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Join Johnny and Janey on a strange and wonderful journey to a magical kingdom on the other side of the moon. Enchanting color illustrations complement an imaginative story of the children's rescue of a princess and their encounters with Jingles, the wicked magician; the Soft-Voiced Cow; the Tiptoe Brothers; and other winsome characters. A wondrous adventure from the creator of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy.
'The Magical Land of Noom' is written and illustrated by Johnny Gruelle. Gruelle (1880 - 1930), was an American artist and political cartoonist, as well as a children's book illustrator and author. Gruelle is best known for his 'Raggedy Ann Series', which chart the adventures of a little doll with red yarn for hair and a triangle nose. This particular story does not feature Raggedy Ann, but it tells the tale of Johnny and Janey, two children who escape from their backyard and fly away to the moon - having many strange encounters, and even more great adventures in the process. With a flying machine built of wooden spoons and old boards, they discover an enchanted kingdom on the 'dark side of the moon', which at first appears as paradise. With the arrival of a wicked magician, the plot thickens, and the two children's lives are never the same again. Sought after by collectors, this re-printed edition showcases Gruelle's original text, further enhanced by his wonderful colour drawings, in order that the two may be fully appreciated by young and old alike.
Genius programmer, Daniel Archer, and Janice, the Artificial Intelligence, team up to develop and maintain Nightworld, a virtual entertainment environment. Archer exchanges his girlfriend, Monique Stark, for Janice and opens possibilities extending beyond software and flesh to spirits and even souls.

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