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The Wounded Physician Project is a fresh investigation into and the solution for the primary causes of private medical practice financial failure which today impacts not only the disintegration of private medical practice but also the overwhelming increasing attrition of physicians today. The root cause has been ignored completely by medical educators for a century in spite of knowing the importance of resolving this issue and the enormous value and benefits it provides for every practicing physician today. The complete elimination of these problems that all physicians in private medical practice have always had and now today is responsible for the frustration and deep disappointment over 50% of physicians have with their careers in medicine, can be resolved almost immediately. The implementation of some very critical educational elements into the medical school curriculums is the answer to this persistent egregious enigma that is far overdue and mandatory. The healthcare and medical profession are going through a revolution now that will not only destroy professional healthcare provider's careers but also will become the greatest impediment for quality medical care in our nation if the contents of this book are not heeded.
Using simple descriptions and entertaining stories this book walks a new- technology salesperson through field-proven and practical selling processes including sections about: Account analysis Generating leads Tactics for Selling New Technology Getting and Conducting Meetings Proposal Development Closing business Many new-technology salespeople do not know the 4 elements required to close a sale (abbreviated DUCT) and these are described. The Sales Tactics Chapter includes the following sections. How to Prioritize Your Time Average number of sales calls to close a deal for new technology New Technology the Numbers Game DUCT - to make a technical sale Nos are Better than Maybes Objections WIIFM Hunting for the Maverick The Opposite of Love is Not Hate Hunting for Clients Farming for New-Technology Sales Dinner and Lunch Casual Conversations Schmoozing Selling to Vice Presidents
‘Meth, murder and pirates: the coder who became a crime boss. A world that lurks just outside of our everyday perception, in the dark corners of the internet we never visit’ – Wired The Mastermind tells the incredible true story of Paul Le Roux, the frighteningly powerful creator of a twenty-first century cartel, and the decade-long global manhunt that finally brought his empire to its knees. Le Roux’s business evolved from an online prescription drug network into a sprawling multinational conglomerate engaged in almost every conceivable aspect of criminal mayhem. All tied together with encryption programs so advanced that government agencies were unable to break them. Tracing Le Roux’s vast wealth and his shadowy henchmen around the world, award-winning journalist Evan Ratliff spent four years piecing together this intricate network. His investigation reveals a dark parable of ambition and greed, and exposes a new age of crime in which a reclusive entrepreneur can build an empire in the shadows of our networked world.
Digital Marketing and Celebrity Chef Branding expert Mark Garcia shares hard-won advice and real life examples on how chefs, restaurateurs and food-service professionals can connect and engage with customers, so that they can dominate their competitive marketplace. In his passionate, streetwise style, Chef Mark Garcia’s mission is to strengthen the positioning and messaging of chefs, restaurateurs and food-service professionals by training them on best practices and techniques that lead to profitable digital marketing campaigns and promotions. With the massive proliferation and constant evolvement of digital, social and mobile media platforms in the past few years, the winning recipe of content and engagement is different now. Yes, one must still have tremendous cooking talent, serve their customers flawlessly and provide value to the marketplace, but no entrepreneur, brand manager or corporation can deny the power and intimacy of digital marketing. In the end, it’s all about how you engage and serve your customers and potential customers. As a culinary professional, foodie or entrepreneur, your perspective and experiences have greater importance and market value than you probably ever dreamed. You can make a difference in the world. One of the best ways to do that is to learn how to harness the power of the New Digital Economy In How To Become A Rock Star Chef, legendary trainer Chef Mark Garcia gives you a peek behind the kitchen door into the New Digital Economy and reveals a simple 11-Step plan on how chefs, restaurateurs and food-service professionals can strategically position themselves, their brands or their services in the digital marketplace and significantly increase their bottom line.
Breaking down the information marketing world from A to Z, the undisputed info marketing expert offers professional strategies to set up a successful information marketing business. These businesses are easy to start, can be run from home, don’t require any employees, need little cash outlay, can be run part-time, and can produce millions of dollars a year. Readers learn everything they need to jump into this lucrative field, creating an entirely new business that gives them added income or replaces their current salary entirely.

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