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Anna Mason's exceptional floral artwork has won awards from the Royal Horticultural Society, International Artist magazine and seen her elected to the prestigious Society of Botanical Artists. In this book, she shares her innovative watercolour technique so that you can paint flowers in her clean, crisp style. The book covers every aspect of painting modern botanical-style portraits of flowers, from tips on gathering your reference to Anna's six stage watercolour process. There are instructions on setting up your studio and how to produce the detailed drawings. Each of the six step-by-step projects is accompanied by an outline drawing, tonal notes and useful colour swatches so that you can compare the tone and hue of your mixes to Anna's own. This all builds into a fantastic guide that will inspire and challenge the experienced watercolour artist, while drawing in and reassuring the complete beginner.
Australian engagement with the experience of international modernity from the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century currently forms the subject of research in many fields of cultural endeavour: in architecture, fine arts, design, cinema, theatre, and music; in urban studies, literary history and Aboriginal studies. Impact of the Modern brings together examples of this new interdisciplinary work on modern Australian culture by twenty one leading scholars. Their writings reveal an original account of 'modernising¿ Australia as dynamic and creative in many art forms, and interactively linked with international processes and ideas.
Anna Mason's vibrant, detailed and uplifting watercolours have earned her worldwide recognition. In this, her second book, she goes beyond flowers to explore her inspirations from across the natural world, including fruit, birds and animals. The book gives you a very personal insight into Anna's way of working; with clarity and warmth she will help you find inspiration, choose scale and composition, see things correctly and work with discipline and flow until you produce fabulous work of your own. Packed with advice and inspiring finished pieces, this gorgeous book guides you through her method of working with four beautiful step-by-step projects: a blackberry, an autumn leaf, a sunflower and a garden bird. Each project contains a traceable outline. The book is suitable for beginners or for more experienced artists looking to refine their style or try new techniques.
“The Art of Modern China is a long-awaited, much-needed survey. The authors’ combined experience in this field is exceptional. In addition to presenting key arguments for students and arts professionals, Andrews and Shen enliven modern Chinese art for all readers. The Art of Modern China gives just treatment to an expanded field of overlooked artworks that confront the challenges of modernization.”—De-nin Deanna Lee, author of The Night Banquet: A Chinese Scroll through Time.
Essential Terms of Chinese Painting provides a comprehensive coverage of the broad spectrum of Chinese painting. Through an array of some 900 terms, it exhibits the history of Chinese culture, as interpreted by artists and portrayed in their work. In masterful detail, it describes not only the artistic implements and drawing styles, but also how these are influenced by changing cultural considerations over time such as religion, philosophy, intellectual ideas, and political developments. From the broad view of how the change of dynasties affected painting trends in both format and subject, to the smallest detail of the methods used to paint different styles of tree branches, this is a full compendium of the scope and depth of artwork from China. This volume features twelve chapters which • explore all major areas of art including techniques, implements and materials, inscriptions and seals, painting and mounting formats for all categories including landscape, bird-and-flower, figure and auspicious paintings; • provide a helpful resource for readers to enjoy Chinese art with over 500 full-colour illustrations and pictures to further elaborate the terms discussed; • serve as an introduction to begin a true understanding of traditional Chinese painting.
Yes, they're beautiful, but this catalogue for the show "The Flower as Image" asks a thornier question at its core: Why has the flower motif fascinated all sorts of artists through the ages, from Van Gogh to Mapplethorpe? The answer is twofold. For one, it's an easily accessible motif that simply provides a pretext for the artist to create a work. In addition, the flower brings with it a rich history as a symbol of sensuality, beauty, transience, love, sexuality, innocence, and Paradise. In fact, the flower is such a familiar symbol that an artist, in tackling the subject, is driven back to the very the question of what it means to create a work of art. Fifty artists are featured in this impressive collection, including Monet, Gauguin, Matisse, O'Keeffe, Picasso, Emil Nolde, Sigmar Polke, Andy Warhol, Pipilotti Rist, and Nobuyoshi Araki.

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