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The 'Mona Lisa', the most famous painting in the world, has been stolen from the Louvre museum in Paris. Can Secret Agent Jack Stalwart find it before an evil thief takes it out of the country, never to be seen again?
Driven by an inner force that enabled her to go back in time, Rina de' Firenze reveals what has been, since the Italian Renaissance, an enduring mystery throughout history, by recounting the life of Caterina, the mother of the great genius, Leonardo da Vinci. Told through the voice of the heroine, "Lisa," the compelling story begins with her birth into a cruel, aristocratic world, where she is orphaned in infancy, and then growing up in the Tuscan countryside, where she was renamed Caterina. In a succession of revelations Caterina moves us by the vivid descriptions of the fears and anxieties she suffers, first, when her illegitimate son, Leonardo, is snatched from her care at a tender age and then in her life of isolation on a remote slope in the Tuscan hills. But later, for the adolescent Leo, her simple dwelling becomes a magnetic attraction when first he flees his father's comfortable home and then from Verocchio's studio, where he was an apprentice. In that solitary corner of the world he discovers the poetry of nature and observes its phenomena - water, plants, the flight of birds - and secretly builds his first mechanical devices, devoting himself to visions of human progress. Manifested throughout the book is the theme of Leonardo's dream: to immortalize his mother's image in the painting which has been a great mystery since its creation.
The Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world, has been stolen from the Louvre museum in Paris. Can Secret Agent Jack Stalwart find it before an evil thief takes it out of the country, never to be seen again?
Following the announcement of another Mona Lisa portrait by Leonardo da Vinci, held in a Swiss bank vault for over 40 years, this book is the first to analyze the meaning of this astonishing discovery, and how it radically changes our understanding of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. By tracing Leonardo's movements in Florence on an almost day-to-day basis, Drs. Isbouts and Brown are able to reconstruct the fascinating chronology of the Mona Lisa portrait, and show how the subject ultimately became an obsession in the latter part of Leonardo's life. The authors posit that whereas the Swiss Mona Lisa is clearly a portrait drawn from life of a young Florentine woman, the Louvre Mona Lisa is the culmination of Leonardo's lifelong quest for the mystery of motherhood, as expressed in his more than ten paintings of the Madonna motif. Written as narrative history, yet grounded in modern scholarship, The Mona Lisa Myth not only shatters the portrait's mythology, but also offers a bold new interpretation of the world's most famous painting that will revolutionize our understanding of Leonardo life and work.
Mystery of the Mona Lisa is an extremely researched, lush, well-written, and historicallyaccurate tale set in Renaissance Italy. The author claims that the painting is in fact the portrait of Caterina, the mother of Leonardo da Vinci.
Dov Markov, a young American art professor, and Mirielle Leclrc, head of the French Art Loss Registry, embark on a breathtaking journey where they confront powerful antagonists to recover Leonardo da Vinci's "Monna Vanna," which vanished after the artist's death.
In The Mystery of the Mona Lisa, Jack is sent to the Louvre Museum in Paris to track down the theft of the world's most beloved painting. He must match wits with a seemingly invisible mastermind in order to stop Leonardo's masterpiece from slipping into the criminal underground forever. Can Jack's Hypo-Disk overpower a glove that shoots laser beams from its fingertips? Jack's adventures in the city of light demonstrate once again that when it comes to outsmarting the baddies, Jack is the go-to agent with endless tricks up his sleeve.

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