic inside story of The New York Times, the most prestigious, and perhaps the most powerful, of all American newspapers. Bestselling author Talese lays bare the secret internal intrigues behind the tradition of front page exposes in a story as gripping as a work of fiction and as immediate as today's headlines.
A force of nature and her flim-flam man meet their mark. A true believer.The brilliant, amoral, and spectacularly bold Bessie Tyler and Edward Young Clarke--together, the Southern Publicity Association met the fervent William Joseph Simmons, saw an opportunity, and played on his many weaknesses.It was the volatile, precarious terrain of Post World War I America. Tyler and Clarke took Simmons's dying and broke KKK, with its 2,000 3,000 members in Georgia and Alabama, and in a few short years increased its membership to nearly five million. Chapters were established in every state of the union, and the Klan began influencing American political and social life. Between one-third and one-half of the eligible men in the country belonged to the organization.Even to modern sensibilities, the extent of their scheme is shocking: the limitlessness of their audacity; the full-scale and ongoing con of Simmons; the size of the personal fortunes they earned, amassed, stole in the process; and just how easily and expertly they exploited the particular fears and prejudices of every corner of America.You will recognize in this pair a very American sense of showmanship and an accepted, even celebrated, brash entrepreneurial hustle. And, as their story winds down, the tainted and ultimately ineffectual Congressional hearings into the Klan's monumental growth that fizzle into nowhere? They will also seem familiar."For the Kingdom and the Power: The Big Money Swindle That Spread Hate Across Americat" ells a fascinating, powerful, and previously untold story based on author Dale Laackman's original research, archival material never before published, Census records, and obscure books and letters. It's the story of an emerging communications industry, an industry filled with potential and fraught with peril.Public Relations, marketing, advertising, and journalism collide on a grand, national stage.America would never be the same.
Why has power in the West assumed the form of an "economy," that is, of a government of men and things? If power is essentially government, why does it need glory, that is, the ceremonial and liturgical apparatus that has always accompanied it? In the early centuries of the Church, in order to reconcile monotheism with God's threefold nature, the doctrine of Trinity was introduced in the guise of an economy of divine life. It was as if the Trinity amounted to nothing more than a problem of managing and governing the heavenly house and the world. Agamben shows that, when combined with the idea of providence, this theological-economic paradigm unexpectedly lies at the origin of many of the most important categories of modern politics, from the democratic theory of the division of powers to the strategic doctrine of collateral damage, from the invisible hand of Smith's liberalism to ideas of order and security. But the greatest novelty to emerge from The Kingdom and the Glory is that modern power is not only government but also glory, and that the ceremonial, liturgical, and acclamatory aspects that we have regarded as vestiges of the past actually constitute the basis of Western power. Through a fascinating analysis of liturgical acclamations and ceremonial symbols of power—the throne, the crown, purple cloth, the Fasces, and more—Agamben develops an original genealogy that illuminates the startling function of consent and of the media in modern democracies. With this book, the work begun with Homo Sacer reaches a decisive point, profoundly challenging and renewing our vision of politics.
Long regarded as one of the premier theologians of the New Testament, Paul Minear has inspired generations and influenced the path of biblical scholarship. The Kingdom and the Power represents Minear's most thorough exposition of the New Testament message, spanning the range of genres and theologies within the biblical record. In clear prose, Minear sets forth the heart of the early church's proclaimation and shows its enduring relevance for the modern church.

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