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"Beloved author of The Canterbury Tales and foundation of the English literary tradition, Geoffrey Chaucer has been popular with readers, writers, and scholars for over 600 years. More than 4,600 books, essays, poems, stories, recordings, and websites pertaining to Chaucer were published between 1997 and 2010, and this full biography identifies each of them separately, providing full publication information and a descriptive summary of contents, thoroughly cross-listed and indexed. The bibliography also cites reviews for individual books, and offers several useful discovery aids to enable users to locate individual items of interest, whether a study of the Wife of Bath's love life, a video about Chaucer's language, advice on how to teach a particular poem by Chaucer, or a murder mystery that features Chaucer as detective. Designed for the international audience of Chaucer students and scholars, the bibliography identifies not only traditional academic studies but pedagogical and popular materials as well. It covers digital and print matter, including a comprehensive range of materials that pertain to Chaucer's life, works, and ongoing influence: books, essays, poems, stories, translations and modernizations, websites, recordings, and films. A unique feature, not found in previous Chaucer bibliographies, is the classification "Chaucer in fiction." The book extends into the twenty-first century the unbroken legacy of cumulative Chaucer bibliographies, and is a fundamental reference work for those interested in early English literature, the history of the English language, medieval studies, manuscript studies, and studies of gender, identity, and nation. Its taxonomy of classifications is highly refined and its author and subject indexes are comprehensive. It contains nearly 200 items published before 1997 missed in previous Chaucer bibliographies"--Back cover.
This edition of York Notes for Romeo & Juliet has been replaced with a brand new edition which is available to buy now with the ISBN9781408248829.
Key features of this text: How to study the text Author and historical background General and detailed summaries Commentary on themes, structure, characters, language and style Glossaries Test questions and issues to consider Essay writing advice Cultural connections Literary terms Illustrations Colour design
Part One This monumental edition, in two volumes, presents a full record of commentary, both textual and interpretive, on the best known and most widely studied part of Chaucer's work, The General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales. Part One A contains a critical commentary, a textual commentary, text, collations, textual notes, an appendix of sources for the first eighteen lines of The General Prologue, and a bibliographical index. Because most explication of The General Prologue is directed to particular points, details, and passages, the present edition has devoted Part One B to the record of such commentary. This volume, compiled by Malcolm Andrew, also includes overviews of commentary on coherent passages such as the portraits of the pilgrims.
While literary scholars have insisted on the need to understand works of medieval literature in their historical context, medieval historians themselves have rarely contributed to modern attempts to show how works of imaginative literature engaged with the conflicts and controversies of their own day. This volume brings together 25 experts in the history of fourteenth-century England and asks them to discuss one of the most famous works of Middle Englishliterature- -Geoffrey Chaucer's 'General Prologue' to the Canterbury Tales--in relation to the economic change, social issues, and religious controversies of the period. Beginning with a survey of recentdebates about the social meaning of Chaucer's work, the volume then discusses each of the Canterbury pilgrims in turn. The book should be of interest to all scholars and students of medieval culture whether they are specialists in literature or history.

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