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Learn the model-making process from start to finish, including the best ways to choose scale, wheels, motors, and track layout. Get advice for building steam engines, locomotives, and passenger cars, and discover fresh ideas and inspiration for your own LEGO train designs. Inside you'll find: -A historical tour of LEGO trains -Step-by-step building instructions for models of the German Inter-City Express (ICE), the Swiss “Crocodile,” and a vintage passenger car -Tips for controlling your trains with transformers, receivers, and motors -Advice on advanced building tech­niques like SNOT (studs not on top), micro­striping, creating textures, and making offset connections -Case studies of the design process -Ways to use older LEGO pieces in modern designs For ages 10+
McKee, who has been building with LEGOs since he was a boy, gives budding engineers everything they need to know to build trains, from setting up tracks to designing custom freight cars.
Jack travels in the Lego City High-speed Passenger Train with his mom. The story is written in rhymes to make it more entertaining and fun. There are many surprises on this trip for you and your little ones to enjoy!. Jack rides with the engineer, and learns how the train is controlled. Pictures of the massive electric motor that propels this environmentally friendly train will be of interest to any little scientist. Watch the baggage car being loaded and help sort the mail and boxes. The Galley Car is where the meals are made, help the chefs in the kitchen as they prepare delicious meals. Eat and ride in the dining car with Jack and his mom, while looking at the mountain scenery. There are many exotic animals to see on this trip including sharks, octopuses, elephants, and much more. Look out the large windows of the observation car. The day ends with Jack going to the sleeping car to dream of more adventures. There is an explanation of the different types of passengers cars. All the pictures are illustrated with Lego. This book is perfect for someone that loves trains and Lego. This book is part of the "Adventures of Jack series".
BrickJournal #49, the magazine for LEGO enthusiasts, celebrates the 40th anniversary of the TECHNIC line of sets! Photo editor GEOFF GRAY takes a look at the sets that made this theme more than building! Editor JOE MENO interviews former LEGO Set Designer SØREN HOLM about a classic TECHNIC set: The TECHNIC SPACE SHUTTLE! TECHNIC Fan MICHAEL BROWN shows off his AH-64 APACHE - in TECHNIC scale! Plus: AFOLs ("Adult Fans of LEGO”) by cartoonist Greg Hyland, step-by step “You Can Build It” instructions by CHRISTOPHER DECK, BrickNerd’s DIY Fan Art, Minifigure Customization with JARED K. BURKS, MINDSTORMS robotics lessons by Damien Kee, and more!
An all-new illustrated storybook featuring the newest LEGO(R) City toy sets!
Join Megs and Brickbot on another exciting tour of LEGO building in this second volume of The LEGO Adventure Book series. As they track the Destructor and rebuild the models he destroys, you’ll follow along and meet some of the world’s best builders. Learn to create sleek spaceships, exotic pirate hideaways, fi re-breathing dragons, fast cars, and much more. With nearly 40 step-by-step breakdowns and 100 example models, The LEGO Adventure Book is sure to spark your imagination and keep you building!
* This is the first book to discuss competitive battling robots using MINDSTORMS. * This is written by an experienced robot builder, who is very active in the community. * Will contain the most thorough, realistic, and highest quality set of LEGO® instructions available. * Mass popularity for robot building is growing: robot clubs are appearing in schools and universities, competitions are becoming more widespread. *The technology is very consumer-friendly.

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