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Attempting to tackle the subject of death with sensitivity, this book is a journey of light and hope to a place where earthly hurts are left behind.
Excellent teaching of mathematics at the elementary school level requires that the teacher be an expert in school mathematics. This textbook for prospective teachers presents topics from the K-6 mathematics curriculum, but at a greater depth than is usually found in the classroom. The added knowledge that comes from this approach gives the teacher essential insight into how the topics interrelate and where difficulties might lie. With this deeper mathematical preparation, the teacher is better able to explain concepts, demonstrate computational procedures and lead students through problem-solving techniques. The primary focus is on the foundations of arithmetic, along with a selection of topics from geometry and a wide range of applications. The number line is used throughout to visualize concepts and to tie them to the solution of problems. The book emphasizes how to explain the concepts and how to explain problem solutions. This is a textbook for a college course in mathematics for prospective elementary school teachers. It will also be a resource for the instructors of such courses.

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