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From the internationally bestselling author of The Twentieth Wife, a novel based on the tumultuous history of a legendary 186-carat diamond—originating in India—and the men and women who possessed it. As empires rose and fell and mighty kings jostled for power, its glittering radiance never dimmed. It is the “Mountain of Light”—the Kohinoor diamond—and its facets reflect a sweeping story of love, adventure, conquest, and betrayal. Its origins are the stuff of myth, but for centuries this spectacular gem changes hands from one ruler to another in India, Persia, and Afghanistan. In 1850, the ancient stone is sent halfway around the world where it will play a pivotal role in the intertwined destinies of a boy-king of India and a young queen of England—a queen who claims the Mountain of Light and India itself for her own burgeoning empire, the most brilliant jewels in her imperial crown. The Mountain of Light is a magnificent story of loss and recovery, sweeping change and enduring truth, wrapped around the glowing heart of one of the world’s most famous diamonds.
This ninth volume of The Flashman Papers finds that history’s most unheroic hero, Sir Harry Flashman, is back in India, where his saga began. This time, our hero is sent by Her Majesty's Secret Service to spy on the corrupt court of Lahore, on India's Northwest Frontier. Flashy deals with a ravishing maharini and her equally sex-hungry maid, joins forces with an American adventurer with royal ambitions, and attempts to win the brightest jewel in England’s imperial crown at the cost of something he will never miss—namely, his honor. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Includes account of acquisition of turbo-alternators from Dawson City, p.72-74.
This book of songs and poetry, is a look at the world we live in. Love, Religion, Politics, Mental Awareness and Controversy of day to day life. As human beings embark on the 21st century, there will be some challenging times ahead. But we are in control of our planet, and each one of us is responsible for the impact that will change our world. Whether good, bad, happy or sad, your state of being will be very important to the contributions you will make. Diamonds wars and diamond deaths, when will they stop. Oil wars or keeping terrorist under control in the middle east must stop. We still have no cures for Aids and Cancer. Oil producer and production are on a greedy path of taking money out of our pockets. Alternative fuels and their production are a immediate need in our world. Let us hope the next generations of our political leaders, will hear the peoples voice and not the lobbyist fueling millions of dollars in their campaign funds. Love is the key to our world survival, everyone should take a trip On The Mountain Of Light. Al Hajji Robert J Rowland
A fascinating account of the Koh-i-Noor--the world's largest diamond--follows this prized gemstone on its illustrious journey from owner to owner as it is cherished, fought over, stolen, and occasionally "lost" and found again. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.
The environment may surround us, but when that environment is a natural wonder like Yosemite National Park, it also reaches what’s inside us. For Mark Liebenow, Yosemite did just that, and did so when he needed it most. In Mountains of Light, winner of the River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize, Liebenow takes us deep into the heart of this wilderness, introducing us to its grand and subtle marvels—and to the observations, reflections, and insights its scenery evokes. Acting as our guide, Liebenow calls on the spirit and legacy of naturalist John Muir to rediscover nature and recover his own exuberance for life. Whether celebrating the giant sequoias, massive granite mountains, and wild, untamed rivers, or losing himself on an unmarked trail, Liebenow is always accompanied by thoughts of his wife of eighteen years, whose recent and sudden death tempers and informs his journey. Interwoven with his experiences are the stories of the Native Americans who lived in the valley for thousands of years and of the early settlers who followed. Melding documentary with introspection, environmental reportage with a search for meaning, Liebenow’s work draws on the lore of geology, botany, biology, and history to show how each aspect of the environment is connected to the rest. Watch the Mountains of Light book trailer on YouTube.
The Koh-I-Noor is one of India’s oldest and most famous diamonds. Mountain of Light traces history and legend surrounding the Koh-I-Noor through the court of Shah Baber, founder of the Mogul Empireduring the sixteenth century, to its present location in the Tower of London. The excitement generated by the Koh-I-Noor makes Mountain Of Light both powerful and informative reading.
Eighty color photographs arranged to reflect the infinitely varying qualities of light in mountain landscapes are accompanied by the author's philosophy of photography, the development of his personal style, and the methods guiding his work
The basis for the new documentary film, Mountain: A Breathtaking Voyage into the Extreme. Combining accounts of legendary mountain ascents with vivid descriptions of his own forays into wild, high landscapes, Robert McFarlane reveals how the mystery of the world’s highest places has came to grip the Western imagination—and perennially draws legions of adventurers up the most perilous slopes. His story begins three centuries ago, when mountains were feared as the forbidding abodes of dragons and other mysterious beasts. In the mid-1700s the attentions of both science and poetry sparked a passion for mountains; Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Lord Byron extolled the sublime experiences to be had on high; and by 1924 the death on Mt Everest of an Englishman named George Mallory came to symbolize the heroic ideals of his day. Macfarlane also reflects on fear, risk, and the shattering beauty of ice and snow, the competition and contemplation of the climb, and the strange alternate reality of high altitude, magically enveloping us in the allure of mountains at every level.
