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Are you looking to generate more leads online? Do you want to rank higher at the search engines, engage your audience on social media, and get them to take action at your website? Sometimes getting to the first page on Google or building an audience on Facebook seems incredibly difficult, frustrating, or even impossible. In The Lead Machine, author, digital agency owner, and entrepreneur Rich Brooks breaks down digital marketing into its BARE Essentials: Build, Attract, Retain, and Evaluate. He shows you a step-by-step approach to how you can master SEO, social media, email, and content marketing. How you can improve your website to convert more visitors into customers. How you can stay in touch with prospects even after they've left your site. And how to make sense of your website traffic reports and other analytics so you can continually grow your business.Regardless of your business or industry, the BARE Essentials framework will help you generate more quality leads online, leading to more sales and more business.
Fundamentals of Mobile Heavy Equipment provides students with a thorough introduction to the diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of off-road mobile heavy equipment. With comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of the latest technology in the field, it addresses the equipment used in construction, agricultural, forestry, and mining industries.
The book contains short stories and poetry. There are forty nine short stories and one hundred and twenty poems. The poems are free verse and some metered. There are numerous subjects: from childhood to man hood. There are: Shakespearean sonnets, Yeats octave Philosophical poetry, Science, Confessional, Epitaph, Satire, Lyric, Dramatic and Narrative, Crown of Sonnets, Imagism, and many other genres. The book discusses ethics, love war and science. In The Big Picture and The Adventures of life there is conflict then resolution. Some storys are strictly from the imagination, and others are written from experience. There are submerged characters some heroic some tragic, and some on the fringes of society.
This important new book bridges the gap between works on classical control and process control, and those dealing with HVAC control at a more elementary level, which generally adopt a qualitative and descriptive control. Both advanced level students and specialist practitioners will welcome the in-depth analytical treatment of the subject presented in this volume. Of particular significance are the current developments in adaptive control, robust control, artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic systems, all of which are given a thorough analytical treatment in the book. First book to provide an analytical treatment of subject Covers all new developments in HVAC control systems Looks at systems both in the UK and abroad
The very rapid advances in technology have caused a revolution in Nursing practice in the last ten years. We are now only twelve years from the first description of permanent cardiac pacing. This is now an accepted method of treatment throughout the world. Bedside monitoring with oscilloscopes has passed from being an experimental investigation to normal ward practice. This rapid invasion has involved technicians and nursing staff in matters which until comparatively recently were regarded as the province of the Specialist Doctor. This book is intended primarily to give an introduction to the subject to nurses and technicians concerned with Intensive Care techniques. It is hoped it may also be of interest to Medical Students as an introduction to the subject and also as a review to those preparing for examinations. Sheffield, September 1972. David Verel Introduction About one third of deaths today are due to disease of the heart and circulation. This alone would justify a special study of them by nurses and doctors. They are of particular importance to nurses, however, as there is no other group of diseases where quick informed action by a nurse in an emergency, can save so many lives. In this book the functions of the heart and circulation are first described. There follows a brief account of the diseases of the heart, and finally, intensive coronary care and intensive post-operative care are dealt with in some detail.

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