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Ray Mears' Outdoor Survival Handbook is a book of discovery, explaining the everyday skills you need to live in and enjoy the natural world. Season by season, this unique, fully illustrated guide describes the resources and materials available in the wild and how to use them. Whether you want to spend a day, a week or a month out of doors, Ray Mears' Outdoor Survival Handbook will help you enjoy it to the full. Packed with practical tips, insights into nature and respect for traditional knowledge, this is a book for families, groups and individual hikers and climbers - for everyone who enjoys outdoor life.
Whether you are an accompllshed adventurer or new to exploring the wilderness, and wheather you’re travelling alone or as part of a group, The Outdoor Survival Handbook will provide you with all the essential support for your expedition, whether on dry land or at sea. It contains all of the techniques, diagrams, instructions and advice needed to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience in the great outdoors. Each chapter shows you how to prepare for or deal with a specific situation, including how to cope with bad weather; travel in the dark; what do if you lose your bearings; how to navigate without the aid of a map or compass; how to deal with injuries both major and minor; where to forage for food; and how to collect and purify water in all types of environments. The Outdoor Survival Handbook’s clear, simple structure makes it easy to find the relevant information in an instant and it is designed to keep you safe and out of troube in the first place.
Outdoor enthusiasts can easily be caught unaware by accidental injury, equipment failure, climate changes such as rain or snow, and other unexpected situations. In a clear, concise style Alan Fry covers what people need to know before starting out, including: -Choosing the appropriate clothing and footwear --Starting and managing fire -Building emergency shelter -Administering first aid -Obtaining water and food -Signaling for help -Staying calm until help arrives This revised edition of Wilderness Survival Handbook reflects the best of both modern information and native lore from Fry's decades of living and travelling in the outdoors.
The Outdoor Survival Book: A Bushcraft 101 Field Guide and Handbook for Surviving in the Wilderness - is a survival guide to prepare yourself to be your very best, even if you experience the very worst, which is to be lost in the wilderness with no other resources to rely on except for what you may have in your pockets or backpack. Aside from "always being prepared", this tactical guide also tutors you in how to overcome the panic and anxiety that affects most people when they discover they are lost, and how to tell yourself "I got this!" even when your situation seems hopeless. Expert survivalist Mark Drake covers the basics of surviving in the wild including how to prepare a minimal survivalist backpack for a day trip (just in case you lose your way) to preparing a more elaborate, complete pack if you know you are going hiking or camping in area without marked trails or where you cannot access satellite signals, electricity or cell phone coverage. The basics of survival are covered in a "To Do or Die" list including building a shelter, building a fire, finding and purifying water, searching for food, sending signals for help, retracing your steps, watching the weather, navigating by the stars and practicing emotional self-rescue techniques. This factual, resourceful guide is a must-have resource for any hiker that is thinking of venturing out into the wild, but also emergency workers, military personnel, campers, hunters, scouts and survivalists it emphasizes crafting something from nothing by utilizing the wealth of resources offered by your natural surroundings and also your most valuable resource - your mind!
How to survive--and become self-sufficient--in the great outdoors.
A practical handbook on how to cope with all kinds of survival scenarios, with detailed visual instruction and step-by-step sequences for every situation. Topics include building shelters, wilderness navigation, making fire, sourcing water, flint-napping, foraging and much more.
With 110+ years behind them, the experts at Outdoor Life magazine have compiled the information-packed Wilderness Survival Handbook. Whether you’re planning a three-day backcountry hike, a day trip, or a full-on Grizzly Adams experience this compact handbook has the essential information you need to stay safe. From the best-selling team at Outdoor Life this essential guide to surviving in the wilderness is for survivalists and hobbyists alike. This book covers making shelter, finding food and water, dealing with predators, signaling to rescuers, and making it out alive and well...probably even with all your limbs. Chapter One: Skills and Tools - How to Pack for a Wilderness Adventure - Build a Fire Anywhere - Forage for Food - Create a Basic Shelter - Get Rescued - Handle Medical Emergencies in the Woods - Tie Basic Knots Chapter Two: Into the Woods - Survive Getting lost in the Wilderness - Handle Animal Attacks - Navigate Bogs and Marshes - Purify Water - Stay Sane and Healthy - Trap Wild Animals - Fish with Almost No Equipment Chapter Three: Extreme Environments Survive a Wildfire - Ford a Raging River - Navigate the Arctic - Survive Falling through Ice - Punch a Polar Bear - Find Water in the Desert - Survive Being Lost at Sea

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