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Companion to the 'New Bottoming Book', this is a completely revised and updated edition of the best-selling underground classic for nearly a decade. Gives even more insight and ideas for those who want to be a successful player.
This new edition of the bottoming book continues to teach the technique but also offers emotional support and ethical interaction to those curious or concerned about the consequences of BDSM.
A primer on the history, glamor, technique and art of erotic caning, including sections on cane styles and materials, pacing, warmup, aftercare, positions, first aid and safety issues. Includes a special section making and maintaining your own canes from inexpensive natural materials! About the Toybag Guides. A new concept from Greenery - sturdy little 4" x 6" quick reference guides you can drop in your toybag for less than $10! Each of these books contains at least as much information as you could get from a full day's workshop on the topic taught by one of the leaders in the scene - people like Jay Wiseman, Janet Hardy, Midori and John Warren. We'll be bringing out new ones every season. Start your collection now!
Why does S/M turn us on? How can we get better at it? How can we get our own needs for sex and support met? 'The Topping Book' answers these questions with anecdote-laden wisdom and with Fish's hot, funny portraits of lovably nasty tops. Illustrated.
Janet W. Hardy has given advice on the most challenging questions - questions of sex, polyamory, kink, and self-identity. She's answered those questions while providing a constructive and compassionate road map in 'The Ethical Slut' and 'The New Topping/Bottoming Books'. But where others have turned to her, Janet had to make it up as she went.
This book discusses the theory that alternative relationship and family structures challenge the privileged status of the nuclear family as the preferable mode of family life for all, and the one to be endorsed and encouraged by society.

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