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Are you Aged between 40 and 55? AAcutely conscious that life hasn't panned out quite the way you imagined it? A lot happier after a couple of glasses of wine? Getting divorced? Or consoling divorced friends? Having, or considering having, an affair? Tired and emotional and generally depressed? If you've answered 'yes' to more than half of these questions, then congratulations, you are officially experiencing 'midlife'. That is, middle age, the autumn years, the beginning of the end. The question is, are you surviving it? Getting the meagre most out of it? Probably not. Embracing everything from blogging and Boden to wine and worry lines, Rye bread, infidelity and Ikea, The Midlife Manual is your very own guide to getting through the middle years more gracefully. Its aim is to make you feel less alone during this testing time. It will make you laugh. It may at times even be genuinely helpful.
A fresh and funny--yet utterly serious--book about men and midlife, from the bestselling author of the Every Man's Battle series, Stephen Arterburn. Written for every man who is in or near midlife, it examines the roles men inhabit throughout their lives and shows how God uses those roles to build the qualities that make a truly good man. This practical and encouraging book gives men the tools to make the rest of their lives matter. Stephen Arterburn and coauthor John Shore, both men in midlife, speak men's language. They're straightforward, not sugarcoating the issues of aging, fear of death, and feelings of loss or failure. They offer hope and show readers how they can live God-honoring significant lives. This is a book that pastors will want their men's ministries to read, accountability groups will discuss, and wives will buy for their husbands.
So your husband/boyfriend/partner (delete as necessary) has just tipped over 35/40/45/50 (delete as necessary) and you can see that he's not quite as keen on Emmerdale as he once was. He's started to dress with his jeans hoiked too high like his hero Jeremy Clarkson and he's bought a home gym - the one recommended by George Clooney. Then there are those Harley Davison brochures delivered in brown envelopes. You've noticed he's started pulling in his beer gut when he's talks to his teenage secretary. And why have his grey sideburns turned that browny black? That's a sure sign of hair dye. And then you stumble into the bathroom in the morning and he's got his hands in a jar of your face cream. LADIES BEWARE! That dangerous age has arrived. It's the male menopause. The mid-life crisis. The time when suddenly you find your partner has put a whole Scalextrix track in your attic without you noticing. He's bought an electric guitar and insists on playing 'Smoke On The Water 'to the cat at all hours. It that time when no matter what you say they suddenly don't mind making a fools of themselves. They come home almost every week with a new enthusiasm. Dangerous Men don't just cook - they COOK. With truffles, that cost £210 for one the size of a wrinkled scrotum, and have to be from the right region of France. And they must be served with a side order of blowfish, because you saw that in a James Bond DVD that came free with the Mail on Sunday.
Life-enhancing, packed with poetry and philosophical bon mots, Dangerous Women: The Guide to Modern Life draws on the experience of three dangerously knowledgeable women to offer practical but humourous advice, with an understanding of the finer art of living. With over 600 entries, from 'Accepting a compliment' and 'Affairs' to 'Entering a covent', 'Family therapy', 'I don't', 'Teenagers' and 'Wolf-whistling', this is the perfect bedside companion for the modern woman. Mothers, sisters, daughters and girlfriends are constantly asking themselves, and each other, questions about what it means to be a modern woman. Dangerous Women sparkles with the answers.
This book will help you to:* Discover what has been stopping you from moving forward or what has been sapping your energy * Discover the areas of your life that require nourishment and how to make yourself a priority* Learn what habits are sabotaging your efforts and how to create new habits that align with your beliefs for a long-lasting change* Learn how to choose your responses in any situation resulting in empowered decisions * Learn what stress is doing to your body and how to manage it* Learn what foods, exercises, and daily routines will make the most positive impact on your health* Discover how to reconnect to your purpose and passion and reignite the fire in your life* Rediscover your identity! Note to self: Maybe midlife isn't as much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't you so you can be whom you were meant to be in the first place! Transformation then is the continual process of letting go.This book takes the professional information I learned from my health coaching certification course at the Health Coach Institute and combines it with the practical experience I have learned throughout my personal journey of transformation.The information can be applied by men and women of any age, but it is directed to midlife adults and our unique world-view and set of challenges. Being 49 myself, I explain the steps I took to make major changes in my life, and how I created a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle. My journey is unique to me, but the principles and action steps can be applied by anyone.I do not teach any strict lifestyle changes or rigorous exercise or diet routines. Rather, I teach you to listen to your body, to be more intuitive and to honor yourself by aligning your behaviors to your beliefs. The breakthroughs I have made in the past 4 years are all in here for you to examine, and hopefully, apply those that will make the most positive impact in your own health and wellness journey. I wish you the best, God bless you.
Featuring personal anecdotes from four hundred single people who achieved success in the midlife dating game, a valuable resource provides an abundance of practical advice, guidance, and tips for finding that special someone. Reprint.
A healthy, strong body is essential to the enjoyment of life. The Healthy Body Handbook was written for all those who place great emphasis on living life fully. It will help you understand the basic structure and function of the musculoskeletal system of the human body, and is written in language easily understood by the layperson, with numerous illustrations. This knowledge will enable you to be proactive about your health, make positive lifestyle choices, prevent injuries, and participate fully in the healing of injuries - especially those that are sports-related. The authors include detailed advice regarding various exercises and the appropriate regimen for stretching and strengthening, both of which are essential to warding off age-related problems. The body sends out warning signals of impending overuse and the resultant potential for injury. In this book you will learn to listen to these signals, evaluate them, and make healthy decisions. The book also incudes information about the remedies and procedures physicians are likely to recommend after injury or illness. A healthy body also supports a healthy intellectual and emotional life. As the great American naturalist and philosopher Henry David Thoreau said, "Methinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow."

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