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The brilliant creator of NPR's Planet Money podcast and award-winning New Yorker staff writer explains our current economy: laying out its internal logic and revealing the transformative hope it offers for millions of people to thrive as they never have before. Contrary to what you may have heard, the middle class is not dying and robots are not stealing our jobs. In fact, writes Adam Davidson—one of our leading public voices on economic issues—the twenty-first-century economic paradigm offers new ways of making money, fresh paths toward professional fulfillment, and unprecedented opportunities for curious, ambitious individuals to combine the things they love with their careers. Drawing on the stories of average people doing exactly this—an accountant overturning his industry, a sweatshop owner's daughter fighting for better working conditions, an Amish craftsman meeting the technological needs of Amish farmers—as well as the latest academic research, Davidson shows us how the twentieth-century economy of scale has given way in this century to an economy of passion. He makes clear, too, that though the adjustment has brought measures of dislocation, confusion, and even panic, these are most often the result of a lack of understanding. The Passion Economy delineates the ground rules of the new economy, and armed with these, we begin to see how we can succeed in it according to its own terms—intimacy, insight, attention, automation, and, of course, passion. An indispensable road map and a refreshingly optimistic take on our economic future.
Passions play an important role in economy, politics and the media. Recent discussions of the economy, for instance, do no longer hesitate to stress the importance of a passion like envy functioning as a driving force in this field. Also the world of advertising illustrates the impor- tance of passions in the economy. Modern forms of politics, on the contrary, claimed to be detached from passions and to rely solely on rationality. Recent developments since the end of the cold war, however, have clearly challenged this self-understanding of modern politics. Not even politics can escape the world of passions. In our days, both the economy and politics depend on the media, another example of a highly passionate realm. Passions also have an important religious dimension. One of the central questions of any great religion is how to deal with passions. This book offers an interdisciplinary approach to the phenomenon of passions in the fields of economy, politics, and the media, drawing on Re
From the Revolutionary War through the Civil War to the debates of today, the passion for equality has been one of the keystones of American society. This study offers an historical survey of the idea of equality in America, a philosophical analysis of the concept, and a proposal for a more balanced integration of equality in the structure of American society. The Passion for Equality is an important book grounded in the traditions of John Rawls and Robert Nozick. It is recommended for philosophers, ethicists, economists, political scientists, and social theorists of all political persuasions.
In a world of switched-off and disenchanted consumers, the time is right for a new approach to communicating with customers. Passion Branding is that approach. Centred on a passionate relationship between brand and consumer and the leverage of that passion in order to create value for all involved in the relationship, Passion Branding can be a great way to drive brand awareness at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, particularly for brands that don't enjoy high emotional affinity with customers. Drawing on major case studies from around the world (including Shell and Ferrari, Hyundai and the FIFA World Cup, and Guinness and the Rugby World Cup) as well as interviews with top practitioners, Neill Duffy introduces Passion Branding, shows why it is about much more than simple sponsorship, and details the many areas in which this versatile business tool can play a role.
Contains papers that appeal to a broad and global readership in all fields of economics.
Traces the history of the Polish trade union, Solidarity, and describes the economic and social conditions in modern Poland
By drawing on the writings of a number of thinkers, and by reconstructing the intellectual climate of the 17th and 18th centuries, the author offers a new interpretation for the rise of capitalism, one that portrays this lengthy ideological change as an endogenous processand that emphasizes the continuities between old and new, in contrast to the assumption of a sharp break.
The bestselling biography of one of the 20th century's most remarkable and controversial writers. Author Barbara Branden, who knew Rand for nineteen years, provides a matchless portrait of this fiercely private and complex woman.
An outstanding collection of original essays, most published here for the first time, With Passion and Compassion provides the outlines of the common struggle of Third World women to forge their own, liberative theology. Protestant and Catholic, these women from Asia, Africa, and Latin America explore the question of what it means to be a Christian, and a woman, in the Third World. The contributors to With Passion and Compassion address traditional theological topics: christology, spirituality, the Bible. But they do so from the perspective that comes out of a struggle to overcome social and economic oppression. Their reflections constitute a powerful statement of faith as well as a challenge to existing structures and thinking, political and patriarchal.
In this twentieth anniversary edition of her perennial bestseller, Nancy Anderson shows readers how following their passion to find their special niche is the most effective and rewarding approach to business and career success. Work with Passion follows the step-by-step program Anderson implements in her career counseling practice, carefully guiding readers through each stage. The program follows the ten “Passion Secrets” of successful people, and topics include clarifying goals, trusting instincts, doing research, and meeting others who are passionate about their work. "I have found that we love to hear success stories,” Anderson writes, and each chapter tells those powerful stories of people who have overcome adversity and realized their dreams. Work with Passion has a wealth of inspirational guidance, from the broadest kinds of visionary encouragement to very practical tips on networking, developing a resume, and writing a query letter that gets results. This comprehensive course in career counseling is for everyone who would rather brag about their career than complain about their job.

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