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Once upon a time, there was the most beautiful, extraordinary princess. At least, until the day of her christening, when a grumpy fairy placed a spell to make her ORDINARY! Princess Amethyst Alexandra Araminta Adelaide Aurelia Anne (also known as Princess Amy) doesn't mind being ordinary- she gets to play in the woods, and run about to her heart's content! But when she realises that her parents intend for her to marry a dreary prince, she must take matters into her own hands. She may have been born ordinary, but Princess Amy's adventures are nothing but! Is Princess Amy your #GirlHero? Check out the other stories in our #GirlHero collection- which character is your favourite? A Wrinkle in Time Pollyanna Pride and Prejudice Annie Ballet Shoes Chinese Cinderella The Borrowers A Little Princess Anne of the Green Gables Little Women The Secret Garden
Laura is a reporter whose drive to help those in need keeps causing her to miss her scoops. With her job on the line, she goes after a big story, looking for a scandal about Xander, the crown prince of Montorino! Luckily, she manages to slip into his official residence and approach him. But her nature once again gets in the way and spoils her plan… The next day, as Laura sulks in dejection, who should appear at her doorstep but Prince Xander!
Being Ordinary Can Be A Blessing In Disguise! While Other Fairies Bless Princess Amethyst Of Phantasmorania With Traditional Gifts Of Wisdom, Grace And Courage When She Turns Six Days Old, Fairy Crustacea Grants Her An Exceptional One: I Am Going To Give You Something That Will Bring You More Happiness Than All These Fal-Lals And Fripperies Put Together. You Shall Be Ordinary! Thus Begins The Life Of Poor Ordinary Princess Amy, Who Has Freckles, A Snub Nose And Mousy Hair. While Her Six Beautiful, Perfectly Groomed Older Sisters Marry Handsome Princes, Amy Cannot Find A Prince Charming Enough To Fall In Love With Her. The King Makes Desperate Plans To Find A Suitor For Her, But Amy Will Have None Of It! She Runs Away From Home, Even Though It Means She Cannot Live As A Princess Any Longer And Has To Work As A Kitchen Maid Instead. But She Also Makes A New Friend, Who Calls Himself A Man-Of-All-Work. The Ordinary Princess-Turned-Kitchen-Maid Now Happily Plays, Sings Songs And Makes A Little House In The Forest With The Ordinary Man-Of-All-Work, Until Nurse Marta Comes Along And Spills Her Extraordinary Secret&
While her sisters were blessed at birth with exceptional skills, Princess Basil's "gift" is to be ordinary. But can a princess be ordinary? After escaping an unconventional kidnapping, Princess Basil finds herself far from her castle and must take fate into her own hands. She tracks down the fairy godmother who "blessed" her, and learns the solution to her ordinariness might be as simple as finding a magic ring. With an unlikely ally in tow, she takes on gnomes, a badger, and a couple of snarky foxes in her quest for a less ordinary life. Portland comics artist Cassie Anderson (Lifeformed) takes her webcomic to print in this tale of magical adventure, full of soul and humor for readers of all ages.
Abby always thought she was just an ordinary seventh grader going through her awkward years. But after the most embarrassing night of her life, she is reminded that she has a heavenly Father who loves her just the way she is and believes that she is extraordinary. No Ordinary Princess serves as a reminder to girls of all ages that you are never too old to be a princess. Not all princesses wear tiaras and fancy dresses. Some actually prefer sneakers and jeans! No Ordinary Princess is an extraordinary book written to help girls through the times when they feel different and don't quite fit in. Abby realizes what most of us don't know until it's too late: We are all special in God's eyes. Rachel N. Johnson lives in Athens, Georgia, home of the Georgia Bulldogs. She says, I work with an amazing group of middle school girls. I realized that several of them had never been told that they were special or princesses and they didn't find value in themselves. I wanted them to know that not only were they special, but they belonged to the King of Kings, making them princesses!
Princess Amelia is the least likely person to become queen of the land of Gossling, from her position as the fourth daughter to her non-princessy ways. But when a plague sweeps the land, kills her parents, and leaves her evil uncle in power, it is Amelia who must find the courage to save her kingdom-and her sisters. Readers will be thoroughly enchanted by the coming-of-age of an unlikely princess.
Laura Sue wanted to be a princess with all her heart. However, she was not from a royal family; she was from an ordinary family, which included an ordinary brother. One day to her delight, her teacher announced to the students that they could be anything they wanted to be. This was music to Laura Sue's ears, until she announced her desire in front of the class. Laughter dampened her spirits, as did the reality that her family members offered. However, a beautiful, golden angel came to her rescue and told her how to become an ordinary princess. She gave her the formula and it is one every child could follow should he or she wish to become an ordinary prince or princess. Over 30 charming and colorful illustrations dance along with the text.

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