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Barton, an orphan pig, hates Christmas and refuses to celebrate the holiday, but he is shown the error of his ways by a mouse who shows him Christmases of the past, present, and future.
Tired of being the smallest child in the family, Little Bunny discovers on Christmas Eve what it would be like to be even smaller.
Christmas is coming! It is the season to be jolly! Yes, Yes, Yes! Ho, Ho, Ho! What will Christmas be like if Santa Claus can't make it to Lindbergh Mountain? Kristen is worried that Santa will not be able to find her family's old run-down cabin on Lindbergh Mountain. Her father told her that he read in the newspaper - The Lindbergh Mountain Gazette - that due to dangerous weather conditions, Santa would not be able to make it to Lindbergh Mountain. It would be absolutely impossible for Santa to come this year. But, just the day before, Kristen overheard Santa Claus talking to Mrs. Claus. Kristen had gone to see Santa at Feeney's Department Store. She had to go back there because she had changed her mind about everything on her original Christmas list. On this Christmas Eve last-minute visit, she told Santa that she only wanted coal, even though she was a perfectly behaved little girl. She did not want any toys at all! On her earlier visit, she had a long list of toys that she wanted for Christmas. Santa wondered why she just wanted lumps of coal. Santa was puzzled and curious about this unusual request. And as Kristen got up from his lap, she heard him talking to Mrs. Claus. She distinctly heard Santa say something about giving her "The Secret of the Reindeer." When she awoke on Christmas morning, Kristen noticed a pile of fluffy reindeer fur, lying on the floor which was next to a note from Santa. And the fur seemed to have magical powers. She couldn't wait another minute to wake her mom and dad and her brother, Ryan. Kristen tapped the fluffy reindeer fur. The living room was aglow with the magic of Santa and his elves in his workshop. Elves ran to and fro, sleigh bells rang, and bags of shiny coins, toys, food and coal for the old stove appeared. Santa even left her a new pet - a baby reindeer! Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain was definitely the best ever! Visit website for Free Downloads for Family Fun Activities. WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain is a gift for any age. A charming tale with a heartwarming message. I wish that I had a "lapful" of grandchildren to read this enchanting tale during the holiday season. The message of the story really touched my heart. Finally, the untold story of Santa's Magic has been told! Patricia Gallagher and daughter Katelyn weave a wonderful tale that fulfills on its promise to "bring fantasy, warmth and magic of Christmas to all who hear these words." The true gift of Christmas shines through the loving actions of the main character, Kristen. And, of course, Kristen's unselfish actions do not go unnoticed by Santa. The story is brought to life by the beautiful narration of actress Lauren Pierson-Swanson, delightful sound effects and music. I purchased this MP3 this past Christmas and intend to make it part of my Christmas tradition from now on. This delightful story is sure to become a holiday classic. A great read-aloud story to be enjoyed by all generations and diverse cultures. I sat for a half-hour just listening and imagining that it was all true! This is a great Christmas story that you will want to listen to with your family, year after year. You feel a sense of magic when you imagine all of the things that happened to the family, on Christmas Eve not too many years ago. I have never heard of Santa's special gift called "The Secret of the Reindeer." This story will be treasured by children everywhere. It makes me want to visit Santa and ask for this special treasure, for my family, too. This story draws children and adults together - an audio book and traditional print storybook for all generations to enjoy. Sweet little Kristen, the main character in the story exemplifies the virtues that we as parents want to impart to our children.
This story tells of the very real experience the author had as a small child one bitterly cold and snowy Christmas Eve, when she decided she would like to meet Father Christmas when he arrived at her house on his sleigh to fill her stocking with treats.
Not so very long ago, Yuletide was as much a chilling season of ghosts and witches as it was a festival of goodwill. In The Old Magic of Christmas you'll find a Christmas bestiary and a White Witch's herbal, as well as tips for delving more deeply into your relationship with the unseen. Bring the festivities into your home with cookie recipes and ornament making while brushing elbows with veiled spirits and discovering the true perils of elves. Rife with the more frightful characters from folklore and the season's most petulant ghosts, this book takes you on a spooky sleigh ride from the silvered firs of a winter forest to the mirrored halls of the Snow Queen.
Her Christmas past becomes her Christmas present!
A magical Christmas story with beautiful illustrations
This delightful musical reinforces the true meaning of Christmas gift-giving as toys around the Christmas tree are granted the gift of life on Christmas Eve. Includes 9 easy unison songs, 6 speaking roles appropriate for grades K-4, approx. 20 minutes.
