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A photographic homage to one of the finest cars ever build, now in a small format edition.
Its perfect synthesis of technology and design has made BMW one of the most influential brands in the world. This compelling illustrated volume gives the readers privileged insight into the unique development of this brand: fascinating motorcycles and automobiles, spectacular motor sports, impressive architecture, as well as visions for cars of the future.
From the very first 300 SL to its 2011 successors, this iconic sports car shows how engineering can claim the status of fine art. Who better to document this parade of automotive milestones than Ren Staud? After all, his atmospheric images enrapture the hearts and imaginations of car connoisseurs everywhere. Building on the success of his Mercedes-Benz SL calendars, this title is a love song to an exceptional car--long the favorite of celebrities such as Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Alfred Hitchcock. Each carefully staged photograph showcases the sculpted curves and precise details--all while capturing the thrills of this ultimate ride. A photographic homage to the "sports car of the century" spanning 60 years of model history, from the 1952 300 SL racers to the latest-generation SL.
If you started to look in 2015 for a decent R129, you might have wondered, why quite a few of them are already fairly expensive. Like its predecessor, it was built in relatively large numbers for a luxury sports roadster and like its predecessor, good examples will become only more expensive over the next years. The V8 is naturally the most popular version, but why not also consider the more reasonably priced six-cylinder models. After all you don't plan to use this car anymore to get as fast as possible from A to B. Today you use it more like you enjoy a well aged wine, where you savour every sip. With the R129 you cherish every ride. A special case is the V12. To buy one that is less than perfect is a guarantee to ruin you. You have read this far, then this new book, which was already published as e-book, will interest you. It comes with a comprehensive buyer's guide and explains the VIN and data card in great detail, so that one has a better understanding, how these cars were originally equipped and to which market they have been shipped first. Naturally it covers the development and history of the R129, but it also reveals the engines' strong and weak points and has a look at the cars' recent price development. The book ends with a detailed list of the cars' technical specifications and the annual production history of each model.
A limited edition of 1500 copies. This book chronicles the development and racing career of a car regarded as the ultimate example of the purebred sports car of the 20th century and the epitome of functional beauty and extraordinary performance: the 1952 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. Taking second place at its 1952 Mille Miglia debut, it went on to win every one of its races that season. Dramatic photos, vivid descriptions, and dramatic recollections from the drivers ensures this book will be a joy to read and enjoy for years to come.
The 300 SL (W 194) is the first racing car with which Mercedes-Benz renewed its participation in international automobile racing in the postwar period. Top-ranking positions and triumphs, such as at the legendary twenty-four-hour endurance race in Le Mans or the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico, are not a long time in the coming and as early as 1952 secure a place for the Stuttgart-based make in the worldwide motor sports scene. The racing car achieved particular fame for its unusual gull-winged doors, which turn the production sports car 300 SL, introduced in 1954 and directly derived from the W 194, into one of the lasting icons in automobile history. The book provides exhaustive and authentic documentation of the technical development of the W 194 based on extensive research in the archives of Mercedes-Benz Classic: all of the races as well as the biography of each individual vehicle are presented with the aid of in part unpublished images and illustrations. Its high-quality design as well as its exquisite features make the book a true collector's item. (German edition ISBN 978-3-7757-4002-9)
... Register Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (198.040 & 198.043) of the 1400 cars built, included all the factory dates, original specification when delivered, pictures, present location and history, if known ...
... Register Mercedes-Benz 300 SL (198.040 & 198.043) of the 1400 cars built, included all the factory dates, original specification when delivered, pictures, present location and history, if known...
In 1952 Mercedes-Benz astonished the racing world with the successes it achieved with its 300SL, exploiting an advanced space-type frame and aerodynamic body with gullwing doors. Already the subject of a Ludvigsen Library Series book, the racing 300SL inspired the creation of a production version, which first took flight in 1954. The 300SL stunned critics and experts alike with its fabulous performance-more than 150 miles per hour-exotic looks and superb build quality. Not just a pretty face, the 300SL was also extremely successful in competition on both sides of the Atlantic. The original coupe was followed by a roadster version in 1957; in all, 3,258 were made. Drawing on his unmatched archive of Mercedes-Benz photos, including coverage by Rudy Mailander and Edward Eves of the 300SL production line, Karl Ludvigsen presents the 300SL in all its glory. He also draws on his own experience as an owner of one of these great cars.
The 300SL, the 190SL and the pagoda SL were already legends, when still in production. That has not changed till today. Names like "Gullwing" or "Pagoda" are forever associated with the SL name. Both cars are the foundation on which every new SL still rests today. And the SLK traces its roots back to the 190SL, the car that convinced management in the 1950s that the SL story was worth to be developed further. This reference book covers the complete history of all three versions, discusses a one of a kind 300SL roadster and comes with recent non-Daimler AG color photography. If you want to know more about these iconic Mercedes cars, then this book is for you. FREE BONUS: When you have bought this book, you are eligible for a free pdf file of any Mercedes model (such as W108 or W198 or R107 for example) the author has covered in one of his books. Please contact the author through his website (inside the book) and stipulate, which free pdf file you want him to send to you. These three cars are also covered in Bernd S. Koehling's books about Mercedes cars of the 1950s and 1960s. It was suggested to have them covered in a separate book to accompany the other SL book of Bernd S. Koehling: MERCEDES-BENZ, The modern SL, available also here on Amazon.
In 1952, Mercedes-Benz astonished the world with its 300SL sports-racing cars, sleek coupes with startling, gull-wing doors. Based on the 300S production model but installed in a radical, tubular space frame, the 300SL was a tour de force of lightweight aerodynamic design. The later production 300SL has been well chronicled, the 1952 racing model has not, until now. This book portrays the amazing achievements of these tough cars and their epic victories at Le Mans and in the Carrera Panamericana. Extensive, unpublished photography superbly and intimately captured by Rodolfo Mailander show the 300SL at the Mille Miglia, Berne, Nurburgring and Le Mans. Rare Daimler-Benz archive photos also show the prototype, designed and built for the 1953 season and never raced. Every fan of racing and Mercedes-Benz will relish the pictorial revelations of this book.
The recovery of Mercedes-Benz in the early post-war years was remarkable and its first prestige model was the 300 saloon. Using this car's engine, transmission and suspension, Mercedes-Benz entered sports car racing. It proved successful, winning the 1952 Le Mans 24-hour race, the Carrera PanAmericana and many other events. The production model made its sensational debut in 1954. 1,400 Gullwing coupes were built between 1954 and 1957. The contents of this book provide a glorious review of these historic Mercedes-Benz sports cars.
Fully illustrated throughout, The Supercar Book is a sumptuously designed guide full of everything you could ever want to know about the best supercars on the planet.
When Mercedes-Benz created its 300SL in 1952, the famed German automaker so outpaced its competition from Ferrari, Porsche and Jaguar that its design and engineering standards became the hallmark by which sports cars the world over would be judged for more than a decade. Trace this fantastic car's development from the first racers of 1952, through the production Gullwing coupe of 1954, the roadster, the 300SLR, and the W196 racers. Rare Daimler-Benz archival photos detail the models from prototype, to production, to racetrack. Sftbd., 10 x 10, 160 pgs., 50 b&w and 150 color ill.

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