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Within the Marine Corps the “Old Breed” has a special meaning, referring to the soldiers of the 1st Marine Division and their heroic defense of Guadalcanal in the early days of World War II, as well as to those who have gone before. This book gives today's readers a rare chance to hear these old soldiers tell their own stories and to learn firsthand what it was like to be there for some of the twentieth century's most harrowing battles and powerful triumphs. From personal interviews and the archives of oral history, the author has collected the reminiscences of the Marine Corps' top rank of post-World War II officer legends, from early fifties commandant Lemuel Shepherd's memories of Belleau Wood in World War I to on-the-spot accounts of leading soldiers into battle in Vietnam. Many of Camp's subjects were commandant of the Corps, most were four-star generals, and all were heroes whose stories are the stuff of history.
Major General Butler was a maverick marine, the emblem of "the old corps," and one of the most controversial figures in Marine history. This work is an annotated edition of his letters covering the period from Butler's commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps to his retirement as Major General.
"When Leathernecks are together, it isn't long before they are laughing. Military life has its difficulties, its tedium and its terror. There is a necessity to see the humor in absurdity, and doing so sustains us. The stories in these pages are told by Marines of different ages, ranks, and military occupational specialties. Knitted together, they reveal a history of their times. Though the experiences of the authors differ, they all share the honor of having earned the right to wear the eagle, globe and anchor in defense of the Unied States."--Editor in Introduction.

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