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Following on from the success of Men Explain Things to Me comes a new collection of essays in which Rebecca Solnit opens up a feminism for all of us: one that doesn't stigmatize women's lives, whether they include spouses and children or not; that brings empathy to the silences in men's lives as well as the silencing of women's lives; celebrates the ways feminism has shifted in recent years to reclaim rape jokes, revise canons, and rethink our everyday lives.
Beginning with the election of Donald Trump ("The Loneliest Man in the World") and expanding back and forth into American history, surveillance, violence against the individual, the denormalizing of misogyny and the rehumanizing of public space. The ultimate focus of the book is climate and feminist activism, bringing Solnit's trademark deep analysis to bear on a range of contemporary crises. And again, and spectacularly, she shows us how to hope.
The nature of existence is a simple and profound truth that forms the basis for our concept of being. Life functions to develop meaning by evolving the value of thought, feeling, and action in concordance with the being and processes of existence. The Answer to the Question is an evolving understanding of the nature of existence that illuminates the cosmology of the universe, the role of life, and the connection between the mortal and the immortal.
Sanctimonious Serial Killers is much more than a murder novel about serial killers. It is a gripping tale exploring the psychological and moral dimensions of aberrant minds convinced of the righteousness of their murderous deeds. It’s also a tale about mounting personal losses and their devastating effects on a human being’s life and belief system. The story begins with Agent Rick Clark and his colleague, Marty Robin, investigating the murder of three women over a period of less than three years. When Agent Clark returns from investigating the latest serial killing, his colleague meets him at Reagan International Airport and delivers horrifying news that sends his life into a tailspin and the story to places where crime thrillers rarely go. Michael Segedy’s crime novel certainly has its twists, its turns, and its surprises. It’s awash with all the elements of a great thriller, but it is far more than just an engaging crime novel. It’s a story about vulnerable souls pushed to the edge; about souls that crack and souls that cope; it’s a story with profound psychological and moral ramifications; a story about a hidden world of subterfuge and terror; a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, captivate your imagination, and spare you from the cheap thrills and implausible events and characters common in lesser crime thrillers. Finally, and foremost, it’s a starkly haunting, heart wrenching story about characters and events drawn from the real world, your world.
The Bed Sheet Serial Killer begins with Agent Rick Clark and his colleague, Agent Marty Robin, investigating anumber of brutal serial murders all committed within a three-year-period. The victims are women, and although they share few if any physical traits, they do share similar social backgrounds. With Clark's help, Robin, a forensic psychologist, pieces together a profile of the killer. From what Marty Robin gathers, the serial killer sees his acts of murder and perversion as his mission on earth. As the perp's backstory unfolds, Agent Robin takes note of key psychological factors that account for the killer's psychopathic personality. While she speculates on the personal events that created this moral monster, the reader becomes, if not sympathetic, at least more understanding of the role child abuse and religion play in his twisted life. Like any respectable work of fiction, it is the characters who make this story succeed. Early in the novel, Agent Rick Clark's life is transformed by the death of a young woman who becomes like a daughter to him, shortly after losing his own daughter in a terrorist bombing. Clark's regret over not being there for his friend begins a journey that will gradually fuel his incipient cynicism. Agent Marty Robin has also undergone a number of personal loses that greatly affect her relationship with Rick and engage her in bouts of soul-searching. What the two share seems to be enough to heal their wounds, but then the worse happens, which sends Rick's life into a downward spira
This book is Grace's third poetry collection about womanhood exploring what home means, how personal identities intersect and the meaning of life by examining domestic psychodrama, childhood innocence, gendered rebellion and the intimate dynamics of love, desire and loss.
Challenges popular misconceptions about business success in today's world, explaining how experts mistakenly assume that money-making companies naturally prioritize strong leadership and clear strategies as well as high profits. Reprint. 40,000 first printing.

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