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A Complete Guide to Mindfulness Tools for Clinicians At last, an authoritative book filled with mindfulness tools that deliver an essential set of engaging, practical strategies along with key research and evidence-based information. The awareness boosting methods in this guidebook offer participants a means of reappraising and observing negative and anxious thoughts, habits, pain, and stress in fresh ways that produce new insight, positive change, and a sense of hope. Featuring over 40 easy to use, reproducible handouts and expertly crafted, guided scripts—such as working with the breath, overcoming depression with here and now pleasantness, calming the anxious mind with sense grounding, expanding a client’s strength narrative, the stress pause S-T-O-P technique, and meditations for peace, acceptance, and re-envisioning pain—this book is ideal for clinicians wanting to integrate mindfulness into their work.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been an effective intervention for decades, but few clinicians have discovered the powerful treatment results of combining CBT with Mindfulness. Clinical psychologist and mindfulness expert Dr. Richard Sears has created a practical, engaging skills manual that clearly defines the principles of CBT and then demonstrates steps for integrating mindfulness practices into therapy -- all drawing from the latest research. Straight-forward explanations and dozens of worksheets provide fresh insights and new tools to move therapy forward when treating stress, anxiety, panic, depression, pain, trauma, addictions, and other issues.
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What are you really hungry for? Is it food, happiness, or something else? In this unique book, mindfulness expert Lynn Rossy offers a proven-effective, whole-body approach to help you discover the real reasons why you’re overeating. In The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution, Rossy provides an innovative and proven-effective program to help you slow down, savor each bite, and actually eat less. This unique, whole-body approach will encourage you to adopt healthy eating habits by showing you how to listen to your body’s intuition, uncover the psychological cause of your overeating, and be more mindful during mealtime. If you find yourself eating without thinking, because you feel bored or sad, or simply because you’ve had a hard day, indulging here and there is understandable. But emotional eating can often spiral out of control, leading to problems in the long run. The whole-body program in this book will help you learn how to listen to your body’s needs, so that you can stay healthy and happy, without giving up your love for food. In fact, according to a recent study, women in the author's Eat for Life program reported higher levels of body appreciation and intuitive eating and lower levels of problematic eating behaviors than did the wait list comparison group. If you want to embrace exuberant health and truly enjoy your food, the easy-to-use strategies in this book will show you how—one mindful taste at a time
Is emotional clutter blocking success in your personal and professional life? You’ve likely heard about the psychological benefits of clearing out the clutter in your surroundings, but how do you handle your emotional clutter — the psychological version of the jam-packed closet or impenetrable garage? Shutting away and trying to hide old pains and traumas creates toxic patterns that can keep you from having the life of your dreams. Integrating mindfulness and cutting-edge neuroscience, international mindfulness expert Donald Altman teaches how to modify entrenched habits and patterns with only a few minutes of attention daily. Altman first helps you realize what your baggage consists of and how to transform or jettison it. He then shows how to avoid the daily danger of accumulating new emotional clutter. No matter how fraught your life or relationships may be, you can cleanse, heal, or accept the old wounds, mistakes, and disappointments. With Altman’s lifestyle tools, you’ll discover how to address your past, better deal with the present, and cultivate the best possible future. Start fresh with Clearing Emotional Clutter.
Unlike general definitions and concepts of mindfulness, Five Core Skills describes in clear language a skill-based and integrated practice you can use right away to reduce stress, minimize suffering and enhance life. With the insights, exercises and meditations in Part One, all the resources are there to experience the peace of living more mindfully. In Part Two, author Terry Fralich draws on his 35 years of experience with personal essays about mindfulness in the context of nature, relationships, sex and service … sharing the magic and miracles fully revealed with mindfulness practice over time. Reviews: "Masterful blend of stories, reflection, practices and neuroscience." ~ Donald Altman, author of One-Minute Mindfulness, The Mindfulness Code, The Joy Compass, Living Kindness, Art of the Inner Meal, and 12 Weeks to Mindful Eating
Mindfulness is just a moment away! You don't need to hide yourself away on a mountaintop for decades to achieve enlightenment. You can do it right in your own home, at work, even in the car on your daily commute. All it takes a 5 minutes—and an open mind. With 5-Minute Mindfulness, readers find quick and easy ways to calm their minds, soothe their psyches, and sustain their spirits. These potent, portable practices, meditations, postures, and exercises can be done anywhere, anytime—mini-enlightenments that can create a lifetime of joy, peace, and serenity.
