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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Wedding Dress comes a story of long-lost love and its redemption in future generations. Romance has never been actress Chloe Daschle's forte--in life or on screen. But everyone knows who to call for a convincing death scene . . . and it might be killing her career. When Chloe is given a peek at the script for an epic love story, she decides to take her destiny into her own hands and request an audition for the lead female role, Esther Kingsley. The compelling tale, inspired by family lore and a one-page letter from the colonial ancestor of scriptwriter Jesse Gates, just might break her out of this career-crippling rut. Jesse would rather write about romance than live through it after his past relationship ended in disaster. But once on-set together, the chemistry between Jesse and his leading lady is hard to deny. Centuries earlier, in the heart of the Revolutionary War, Hamilton Lightfoot and Esther Longfellow wrote their saga off the silver screen. Esther's Loyalist father opposes any relationship with Hamilton, but Esther must face her beloved father's disapproval and the dangers of war in order to convince Hamilton of their future together. Hamilton has loved Esther for years, and on the eve of battle pens the love letter she's always wanted--something straight from the heart. Set in stunning upcountry South Carolina, The Love Letter is a beautifully crafted story of the courage it takes to face down fear and chase after love, even in the darkest of times. And just maybe, all these generations later, love can come home in a way not even Hollywood could imagine.
You care intensely about many things -- your family, your friends, politics, your social calendar, sports, your work or the environment. Your life is packed with people and activities all competing for your time, talent and treasure. I know you don't want to fail in any of them, least of all in your relationship with your true love. But what steps are you taking to ensure success? Put into practice the love letter techniques outlined inside and start enjoying a richer, more romantic, meaningful and lasting relationship, today. Don't leave your future to chance. Instead, do everything in your power to secure it and to finish strong; to finish more in love than when you started and to leave a chest full of love letters as part of your legacy.
A bookseller is obsessed with a mysterious love note in the New York Times–bestselling author’s “sophisticated and witty valentine of a novel” (People). Intelligent, sexy, and fortyish, Helen MacFarquhar is a woman in control of her life and everyone in it—until an anonymous love letter falls into her hands one summer morning. Helen has been leading a blissful existence as the proprietor of a small bookstore in a quaint New England seaside town. She beguiles her customers into buying the titles she recommends, and flirts shamelessly with nearly every one of the town’s eccentric residents. But Helen’s self-confidence falters when the love letter arrives in her mail. “How do you fall in love?” the letter asks, and the question becomes Helen’s obsession, in this “smart, moving, and funny” (Detroit Free Press) story by the New York Times–bestselling author of The Three Weissmanns of Westport and They May Not Mean To, But They Do.
Do you feel that God is not here to help you through your life? Did you know that no matter how alone you may feel He has never left your side? God has given us His Word, a love letter to us so that we will never be alone or unsure on how to live out life in a sinful world. Within His Love Letter to us, He has shown us the gifts that He has provided to help us throughout our lives. Within these pages, we will break down each gift and see just how special these gifts are that God has given us. He loves us so very much and wants to help us live out our lives. So are you willing to accept God’s help?
Can fate be signed, sealed and delivered? When Allegra North parted from first love Francis after a decade together, she poured all her regret into a letter. He didn't reply. A year later, her job brings her back to the beautiful Devon coast where romance first blossomed and she hopes that they can start a new chapter. As summer storms circle, the exes juggle rebellious parents, vengeful family members and a very reluctant celebrity author who holds the key to everybody's future . . . The Love Letter is a wonderfully warm comedy of mistaken identities, new loves and old flames.
"i am the love letter" is a love poem collection through the lense of a high school poet with tired hands and an endless heart. her journey through love isn't a complete one (there is always more to see), but this grouping of poems provides a complete picture of a soon-to-end chapter of her life. her high school experience must be chronicled. here it is, love poems acting as language. prepare for the secondhand embarrassment and deep nostalgia with care.
Fall in love with this endearing and adorable picture book that illustrates how a little bit of heart goes a long way to making the world a better place. Hedgehog, Bunny, and Squirrel are best friends. One day, they each find a letter. But not just any letter... A love letter. My word! My whiskers! Aww, nuts! Someone loves them. But who? The answer may surprise you! Celebrated author Anika Aldamuy Denise and beloved illustrator Lucy Ruth Cummins deliver this heartwarming tale about a wonderful mix-up that reminds us of the joys of friendship. Makes for a perfect Valentine's Day gift, or for any time you want to tell someone in your life how much you love them!

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