From New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author! After taking his new snowboard for a ride in the mountains of Colorado, Peter Bailey is stunned to find himself in Transadonia - a hidden world that coexists alongside with the Earth. Peter soon learns that the shiny, new snowboard was crafted especially for him by the smiths of Transadonia. Now, Peter's help is needed to defeat the evil mastermind who is threatening the freedom of Transadonia's magical inhabitants. Just why has Peter been chosen for this daunting task, and does he have the mettle to complete it? Lara Grover never listened to her elders, so warnings like "do not talk to strangers" mean nothing to her. When a boy from an unknown world saves her from an avalanche with the aid of a snow dragon, Lara is not stunned in the least. Instead, she joins Peter on his quest to help him realize the purpose behind his arrival to Transadonia. Together, Lara and Peter embark on an adventure filled with perils, trickery, betrayals, and unexpected alliances.
Bridget and Tom have entered the giant, smouldering volcano of Fles. They discover an astonishingly sophisticated community which uses the power of the mountain to transmit 'thought messages' back to the Realm of Omelyn. But a fierce struggle is taking place to decide what those 'messages' should be. Should they contain highly-coloured, provocative images to excite citizens of the Realm and help them forget the drudgery of their lives? Or should they be truthful and instructive messages, helping people to ward off the threats of war, famine and climate change that hang over them? Bridget discovers her friend, Pageya, is to be used as a pawn in one faction's bid for dominance. Can she and Tom help their friend escape an awful fate in the fiery cavern of Flesethro, thwart the evil wizard, Shoderim, and save the realm from the doom which his plans would inflict on it?
It's 1873. Gore-Tex shells and aluminum climbing gear are a century away, but the high mountains still demand your attention. Imagine the stone in your hands and thousands of feet of open air below you, with only a wool jacket to weather a storm and no rope to catch a fall. Daniel Arnold did more than imagine he spent three years retracing the steps of his climbing forefathers, and in Early Days in the Range of Light, he tells their riveting stories. From 1864 to 1931, the Sierra Nevada witnessed some of the most audacious climbing of all time. In the spirit of his predecessors, Arnold carried only rudimentary equipment no ropes, no harness, no specialized climbing shoes. Sometimes he left his backpack and sleeping bag behind as well, and, like John Muir, traveled for days with only a few pounds of food rolled into a sack slung over his shoulder. In an artful blend of history, biography, nature, and adventure writing, Arnold brings to life the journeys and the terrain traveled. In the process he uncovers the motivations that drove an extraordinary group of individuals to risk so much for airy summits and close contact with bare stone and snow.
On holiday at a small seaside resort, Bridget meets Tom, whose aunt pilots the airship Goodcheer that takes lucky tourists on sightseeing trips around the bay. She does not guess what a role the airship will play in her life as she gazes out to sea with her wheelchair-bound brother and remarks casually: "Isn't it funny how we often see clouds on the horizon and like to think they're mountains?" Nor does she foresee the role of the sinister Madame Retsinis, a fairground fortune-teller who talks darkly of opportunities to travel to far lands... Or what it all has to do with the strange local tales of Manny Reeve, a local eccentric who claimed to have visited a land whose people were threatened with ecological, fierce tribal conflicts and power-hungry tyrants.
Evil has prevailed over the land for many years. The people of the past are brought to life by the story tellers. A mysterious rhyme and magical necklace hold secrets and a little girl becomes a heroine when her small brother is captured by the powers of darkness.
We live in a world of optical marvels - from the commonplace but beautiful rainbow, to the rare and eerie superior mirage. But how many of us really understand how a rainbow is formed, why the setting sun is red and flattened, or even why the sky at night is not absolutely black? This beautiful and informative guide provides clear explanations to all naturally occurring optical phenomena seen with the naked eye, including shadows, halos, water optics, mirages and a host of other spectacles. Separating myth from reality, it outlines the basic principles involved, and supports them with many figures and references. A wealth of rare and spectacular photographs, many in full color, illustrate the phenomena throughout. In this new edition of the highly-acclaimed guide to seeing, photographing and understanding nature's optical delights, the authors have added over 50 new images and provided new material on experiments you can try yourself.
