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A raging sea tosses a boy upon the shores of ancient Wales. Left for dead, he has no memory, no name, and no home. But it is his determination to find out who he is—to learn the truth about his mysterious powers—that leads him to a strange and enchanted land. And it is there he discovers that the fate of this land and his personal quest are strangely entwined.
Ancient manuscripts from Buddhism say Jesus left Palestine and traveled for an estimated 17 years in India, Nepal, Ladakh, and Tibet. Prophet brings together the eyewitness accounts of four people who have seen these remarkable manuscripts--plus three variant translations of the texts. Maps, drawings & 79 photos.
The brand new spine-tingling thriller from the world's favourite thriller writer. Dr. Jonathan Lyons, a well-respected academic, has a stroke of luck when a previously missing ancient artefact - a highly valuable parchment - falls into his hands. Stolen from the Vatican in the fifteenth century, it was assumed to be lost forever - until now. Unsure of his next move, Dr. Lyons shares his discovery with a select few but, with so much money at stake, can he trust the people he's told? Things take a turn for the worse when Jonathan is found brutally murdered in his own home. Then, as secrets in his personal life come to light, his wife, who suffers from Alzheimer's, is soon implicated. It now falls to the couple's 27-year-old daughter, Mariah, to uncover the true motive behind her father's death. But the tangled web of secrets has spread much further than she knows. With someone still hell-bent on getting hold of the priceless document, will Mariah succeed in finding justice for both her father and her mother without putting her own life in terrible danger? 'Clark plays out her story like the pro that she is . . . flawless' Daily Mirror 'Should come with a warning: start in the evening and you'll be reading late into the night' USA Today
After the end of the EnterpriseTM's five-year mission, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy struggle to establish new lives apart from each other and the starship. The newly-promoted Admiral Kirk is placed in charge of a specially-created Starfleet division and attempts to defuse a critical hostage situation; Mr. Spock, who, in the midst of a teaching assignment on Vulcan, finds the one thing he least expected; and Dr. McCoy, whose unerring instinct for trouble lands him smack in the middle of an incident that could trigger an interstellar bloodbath.
Anya had a wonderful upbringing, in every way the perfect life. Then, tragedy struck when her parents were killed and the grief made her life spiral out of control. She was admitted to a mysterious clinic where two years of her life were lost, apparently being treated for her severe addictions. With few memories of her time in the clinic, she came to refer to this period as her ‘lost years’. A few months after being discharged from the clinic she met Rob. It was love at first sight and they established a new life together. Just as Anya starts to feel her life is back on track, horrible nightmares invade her sleeping hours. She is getting visions of her time in that clinic and the doctor that had treated her. The nightmares are forcing her back there, goading her into finding out what really happened to her. As the nightmares continue, causing a strain in her relationship with Rob, she is forced to confront the horror and they set off on a journey to uncover the truth. A mysterious guardian angel with a penchant for hacking comes to their aid, fuelled by his own search for justice. As this unlikely trio dig deeper and deeper, they uncover a shocking conspiracy that goes to the very heart of the British establishment and puts all their lives in danger.
This is a true story, inspired by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It will touch you deep inside your heart and soul.Sonja B'Field had a tough childhood with a child molesting and abusive step-father; and a mother who struggled to raise her seven children. From age seven she remained devoted to her mother and her siblings. Yet, as she grew up, she wanted nothing more than to escape her abusive childhood. She dreamed of the day when she would have her own life with some tall and handsome man, who would love her unconditionally. When she finally meets Jansen, she falls madly in love with him and he sweeps her off her feet and away from her hometown, to an unfamiliar country, where she would soon find nothing, but torment and abuse at the hand of the man she trusted. It was like living her childhood all over again.

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