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After a storm nearly destroys their beach house, Arion and his sister Maria go to the shore to collect shells. They chance upon a dolphin washed up on the beach, hopelessly entangled in a fish net. As the kids try to free the animal, to their surprise and delight the dolphin starts to speak. Delphis, it turns out, is a magic dolphin. In exchange for his freedom, he takes them on a world-encircling journey where they learn about beach erosion, sea level rise, plastic pollution and ultimately, what they must do to save their home from the rising sea.
The Magic Dolphin is a delightful children's story about helping others. It teaches children to take the time to help others in need and the magic that can happen when they do.
An edition of the Dolphin Man's best-selling introduction to the life of dolphins.
Provides information on dolphins and dolphin sightings around the British Isles.
Brady and Lizzie Parker are struggling to grow up without their mother in 1930 in a small fishing village in North Florida. The Magic Dolphin lives in the lagoon where pirates used to camp. The dolphin follows Brady when he fishes in the Gulf of Mexico with his father and swims with the children in the lagoon near the cemetery where their mother is buried. The dolphin saves Lizzie from an attack by a savage bull shark, but when the big hurricane comes, she is nowhere to be found. A dark and beautiful lady appears to guide them to safety. When they learn the true secret of the magic dolphin, their lives are changed forever.
LANI MORGAN AND THE MAGIC DOLPHIN™ Lani and her parents move to Hawaii from Mt. Shasta. Unable to relate to the loud surfers her age, Lani longs for a magical experience. She has mysterious dreams where she communicates with dolphins. She explores the Hawaiian Spinners Dolphins habitat and meets the magical dolphin from her dreams who takes her on fantastic adventures beneath the waves. Lani follows the stars underwater to a magical crystal kingdom where she develops clairaudience and clairvoyance. Lani's friend Tim joins her in exploring the melodies of the underwater rainbows and the abundant free energy sources at the depths of the ocean. AUSTRALIAN DREAMTIME SURFCATS AND THEIR DOLPHIN BUDDIESÔThe Australian Dreamtime Surfcats™ is the story of Auzzie the Australian Dreamrider with pet Dolphin Dreaming. They teach Surfcats Cherub, Laka and Magicat the Wavereader about the secrets of riding the dreaming waves down under. They learn a new way of body surfing the song lines of the ocean waves.
Pearl is a magical dolphin of the Salty Sea, and today is her first day of school. Her classmates Echo and Splash make great new friends! Together they start learning dolphin skills like magic, music, and jumping. But another student, Flip, just won't stop bragging. And when he accepts a dare from an older student, he ends up in terrible danger from a shark! Can Pearl and her friends save him? It's an exciting first day at Dolphin School!
From shapes and baby animals to students in space, fiction and non-fiction Dolphins capture imaginations. With activities for every page of reading, the stimulating 'read and do' approach engages learners, practises language, and encourages critical-thinking skills.
Lonely princess Alana wishes for a friend and meets Dorsey, a magic dolphin. Dorsey shows her the underwater world where he lives. However, when her new friend asks the princess to keep what they plan to do a secret, it makes Princess Alana remember a very important rule about not keeping secrets. Will she tell her parents and risk losing her new friend?
Internationally renowned dolphin expert Dr Horace Dobbs tells the incredible story of over two decades' work with dolphins and reveals new research that shows how dolphins can inspire us not only with their beauty and intelligence; they can also heal us physically and emotionally. Dobbs explores possible scientific explanations for the healing power of dolphins which he supports with many heart-warming tales of personal transformation. These stories include that of Bill who, after swimming with dolphins, was completely cured after 12 years of depression; Lilo who's terminal cancer regressed; and the incredible story of Eve, a severely autistic girl who uttered her first word, 'good', after meeting a dolphin. The book also examines the success of organised dolphin healing around the world including the work of the famous Dolphin Healing Centre in Kyoto, Japan. Inspiring and deeply moving, Dolphin Healing heralds a breathtaking new development in communications between humans and dolphins.
The ten brightest kids on Earth are given special skills and sent to the distant planet Eris to take on a mad scientist and the Evil Goddess of Darkness, Nyx!
Captain Scott told Nerise, his six year old daughter, that she was still too young to go on his marine research expedition. However, when the mischievous, adventure loving Nerise and her dog Floyd sneak aboard anyway, she sets off an almost magical chain of events! Together with Akido, the son of a marine biologist from Japan, these new friends embark upon the biggest adventure of their lives: the search for the White Dolphin. The ellusive White Dolphin is always so near and yet so far... until one day, when he unlocks the magic sea kingdom for the two children. This whimsical story weaves together past and present, land and water, and the beauty of different cultures. All connected to the human heart and the wonderment of nature in a spell-binding tale that children, parents and teachers will say: “Most importantly, you have to believe.”
