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The book contains essays in honor of Victor Raskin. The contributions are all directly related to some of the major areas of work in which Raskin's scholarship has spanned for decades. The obvious connecting idea is the encyclopedic script-based foundation of lexical meaning, which informs his pioneering work in semantics in the 1970s and 1980s. The first part of the book collects articles directly concerned with script-based semantics, which examine both the theoretical and methodological premises of the idea and its applications. Script-based semantics is the foundation of both Raskin's ground-breaking work in humor research (addressed by the articles in part 2) and in Ontological semantics (addressed in part 3), the most recent development of script-based semantics. The fourth part is dedicated to a less-known, but equally important, strand of Raskin's research, the applications of linguistics to other fields, including writing, lexicography, and professional applications (e,g., tourism). Overall, the book provides and up-to-date, in-depth discussion of an influential strand of the discussion on semantics and its most recent developments and influence on other seemingly unrelated fields, such as Cognitive Linguistics.
The first book to explore and analyse the experience of illness in German society under National Socialism
'I would thoroughly recommend this as a book which enables and empowers at many levels of experience. Every staff room should have a copy' - English Four to Eleven The Third Edition of Developing Language and Literacy 3 - 8 is an insightful introduction to teaching and learning English in the early years. The new edition has been fully updated to reflect requirements for teaching English in the early years, including the new curriculum guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage and the new Primary Framework. It covers all aspects of language and literacy and draws on contemporary ideas, research and classroom expertise to guide practice. The book includes chapters on: - Speaking and Listening - Reading - Resources for Language and Literacy - Writing - Spelling, Handwriting and Punctuation - Bilingual Learners - Language, Literacy and Gender - Children with Difficulties - Involving Parents and Carers - Assessment - Planning Along with activities to promote reflective practice, the author provides suggestions for further reading, and useful websites. Further resource material for each chapter accompanies the book on the SAGE website- This book will be an essential guide for early years and primary trainee teachers.
" ... Thought provoking exploration of identity and creativity within the Irish diaspora."--Jacket.

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