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A classic Agatha Christie short story, available individually for the first time as an ebook.
Shortlisted for the BMA Book Awards and Macavity Awards 2016 Fourteen novels. Fourteen poisons. Just because it's fiction doesn't mean it's all made-up ... Agatha Christie revelled in the use of poison to kill off unfortunate victims in her books; indeed, she employed it more than any other murder method, with the poison itself often being a central part of the novel. Her choice of deadly substances was far from random – the characteristics of each often provide vital clues to the discovery of the murderer. With gunshots or stabbings the cause of death is obvious, but this is not the case with poisons. How is it that some compounds prove so deadly, and in such tiny amounts? Christie's extensive chemical knowledge provides the backdrop for A is for Arsenic, in which Kathryn Harkup investigates the poisons used by the murderer in fourteen classic Agatha Christie mysteries. It looks at why certain chemicals kill, how they interact with the body, the cases that may have inspired Christie, and the feasibility of obtaining, administering and detecting these poisons, both at the time the novel was written and today. A is for Arsenic is a celebration of the use of science by the undisputed Queen of Crime.
Offers biographical details about the mystery writer's life, A-to-Z plot summaries of her novels, character listings, and film and television listings.
A weekend shooting party ends with the host shot in his study. With Poirot ill, Hastings must investigate on his behalf. Search your favorite ebook store for "Wildside Press Agatha Christie" to see our complete series of Hercule Poirot novel and short story reprints, which include: NOVELS The Mysterious Affair at Styles (Special Edition—includes the novel The Secret Adversary) The Murder on the Links (Bonus Edition—includes "The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor") SHORT STORIES The Affair at the Victory Ball The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan The Adventures of the King of Clubs The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim The Plymouth Express The Adventure of "The Western Star" The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor The Kidnapped Prime Minister The Million Dollar Bond Robbery The Adventure of the Cheap Flat The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge The Clue of the Chocolate Box The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb The Case of the Veiled Lady The Kidnapping of Johnnie Waverly The Market Basing Mystery The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman The Case of the Missing Will The Adventure of the Clapham Cook The Lost Mine The Cornish Mystery The First Wish The Double Clue The LeMesurier Inheritance
For the fourth volume of this series, Robert Sampson has selected more than fifty magazine series characters to illustrate the development of the character of the detective. Included here are both the amateur and professional detective, female investigators, deducting doctors, brilliant amateurs, and equally brilliant professional police. There are private detectives reflecting Holmes and hard-boiled cops from the parallel traditions of realism and melodramatic fantasy. Characters include Brady and Riordan, Terry Trimble, Glamorous Nan Russell, J. G. Reeder, plus many others. "
Russell H. Fitzgibbon presents a short history of Dame Agatha s life, criticism of her works, and a summary of how critics and reviewers view her work. Includes a bibliography of all the works of Christie published in either Great Britain or the United States, classified according to the detectives involved; an alphabetical list of Christie detective and mystery book and short-story titles; a short-story finder for Christie collections; and an index of all but the least important of the thousands of characters introduced by the author in the detective and mystery short stories and novels."

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