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The Little Book of Chess Tips by Peter French offers a wealth of tactical and strategic tips and useful game principles and memory aids. Notes on individual and combination moves which will steer you safely from opening through to middle game and ready for endgame battle. Learn how to study your opponent's game plan, how to develop your own and how to remain alert throughout. Find out how best to control the centre and dictate play and the most effective way of keeping your King safe.
A huge helping hand for your handicap, The Little Book of Golf Tips by Peter French will see you swing, chip, pitch, and putt with a touch more confidence and technique. Tips that will take you from tee to pin, extricate you from bunkers and other bad lies, and get you around 18 holes and back to the clubhouse in true and trimmer fashion. A book to putt into the hands of all who have ever swung and missed, burrowed deep into bunkers, or 3-putted from three inches.
The Little Book of Poker Tips by Peter French is packed with the kind of tips to turn you into The Cincinnati Kid. America's obsession with poker in all its forms, on-line and reality seems to know no limits. Here, good hands are analyzed, tricks revealed, bluffs called and pots won.
This book is a bundle form of "Chess Tactics For Intermediates" and "Chess Games With Conceptual Explanations". If you want to see the samples of both the books feel free to check out in amazon. Chess Tactics For Intermediates" provide theories of all the tactics used in chess with suitable examples, whereas "Chess Games With Conceptual Explanation" provides most of the strategies used in grand master games and some psychological tips! These books would be appropriate for tournament players and budding players!Usually players will get to know several popular concepts and tactics, but the problem is not knowing those things clearly! That's where I have decided to dedicate my work for chess lovers who struggles to improve themselves. In this book I have explained all the little concepts and its types clearly. I have made this book completely reader friendly and without any coach you can manage to understand everything and will be able to teach someone else too! I have given all the necessary concepts precisely for easy understanding and to easily cover the book. I have illustrated various tactics with suitable examples, in the end of this book I have given some puzzles with detailed solution and player's thinking process. I have also instructed how a player should think while playing chess and how to calculate with logical reasoning. I have made an assumption that the player to whom this book is dedicated is not a beginner and the player knows all the basic movements in chess. At the end of this book you'll be able to look at a chess position at a different dimension and whole new level! I have classified players into four different categories namely 1. Beginners, 2. Intermediates, 3. Advanced, 4. Expert. The person who knows basic movements, tactics and will be able to deliver checkmate but struggles to get a material advantage and sometimes loses even after getting material advantage are classified as intermediates! And this book is absolutely for them. Some of the key concepts maybe in advanced level and intermediates will be able to understand those things to get to the next level. I strongly recommend you to read all the theories in this book and understand it and rectify your misconceptions! And then try to solve problems to get maximum benefit!"Chess Games With Conceptual Explanations" is a book that contains 10 Grand Master's games with explanations. It doesn't just show the possible variations but it will justify the moves with reasons for every move. It would start with some basic strategies and also provides advanced strategies with next games. I did explained different strategies that could be used in chess with different games. I have also provided some psychological games which would help players to realize how important it is to think every move. I have given all the points learned in this book for revision in the end as 80 points for better chess. I strongly recommend players to read each and every line for their knowledge and then finally continue with that 80 points. I have made this book simple to read and understand by anyone who knows little basics in chess. This book would be appropriate to Intermediate players and advanced players! However a beginner can also get some value additions from this book. Chess board will not be necessary to read this book since I have given diagrams at necessary places to ensure easy understandings. I saw many books with many variations and sub variations, which would cause confusions and complications, so I hereby started this new approach of learning chess.
La táctica puede ser divertida. Este libro es una introducción a los temas variados de táctica básica de ajedrez. Contiene material educativo, ejemplos y toda clase de problemas; la táctica del ajedrez está ampliamente cubierta. ¡Hay aproximadamente 500 ejemplos que van de lo sencillo a lo más complejo! ¡La táctica es la razón por la cual las personas encuentran al ajedrez divertido! Este libro hará que aumente grandemente el entusiasmo de aprender sobre los patrones tácticos recurrentes, y beneficiándose a su vez de este aprendizaje. Está bien demostrado que el estudio de la táctica básica es probablemente la cosa más importante que cualquier principiante puede hacer para mejorar en ajedrez. ¡Y este libro te ayudará a lograr eso! Sobre el autor: El Maestro Nacional Dan Heisman es autor ajedrecístico e instructor profesional de ajedrez radicado en el área de Filadelfia. Su best-seller de ajedrez "Looking for Trouble” ha sido uno de los primeros libros de ajedrez en subrayar la importancia de identificar posibles temas tácticos. Chess Tactics Can Be Fun This book is an introduction to the various kinds of basic chess tactics. With instructional material, examples, and problems of all types, the subject of chess tactics is covered comprehensively. There are approximately 500 examples ranging from easy to challenging! Tactics are usually why most people find chess fun! This book will greatly enhance your enjoyment learning about - and benefiting from - the recurring patterns of tactics. lt is well established that the study of basic tactics is probably the single most important thing any beginner can do to improve at chess. This book will help you do that! About the Author National Master Dan Heisman is a chess writer and professional chess instructor in the Philadelphia area. His best-selling chess book Lookingfor Trouble was one of the first chess books to highlight the importance of identifying possible tactical threats.
"The blunders are all there on the board, waiting to be made." Savielly TartakowerBeginners Guide for a Solid Chess GameThis book will introduce you to the timeless game of chess. To become a great chess player it's always good to start with a strong foundation. Master the chess basics first and build up from there. In this book, you will learn the rules of chess, how each chess piece moves, and how much each piece is worth. You will also learn special chess moves, chess openings, chess patterns, strategies, tactics, and how to record chess games so you can go back and analyze any game ever played, including your games! Chapters Previews: Chess Basics-How is chess played?General Tips for Winning Games-Three common mistakes in chessWinning chess tactics-Destroying a defenderUsing Strategy to Increase Your Winning Rate-Playing the little guysOpening techniques and patterns-Opening gambitsEndgame basics to help finish the game-Using the ZugzwangAnd much more knowledge in every chapter!"When you see a good move, look for a better one." Emanuel Lasker
Introducing a new book, bound in two volumes, not only containing an astonishing new "pure gambit" named the Miami Variation, but a very delightful, interesting and insightful adventure through a unique perspective of historical chess.

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