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A SWAT team is only as good as its weakest link. The Listener works hard to make sure that no link breaks. She's constantly watching the team, testing to see if anyone's getting too close to the edge. But she can't do much when her help is refused. Dr. Maria Worley is the Listener. Maria's latest case is the hardest she's ever had. In her experience, no patient has walked closer to the edge than Ryan Lukas. Worse, he's convinced himself that he's just fine. And to make things even more complicated, Maria—and her teenage son—need Ryan as much as he needs them. The Listener is about to learn that helping others is easier than helping yourself. The Guardians: This time the good guys wear black
Bertram Reiner, a charismatic and brilliant man diagnosed with a severe case of Battle Fatigue is treated by Dr. Harrison, the distinguished and steadfast head of the hospital, finds the most challenging patient of his career. Their sessions leave Dr. Harrison slipping into a frightening, but also strangely enlivening twilight existence that renders the boundaries between sanity and insanity disquietingly blurred. When Dr. Harrison discovers that Bertram is having an affair with Matilda, the head nurse, who he himself has feelings for, his own state of yearning rises and throws his sanity into the balance.
Something strange happened to Sam Bennett this morning. One minute he was sleeping peacefully. Then he was having the strangest dream. And now-Sam is hearing things. Voices, from people all around him. The waitress in the coffee shop. The elevator operator in Sam's office building. His wife, his secretary, even his pastor. Sam now has insight into people's hearts. He hears their deepest needs just by being near them. But what can one listener do for a world of souls in need of help?
From bestselling author Christina Dodd comes The Listener, a story of mystery and intrigue in which misfit and computer security expert Cornelia Markum hacks into a text conversation between unidentified Virtue Falls residents ... and realizes she's stumbled into a murder plot.

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