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In this dazzling collection of Otherworld tales, Kelley Armstrong’s most captivating lead characters appear alongside her unforgettable supporting players, who step out of the shadows and into the light. Have you ever wondered how lone wolf Clayton Danvers finally got bitten by the last thing he expects: love? Or how the hot-blooded bad-girl witch Eve Levine ensnared the cold, ruthless corporate sorcerer Kristof Nast? Would you like to be a fly on the wall at the wedding of Lucas Cortez and Paige Winterbourne, where nothing goes as planned? Or tag along with Lucas and Paige as they investigate a gruesome crime that may be the work of a rogue vampire? Whether you’re new to the Otherworld or a longtime fan, you’ll thrill at the discoveries to be found in these eight tales of friendship, adventure, and enduring romance, featuring a cast of superhuman men and women whose fierce passion and undivided sense of purpose make them very human indeed.
Kelley Armstrong – Globe and Mail and New York Times bestselling author – is back with a true gift for her fans: an exclusive glimpse into the minds and hearts of the men of the Pack Kelley Armstrong has made a huge name for herself with her trademark portrayals of the strong, unusually gifted women who populate her Otherworld. But her fans have always wanted to know more about the men who love these women, and revealed in the pages of this collection are the life stories – and secrets – of Clay and Jeremy, two of the sexiest and most mysterious men of the Otherworld. Originally published by the author on her website (but since removed), these thrilling tales reveal how Clay became a werewolf, how he came to be adopted by Jeremy, Jeremy’s struggles to become the Alpha of the Pack and his terrible conflict with his father, Malcolm. A brand-new story, written for this collection, reveals how Jeremy came to be a visionary and healer: touchy-feely qualities uncommon in a werewolf. The result is a perfect companion to Kelley’s bestselling series and a treasure for fans. From the Hardcover edition.
Does God exist? Many have plagued the notion that he doesn't, but let the TRUTH be known for we are in our last days of tribulation. But why can't we speak to him if he does exist? People are people, they will think what they want to think, but if you listen to what the word says you will know. This book will take you on an experiential journey to and from the other worlds. It will teach you the way of life and the knowledge of vision thus create a bridge to the known and the unknown. The most important question that brew among the mind of the people will be answered. HE EXISTS. This book is in proof that he does.
Is there life after death? Is there a world outside our own? WHAT IF ANCIENT PEOPLE ALREADY KNEW THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS? Acclaimed author Philip Gardiner proves that our ancestors were far more advanced ''scientifically and spiritually'' than previously believed. Through a special technique, ancient Egyptians and others were able to journey to other realities within themselves - in short, to the Otherworld. The author undergoes his own experiments to prove the point. Gardiner also shows that ancient people knew more about their place in the universe than previously thought. They placed buildings and objects in specific places around the globe because these points had a distinct relation to the universal and human wave resonance of electromagnetism. When the ancients journeyed to these places, they were joining with God and visualizing the effect. The remarkable conclusions and discoveries in this book not only dispel some age - old myths, but also address questions such as: ....Is there a universal frequency that allows the mind to travel into other realms? Does the Great Pyramid hold a real secret to the quantum realm? What are those mysterious round towers found scattered around our planet? Is ESP real? What Gateways to the Otherworld uncovers are not just tales of ancient trips to other realms, nor theories on why stone circles were built in specific locations, but real answers based on thorough research and science.
It is the elves to the rescue as two young children find themselves in deadly peril, when Jamie's father joins a fanatical cult with ties to powerful and evil entity, and Amanda, an abused little girl, threatens to unleash her extraordinary psychic talents in retaliation for her suffering. Original.
In the deeply inquisitive and gripping continuation of THE OTHERWORLD AND BEYOND books, Series III: Making Contact centers on a seeker of truth as he embarks on a quest to determine which world is real - the physical or spiritual. Feeling that something is just not right in his life, the seeker sets out on an arduous path, experiencing tremendous hardship in order to prove that the true world is the spiritual one, and the physical world is purgatory. The seeker is led to a clue that was hidden in the fabric of time. He is transported back and forth through the past, present, and future to prevent catastrophic events. What is the mysterious black smoke which appears again and again during his journey? Will he be able to make sense of a world that exists on multiple levels, and effect positive change? About the Author: J.R. Freeman grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Sulphur, Louisiana called Mossville, and currently lives in Beaumont, Texas. He is a retired disabled veteran of the United States Air Force and the CEO of Peg Leg Jack Bobaecue Incorporated. Inspired by the wish to share the spiritual knowledge he gained from a Near Death Experience, Mr.Freeman's previous works are THE OTHERWORLD AND BEYOND: Series I, A New Beginning and THE OTHERWORLD AND BEYOND: Series II, The Inner Self. He is presently writing the next book, THE OTHERWORLD AND BEYOND: Series IV, I See Visions. http: //

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