College Ruled Color Paperback. Size: 6 inches x 9 inches. 55 sheets (110 pages for writing). Mountain Of Light. 157571907267
CLICK HERE to download the first chapter from The Mountain of My Fear and Deborah * Two classic mountaineering adventures, in one beautiful volume! * Part of The Mountaineers Books "Legends and Lore" series for climbers, armchair mountaineers, and readers of classic adventure literature The publication of The Mountain of My Fear in 1968 and Deborah in 1970 changed the face of the mountaineering narrative. Now these two classic expedition narratives by acclaimed writer David Roberts are together again in one volume for a new generation of readers. Deborah is the story of Roberts's 1964 expedition with fellow Harvard Mountaineering Club member Don Jensen to the eastern side of Mount Deborah in Alaska. Their two-man attempt on the then-unclimbed ridge was a rash and heroic effort. The story tells not only what happened on the mountain, but what happened in the stark isolation to the climbers and their friendship, as each became totally dependent on the other for survival. In The Mountain of My Fear Roberts and Jensen come together again only a year after the Deborah climb. In this account, they and two other Harvard students attempt an ascent of Mount Huntington, for the first time via its treacherous west face. The summit had been reached only the year before, via one of its less dangerous ridges. The story is one of a magnificent achievement. But it is also the story of how a perfect adventure can turn into tragedy in a single instant. Mountaineers, lovers of adventure literature, David Roberts fans, and non-climbers who simply enjoy a good story will value this pairing, by a great climber and a great writer, of two dramatic and enlightening works. This title is part of our LEGENDS AND LORE series. Click here > to learn more.
Discover the wonderful secret the Earth holds for us-that the stars of the galaxy live on our planet. Holograms of high-magnitude stars over holy mountains. Physical travel to other planets through stargates on the Earth's surface. Near instantaneous transportation across the planet through quick-way portals. Outrageous science fiction or sober geomantic fact? Earth Mysteries researcher Richard Leviton takes you on a wild tour of three geomantic features of our planet and reveals that what science fiction has dreamed the Earth in fact offers us. Stars on the Earth combines scholarship, clairvoyance, and field experience with the latest discoveries of geology and astrophysics and the timeless insights of the world's myths to open the planetary door to the stars. It's all part of the Earth's unsuspected but staggeringly rich endowment as a designer planet. Our planet was precisely designed and implemented for us, and it's equipped with a visionary geography that mirrors features of the galaxy and Heavens. Why are so many of the Earth's mountains said to be holy, producing visions and encounters with the "gods?" They all have canopies of light called domes, each transmitting the presence of a galactic star. What is the geomantic origin of the Bermuda Triangle? Two dysfunctional stargates. If working properly, they and the Earth's other two million stargates could transport us rapidly to other planets. Is there a way to travel quickly across the planet without using cars, airplanes, boats, or trains? Yes, and it's called a traversable wormhole, and the Earth has thousands of them awaiting our discovery and use. Come join the tour of a planet you've never seen before: our own star-infused Earth.
To make it easily understandable -- to the reader -- each poem is titled, dated, and where it was written. In most cases, the place where the poem was written will say, most vividly to those that know me well exactly what I was doing. In other words, if the poem was written in Da Nang, South Vietnam, those that know me will readily know that I was in the Army, and that I was fighting the war as a soldier, and not as an administrator for some governmental agency, or some other private company. I started writing poems and other poetic verses and phrases as far back as I can remember, but only through the encouragement of teachers did I began to save my writings. Thusly, the first recorded poem was in 1962, a song for a band I played with in college. Over the years, my writings have given hope, inspiration and liveliness to others, as well as tons of insightful memories to me, and hopefully, these poems will reach countless others and bring some laughter, hope, inspiration and joy to their lives. That is the purpose of my writing. I have written songs for choirs, gospel groups and individuals, some of which have been set to music, recorded and copywrited. If you look closer, the average reader can sense the changes in my life through my writings, from the do-nothing attitudes through the it's-mine-or-else selfishness to the I-love-you-in-spite-of-yourself idea. Those of you that find only intrigue, or laughter in those areas that are not fully comprehensible, it is safe to note that I will be laughing with you, for I, as the author, was often intrigued, and even lost at some of my own writings. Here's hoping you find something of value in my poems.
This is a collection of translations and essays on a region known for a small and often forgotten Christian community that has preserved the language of Jesus since the time of Christ. Their living institutions are expressed in monuments of stone, manuscripts, and a spoken dialect of Aramaic called Syriac. These stories about monasteries and saints are a witness to a civilization of Christians who should never be forgotten.

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