Enjoy the magic of Christmas as the Littlest Reindeer steps up to help Santa out on Christmas Eve.--back cover.
Jos? Tomas de Cu?llar (1830-1894) was a Mexican writer noted for his sharp sense of humor and gift for caricature. Having a Ball and Christmas Eve are two novellas written in the costumbrista style, made popular in the mid-nineteenth century by the periodical press in which these sketches of contemporary manners were first published. The stories are a sensitive reflection of the effects of modernization brought by an authoritarian regime dedicated to order and progress. Christmas Eve describes a volatile middle class in which people pursue pleasure and entertainment without regard to morality. Having a Ball depicts women and their dedication to fashion. It is through them that Cuellar examines a society susceptible to foreign values, the importation of which radically altered the face of Mexico and its traditional customs.
Based on a true story- When a child starts doubting the magic of Christmas, his childhood wonder is restored with an improbable visit from Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. If a kid you know is growing up and questioning their belief in Santa Claus, this is a must read.
A mom…just in time for Christmas? Beautiful, bubbly nurse Lara King just can't resist a little girl's Christmas wish—for her daddy to be happy—so she steps in as the sexy ER consultant's new live-in nanny! Christian Blake lost his faith in love a long time ago, but now, as Lara fills his house with warmth and sparkle, he realizes that she's his once-in-a-lifetime chance for happiness. As the first snowflakes start to fall, he can only hope that Christmas will weave its magic and Lara will accept the special present waiting for her under the tree…
It's Christmas Eve and three young children creep down the stairs to see if their presents have been delivered. What they don't expect is to be pulled into a magical world centred round their very own Christmas tree. Here they meet a fairy, but is she really the Christmas Fairy? On their journey they meet the two faced soldier, a shrinking ballerina, love struck candy canes and a sad clock. However, can they reach the Christmas Angel at the top of the tree and will they ever get back to their own world in time for Christmas day? A marvellous Christmas adventure story for Children, with a true Christmas Heart.
A Christmas Child by Carolyn Davidson Marianne Winters has no one in the world but her baby brother and, with Christmas approaching, she needs somewhere warm to stay. Will she find her home, and a loving heart, with the lonely pastor, David McDermott? The Christmas Dove by Victoria Bylin Maddie Cutler once snubbed bad boy Dylan McCall, but with nowhere else to turn she has come back to town--with a babe in arms. Dylan is a reformed man, and on seeing Maddie again he longs to heal her hurt--and claim her once and for all! A Baby Blue Christmas by Cheryl St.John Turner Price hasn't been the same since he lost his wife and child. But when he finds a young woman and newborn twin babies in his stable, he realizes this may be his second chance to be a loving husband and father, just in time for Christmas!
Christmas Eve is a special time...especially when your family's favorite ornament has magic powers! On one enchanted Christmas Eve, Victoria, Joseph, and John gather around the fireplace to hear their father's story about their favorite Christmas ornament. After bedtime, the children sneak downstairs and discover the true magic of the ornament as it sweeps them from their home and directly into Santa's workshop. On this adventure, they are dazzled by thousands of toys, the famous reindeer, and even Santa himself! Amidst the magic and wonder of this night, the children meet a special elf named JJ who, as it turns out, is more connected to their family's history than they could ever have imagined¿Enjoy this magical Christmas tale with your family and make lasting holiday memories. Beautifully presented as an heirloom-quality case-bound hardback book, with vibrant full-color illustrations, "The Magic Christmas Ornament" is perfect for your family library. Visit to preview and reserve the full collection, which includes the actual ornament depicted in this heartwarming holiday story.
Emily builds a special snow-woman and joins her and the new neighbor's snowman in a dance on a magical Christmas Eve, when all sorts of amazing things happen.
On Christmas Eve, a brother and sister play in the snow, bake cookies, and make ornaments before it is time to go to bed.
This is a Christian children's book that I wrote for my seven grandchildren. One extraordinary Christmas Eve they take a magical journey, traveling back in time to witness the first Christmas.
A flower! For Christmas? What kind of weird gift is this? Adrian started to get annoyed. The Magic Flower is a charming and fun story of Adrian and his little sister Julia, who received a mysterious "magic flower" from their step-grandmother for Christmas. With two green tongue-looking things sticking out of a couple of ugly bulbs, it surely didn’t look magical! But only four days after its arrival, amazing things began to happen as the magic of the true meaning of Christmas started to bloom.

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