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Avalanche of the Shackles unravels the struggle of a strong female protagonist who instills the ethics of forgiveness, humility, philanthropy in a world fraught with social castigation, border lines and the politics of divide and rule. This novel is one woman's courageous quest to uncover the murder of a teenage girl whose heart was gored out to replace the ailing heart of a prominent man's son. The novel brings to life the oral tradition embedded in African-American literature, its rich doctrines of historical storytelling as seen by Missy's household. Missy is the protagonist who changed her name to escape her exiled past because of her status in the community. She returns back to the land that once ostracized her to embark in full scale production, but finds herself and all her brood enslaved by the prominent man in her community. A twist of fate, however, ushers her surprises. She faces the after-effects of the Ngene Iji war while she endures the challenges of raising other people's children. She makes astonishing achievements that endear her to the entire community where she runs an orphanage and builds a home for the mentally ill. The Avalanche is the sequel to the biographical and historical sketch of the caste system that was brushed on in the Shackles of Oruku Threats. The Shackles dabbled in men's leading role in the politics of caste and class.
"Misconceptions continue to shape public perceptions of American Indians. Deeply ingrained cultural fictions, what Jentz (history, North Hennepin Community College) refers to as myths, have had a lasting hold on popular understanding of Native Americans. In this readable and engaging overview, Jentz provides an important corrective, one that not only catalogs key stories and stereotypes but also lays a foundation for challenging them. As the title indicates, Jentz seeks to demystify seven fundamental ideas about American Indians through critical histories. Following a helpful introductory discussion, he devotes a chapter to each myth. Specifically, he unpacks (1) the noble savage, (2) the ignoble savage, (3) wilderness and wildness, (4) the vanishing native, (5) the authentic Indian, (6) the ecological Indian, and (7) the mystical native. Throughout, Jentz employs clear language and tangible examples to clarify each myth and its significance. [T]his work will greatly benefit nonspecialists, including high school teachers and students. The volume will be useful as either a textbook in introductory courses in Native American studies or as secondary reading. Summing Up: Highly recommended." —C. R. King, Washington State University, in Choice
Few American spiritual teachers of recent years have inspired others as lovingly as Ron Roth. After serving the Roman Catholic Church as a priest for twenty-five years, Roth left to pursue a more universal spirituality, teaching the possibility of a one-to-one relationship with Divinity as well as the belief that healing and enlightenment are available to all people. Speaking from the cornerstone teachings that have inspired his ministry, Roth journals his reflections on his personal realizations in The Sacred Light of Healing. He reflects on the Holy Spirit, the original teachings of Jesus, and the inner way of the ancient monks known as the Therapeutae. Roth also discusses his late-life journey to India and an awakening to his own work for global peace. As related to and written by Roger Montgomery, this first-person account is Roth's moving true story of how we all can move into a closer relationship of Oneness with God.
No soul shall bear anothers burden. The Koran as translated by N. J. Darwood. That being the case, you cannot inherit an illness from your parents. In her previous life, Cherryl, my wife, was Mary Magdalene. When I told her that I was the Second Coming, the soul said Shit. Here we go again. Mary Magdalenes emotional baggage resulting from the crucifixion came off the cosmic shelf, and Cher came down with scleroderma, which would be the cause of her death. So began my odysseyhow do you cure a dis-ease that had its genesis in a previous lifetime. In order to break your chain of rebirth, that is what you need to do. A spiritual master can be defined as someone who has broken their chain of rebirth.
From the bestselling author of The Power Deck, Lynn V. Andrews returns with an advanced, gorgeously rendered deck of oracle cards for the modern world. Lynn V. Andrews has been helping her students heal, build self-confidence, and claim their power for over a quarter of a century. After years of pleas from her fans, Lynn has finally created a new deck: Sacred Vision Oracle Cards. This deck will take you on the next step toward finding balance in life. Each card includes an image of a painting by noted Native American artist Robert Taylor that embodies the prayer written on the opposite side that will awaken a vision or wisdom within you to help you achieve your own truth and harmony with life.

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