Finally, health-care professionals have a way to save time, energize their counseling practices, and help clients create compassionate, sustainable changes. The Core Concepts in Mindful Eating: Professional Edition lays out the fundamentals of Mindful Eating and provides supporting research, presented in three clear sections.Section One: Describes the ?Roots? of Mindful Eating by exploring the research behind Nonjudgment, Meditation, and Self-kindness.Section Two: Introduces you to the Mindful Eating Map, a five-step guide that will help bring Mindful Eating into your daily practice. Using the "Roots" of Mindful Eating, you will explore three areas of awareness: sensory/physical, cognitive/thought, and emotional/feelings.Section Three: Takes you through the final three steps of the Mindful Eating Map, which help you identify your personal needs, set your intention with self-compassion, and advocate ethically for yourself and others.Core Concepts of Mindful Eating: Professional Edition is for Registered Dietitians, Health Coaches, Therapists, or other professionals interested in Mindful Eating. Incorporating the principles and position statements from The Center for Mindful Eating, The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating provides a Health At Every Size compliant manual for professionals looking to promote awareness and compassionate, sustainable change.This comprehensive workbook is more than just an overview: Each chapter contains teaching activities that promote understanding and can be quickly incorporated into an education session. The Core Concepts of Mindful Eating: Professional Edition offers hands-on tools and practical techniques for professionals to broaden their counseling skills and bring Mindful Eating into the session.
Mindfulness practice can help you reduce stress, improve performance, manage pain and increase wellbeing. These are the reasons why elite athletes, performing artists and business leaders are taking up the practice, and why it is being introduced into the world's most successful companies, banks, business schools - even the US Army. David Michie introduces mindfulness practice and offers innovative solutions to common obstacles. Drawing on ancient Buddhist teachings and contemporary science, he also takes us beyond 'mindfulness lite,' offering lucid instructions on how to experience the pristine nature of one's own consciousness directly - an encounter that is truly life-changing. Written with warmth and good humour, Why Mindfulness is Better than Chocolate is the ultimate guide to self-discovery. It will make chocolate taste better too! 'David Michie demonstrates a fine knack for capturing the essence of this important topic and presenting it in a fun and accessible way.' - Dr Timothy Sharp, The Happiness Institute
Did you know that DBT is one of the most used psychotherapies nowadays?If you want to learn more, then keep reading... You surely have a child or know someone who has behavioral issues. You must be searching for an effective tool to overcome personality disorders or to overcome all kinds of inappropriate or self-detrimental behaviors. In the DBT Skills Training book, written by David Reyes, you will find an incredible guide with information related to behavior, DBT skills, and various personality disorders. This will help you widen your knowledge so you know how to overcome these issues. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) treatment is designed to help people who suffer from any type of extreme emotional instability -which can be defined basically as the inability to regulate intense emotions.- This inability can lead to compulsive, self-destructive, or even suicidal behavior. Through the use of DBT skills training techniques, anyone suffering from a personality disorder can develop mastery over their emotions, stress tolerance, moderation of violent behavior. Inside the DBT Skills Training book, you will find different therapy tools, which will allow you to know more about the recovery methods for any disorder. Some of the disorders that can be treated are Bipolar disorder, depression, mania, cognitive deficit, motor coordination disorder, anxiety disorder, depression, trauma, and many others. After reading this book, you'll have the needed knowledge to: ● Identify clearly the bipolar behavior and cognitive deficit ● How to understand various personality disorders ● Explore your familial environment and identify the causes of the disorder ● Know some of the most effective therapies for the treatment of behavioral disorders ● Reduce stress levels applying alternative therapies ● How to use music therapy in personality disorder ● How Mindfulness is an excellent technique for living with less stress ● How to adjust the mood through the breath can be easy and fast ● Find emotional and psychological balance ● How to live in the here and now ● And much more... Other important pieces of information you will find within the DBT Skills Training book are historical notes or clinical history of the disorders, epidemiology, risk factors, co-morbidities (simultaneous illnesses), etiology, genetics, environment, neurochemistry, neurophysiology, clinical subtypes, complications, diagnostic criteria. The DBT Skills Training book is a guide that allows anyone who is diagnosed with some personality deficiency or disorder to recognize and to control their moods, increasing their confidence and self-esteem so that the problem can be solved at its root. If you want to know more about this fantastic book, don't hesitate any longer! Scroll up and click the "BUY NOW" button!