The Magic of Metaphor presents a collection of stories designed to engage, inspire, and transform the listener and the reader.Some of the stories motivate, some are spiritual, and some provide strategies for excellence. All promote positive feelings, encouraging confi dence, direction, and vision.
Reveals the shared ancestry behind our affinity with dolphins and our shared destiny • Explains how we are both descendants of the aquatic ape and still share many physiological features with dolphins that set us apart from other primates • Explores dolphins’ communication with other species and how dolphin therapy has miraculous effects on people with autism, cancer, stroke, and depression • Explores the connections between dolphins and Atlantis and Lemuria Wild animals avoid contact with humans, but wild dolphins seek us out to play and socialize, even going so far as to voluntarily rescue people from drowning. What explains this remarkable natural affinity? Revealing the evolutionary basis for our special relationship with dolphins, Frank Joseph explains how we are both descendants of the same ancient branch of human-ity. Building upon the aquatic ape theory, he details how we both began on land but devastating floods forced our distant ancestors into the seas, where humanity developed many of the traits that set us apart from other primates, such as our instinctive diving reflex and our newborns’ ability to swim. But while some of the aquatic apes returned to land, later evolving into modern humans, some remained in the cradle of Mother Ocean and became our dolphin cousins. Integrating scientific research on dolphin intelligence, communication, and physiology with enduring myths from some of the world’s oldest cultures, such as the Aborigines, Norse, Greeks, and Celts, the author examines our physical commonalities with dolphins, including their vestigial thumbs and legs, birth processes, and body temperature. He explores dolphins’ uncanny ability to diagnose disease such as cancer in humans and how dolphin therapy has had miraculous effects on children with autism, victims of stroke, and those suffering from depression. He provides evidence for dolphins’ different attitudes toward men, women, and children, their natural affinity with cats and dogs, and their telepathic communication with other species, including ours. He explores dolphins’ mysterious role in the birth of early civilization and their connections with the Dog Star, Sirius, and Atlantis and Lemuria--a bond still commemorated by annual gatherings of millions of dolphins. As Frank Joseph shows, if we can learn to fully communicate with dolphins, accessing their millennia-old oral tradition, we may learn the truth about humanity’s origins and our shared future, when humankind may yet again quit the land for a final return to the sea.
Exciting new magical adventure series – will you answer the call of the Silver Dolphins?
FEATURES: 6" x 9" letter size Premium Matte Soft Cover 100 college-ruled lined pages Great size to carry everywhere in your bag, for work, high school, college Perfect For Notes - sketching - To-Do-List - Creative Ideas - School & so much more... Makes a great Christmas, birthday, mothers day, graduation or beginning of the school year gift for Men & Women and Boys & Girls
Clarice Bean meets Finding Dory in this laugh-out-loud diary set under the sea! Join Darcy Dolphin and friends for some underwater adventures! In the second book of the series, Darcy makes a new friend. But there's something fishy about Coral Crab . . . Meanwhile on the reef, a pebble-collecting craze hits the school and Darcy needs a little bit of magic to help her win the talent show. The second in a brilliantly funny new illustrated fiction series for boys and girls aged age 6 years and above. Perfect for fans of The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig, Barry Loser, Wigglesbottom Primary by Pamela Butchart and the Daisy books. Sam Watkins is the author of the Creature Teacher series with OUP, as well as Nick Knight: Super Sub! and Puss in Football Boots, both published by Franklin Watts. Creature Teacher was shortlisted for the Heart of Hawick Children’s Book Award in 2016. Vicky Barker is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Liverpool. She has illustrated the Fish Fingers series and The Catsup High Detective Agency for Catnip Books, and a series of activity books for bSmall.
After studying dolphins for many years, Dr Horace Dobbs came to the conclusion that these highly intelligent mammals were using their brains in a way that could benefit human beings. To test his theory he decided to step outside the confines of his scientific training and film an experiment for television. That film, "The Dolphin's Touch", records how he invited three people suffering from different forms of stress and depression to swim with a wild dolphin off the Irish coast. In the case of the middle-aged man the encounter had a dramatic effect, while the outlook of two younger participants improved significantly. For Dr Dobbs they served to confirm other similar transformations and persuaded him that it might be possible, through video film and audio tapes of dolphin song, to bring the healing power of dolphins to anyone unable to experience it at first hand. The result leaves, he argues, little room for doubt that dolphins can generate a sense of well-being in people. In this book the author conveys not only the joy to be experienced when cavorting in the sea with a wild dolphin, he also provides clues to the mental dexterity and perception of one of the smallest of the whale family.

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