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Find peace from anxiety with daily prompts and practices from The Mindfulness Journal for Anxiety. Mindful journaling is a powerful way to gain awareness and control anxiety. In The Mindfulness Journal for Anxiety, you'll embark on a rewarding journey to stillness and self-discovery as you confront anxiety with pen in hand. From breathing exercises to thought-provoking meditations, these reflections and prompts are rooted in proven-effective mindfulness practices for reducing anxiety. Helping you organize your thoughts and give them structure--with ample space for real reflection--this mindfulness journal gets anxiety out of your head and onto paper where you can find peace from perspective. Take a deep breath, grab your favorite pen, and dive in with: Writing prompts that provide guidance for understanding the root of your anxiety, accepting its presence, and taking control of how it manifests. Mindfulness exercises that teach you techniques for cultivating awareness and reducing anxiety in the moment. Space for reflection that allows you to fully explore and react to writing prompts and exercises. Embrace mindfulness and let go of anxiety with insightful prompts and practices from The Mindfulness Journal for Anxiety.
'The Mindfulness Journal has brought presence and positivity into my life. I'm amazed at how the simple daily prompts can shift my mood and mindset - I've ordered a copy for my daughter' - Linda Barden, Connecticut ELIMINATE ANXIETY AND LIVE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT: Find out why the mind naturally seeks out the negative and use the powerful journaling technique to reverse this. The Mindfulness Journal builds an anxiety-reducing habit that makes peace and positivity your natural state of mind. ACTIONABLE PROMPTS: The Mindfulness Journal has two months of daily writing prompts. Immerse yourself in each topic and let your creativity and imagination run free. The prompts are fun, engaging, and will give you a deep appreciation for your life. LOTS OF WRITING SPACE: Each prompt is on its own separate page, so you have plenty of room for ALL your reflections and insights. The large 8 x 10 inch format gives you ample space to capture your thoughts and feelings. WORK AT YOUR OWN PACE: You can spend as much time as you need on each prompt. Do a single burst of activity in the morning or evening, or come back to the prompt several times a day. Get Started TODAY and Transform Your LifeScroll to the top of the page and select the buy now button to get The Mindfulness Journal while stocks last.
WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER Ease your anxiety and find calm through the healing practice of mindfulness By embracing mindfulness you can transform your life forever, and renew your connection to the world around you. With the simple but powerful practices of mindfulness and meditation you will learn to be more attentive and peaceful, so that you can relieve stress, regulate your emotions, and achieve focus and clarity. Mindfulness Made Simple will give you a concise introduction to the practice of mindfulness, with simple exercises and practical techniques to apply mindfulness and meditation to the obstacles in your hectic daily life. Mindfulness Made Simple will help guide you on your journey to a calmer, healthier mind, with: • Concise introduction to mindfulness and its many psychological benefits • Step-by-step introduction to your first meditation • 5 introductory meditations and 8 advanced meditations to deepen your practice • Simple exercises and journal prompts to keep you engaged • Helpful tips to help you stay motivated on your journey to complete mindfulness • Foreword by mindfulness expert Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. Mindfulness Made Simple will show you how to soothe your mind and calm your nerves with a practical and personalized approach to mindfulness.
Reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and live a calmer, more balanced life. The practice of mindfulness has been gaining popularity amid our fast-paced world, and this entry in our successful gilded and guided journal series helps readers reconnect with the earth and nature. Featuring writing prompts and daily words of wisdom from popular luminaries throughout history, every page brings joy and peace to your routine.
Nine simple mindfulness practices anyone can use to generate compassion--toward oneself, others, and the world--and to live from that place of intelligent kindness in the face of life's difficulties. Compassion is the urge to understand and alleviate the suffering of another being. And if that being happens to be you, then the technique called self-compassion can be the greatest of blessings—for the compassion you learn to apply to yourself naturally extends to all the other people in your life. With the nine simple mindfulness practices she presents here, Radhule Weininger provides a step-by-step course in self-compassion. Using stories drawn from her own life and those of others she shows that, with the right intention and practice, we can all deepen our capacity to respond skillfully to our own suffering and thus to that of others and our world.
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