Mindfulness is defined as non-judgmental present moment awareness. Most people think that mindfulness meditation can only happen while seated in one position for extended periods of time in order to cultivate the inner quietude necessary for reducing stress and alleviating suffering. In this book, Kristy takes you on her personal mindfulness journey. She tells the stories of a few friends she meets along the way. As she explores alternate means to cultivating mindfulness skills, she finds that mindfulness can be achieved in almost any activity that fully engages the senses and brings awareness to what is happening in the body. When we become aware of body sensations, we are brought into the present moment. The mind lives in the past and the future. The body is here, now.
Master your mind, manage stress and boost your productivity! Mindfulness at Work For Dummies provides essential guidance for employees at all levels of an organization who are seeking more focus and clarity in their work. It explains how mindfulness can help employers wishing to implement mindful practices into the workplace, and provides leaders and mentors within an organization with the tools they need to become more effective leaders and coaches. The audio download contains guided mindfulness exercises and meditations suited to workplace scenarios, a core feature of mindfulness programmes. Mindfulness at Work For Dummies includes: An introduction to mindfulness, and how it can help improve working behaviour An explanation of how the brain retains new mindful working patterns... with a bit of practice! Useful tips on incorporating mindfulness into your working day How organisations can benefit from implementing mindful approaches to work Guidance for leaders on how mindfulness can help develop their leadership qualities
Being a parent today is no walk in the park. Our children are in a whole new world, facing not only more academic pressure and increased exams from a much younger age, but also the joys of social media. Of course, we want our children to thrive, socially and academically, but most of all, what we want is for them to find happiness in a stressful and, sometimes, overwhelming world. Research is abundant on the many benefits of Mindfulness; boosting happiness, reducing anxiety and depression, improving focus and building emotional intelligence. All of the traits and skills that we wish for our children. In Mindful Parenting, Rachel Hawkes, mother of twins, children's yoga teacher and massage therapist, brings together some of the most well-known techniques to create 40 easy to use Mindful Techniques that you can share with your child. Written in Rachel's relaxed style, this book is easy to pick up and acknowledges the 'imperfect parent' in us all. Her varied approach brings a great sense of fun to mindfulness and the result is a wonderfully engaging collection of experiences for you to share with your child. Dip in, or read it all the way through; the chapters are simply set, with styles of mindfulness that will appeal to children across a wide range of ages and learning styles With the added benefit of a comprehensive resource list and lots of free downloads, Rachel has provided everything the reader needs to create their own 'mindful toolbox'. Mindful Parenting offers ample material to keep any parent equipped with mindful activities well past the reading of the book. So sit back, take a breath and get ready to enjoy some fabulous Mindful Moments with your child.
Did you ever wish you knew the secret to bouncing back from life's toughest roadblocks, wounds, and obstacles? According to psychotherapist, international mindfulness teacher, and former Buddhist monk Donald Altman, there is no secret. There is simply the skill of applying mindfulness to whatever new problem knocks on your door each day. It works because mindfulness rewires your brain and dramatically changes your relationship to the problem. The 101 mindfulness 'tools' in this book will give you newfound hope, optimism, and strength. These are simple, yet powerful mindfulness practices that you can apply in just a minute or two -- whether you're facing something extremely annoying or seemingly insurmountable. Those you know may think you've found a secret elixir to wash away your problems. But you'll know the secret is just retraining your brain with 101 Mindful Ways to Build Resilience.
Stay calm and cool no matter what--a mindfulness journal Being a teenager can be tough--schoolwork, social media, life in general. Mindfulness can help. The Mindfulness Journal for Teens gives you a toolbox of helpful techniques--simple breathing exercises, easy meditations, and lots and lots of journal prompts to help you de-stress and live in the moment. This journal is a safe space where you can write your thoughts and bring mindfulness into your daily routine. By spending just a few minutes with it every day, you can make your life calmer, more focused, and overall easier. This journal includes: Teen survival skills--The prompts help you deal with common issues like relationships with family and friends, school, and self-esteem. Short and sweet--Apply simple mindfulness exercises like power posing, mindful eating, and mindful walking to help you stay present. Keep your head up--Use inspirational quotes to deepen your understanding and face your fears. Find out how to stay present in the moment with guided writing prompts in this helpful mindfulness journal.
The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Mindfulness brings together the latest multi-disciplinary research on mindfulness from a group of international scholars: Examines the origins and key theories of the two dominant Western approaches to mindfulness Compares, contrasts, and integrates insights from the social psychological and Eastern-derived perspectives Discusses the implications for mindfulness across a range of fields, including consciousness and cognition, education, creativity, leadership and organizational behavior, law, medical practice and therapy, well-being, and sports 2 Volumes

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