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The world as seen from a bike 'Understated, comic and melancholic... It’ll inspire you to get back on your bike.' Martin Love, The Guardian ‘One of the most entertaining sports books I have ever read’ Joe Short, The Daily Express In this award-winning collection of cycling tales, Wilfried de Jong uncovers the true soul of cycling – why we do it, why we watch it, why we hate it, why we love it – stripped bare. With his distinctly comic and melancholic charm Wilfried ponders life, love and death on his trusted bike, chasing the essence of our existence against the backdrop of major cycling events or while roaming alone in nature. Whether he is describing being ejected from Paris-Roubaix, a terminal incident with a bird while out riding, or explaining why he is standing stark naked on Belgian cobbles with a tyre in his hand, Wilfried unlocks a sport that involves so much pain, punishment, and a high probability of failure, but that will always liberate and inspire us.
What would happen if you were cycling to the office and just kept on pedalling? Needing a change, Mike Carter did just that. Following the Thames to the sea he embarked on an epic 5,000 mile ride around the entire British coastline - the equivalent of London to Calcutta. He encountered drunken priests, drag queens and gnome sanctuaries. He met fellow travellers and people building for a different type of future. He also found a spirit of unbelievable kindness and generosity that convinced him that Britain is anything but broken. This is the inspiring and very funny tale of the five months Mike spent cycling the byways of the nation.
A troubled young man plans to escape his criminal past by uploading his consciousness into a computer, but when he finds himself falling in love he begins to rethink his decision.
A Man And His Bike Is A Beautiful Thing Journal Notebook Paperback Details include 120 blank lined black and white interior pages with white paper in a matte cover finish Size 6x9 inches
Like a Haystack: Life from My Perspective outlines the history—the events and the forces—that drove Margaret Grguric Smolik's family to be uprooted from their ancestral community, Vocin, in north-central Croatia during World War II. It gives the family’s background, describes daily life, and depicts the family’s experiences in Austria after the war. The second part of the book recounts the family’s emigration to the United States and the journey to Iowa. In Like A Haystack, the author contrasts life in Europe and in the United States in the twentieth century. She highlights the endurance needed to survive war, cruelty, and suffering. She explains the tensions from adjusting to new cultures and values. Finally, she portrays people who do whatever it takes to achieve the American dream. As Lynn Haakenson, an English teacher, commented, “This account is a fascinating memoir of the author’s life in Croatia in WWII and her family’s adjustment to life in America.”
This episodic memoir of a girls life in Germany through World War II and its aftermath offers vivid descriptions of the feelings and experiences of a childs life in tumultuous times. Brief, intense memories of the young child are here recalled in the vocabulary of the adult. Gradually, they turn into longer narratives as the child grows older. Strung together and interwoven, they become a colorful tapestry depicting one familys evolution through many hardships as well as periods of beauty and enchantment.

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