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A collection of groundbreaking research by a leading figure in neuroscience.
Clinicians who have dedicated their work to bringing the benefits of the Polyvagal Theory to a range of clients have come together to present Polyvagal Theory in a creative and personal way.Chapters on a range of topics from compassionate medical care to optimized therapeutic relationships to clinician's experiences as parents extract from the theory the powerful influence and importance of cases and feelings of safety in the clinical setting.Additionally, there are chapters which:elaborate on the principle of safety in clinical practice with children with abuse historiesexplain the restorative consequences of movement, rhythm, and dance in promoting social connectedness and resilience in trauma survivorsexplains how Polyvagal Theory can be used to understand the neurophysiological processes in various therapiesdiscuss dissociative processes and treatments designed to experience bodily feelings of safety and trustexamine fear of flying and how using positive memories as an active "bottom up" neuroceptive process may effectively down-regulate defenseshed light on the poorly understood experience of griefThrough the insights of innovative and benevolent clinicians, whose treatment models are Polyvagal informed, this book provides an accessible way for clinicians to embrace this groundbreaking theory in their own work.
Bridging the gap between research, science, and the therapy room. When The Polyvagal Theory was published in 2011, it took the therapeutic world by storm, bringing Stephen Porges’s insights about the autonomic nervous system to a clinical audience interested in understanding trauma, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. The book made accessible to clinicians and other professionals a polyvagal perspective that provided new concepts and insights for understanding human behavior. The perspective placed an emphasis on the important link between psychological experiences and physical manifestations in the body. That book was brilliant but also quite challenging to read for some. Since publication of that book, Stephen Porges has been urged to make these ideas more accessible and The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory is the result. Constructs and concepts embedded in polyvagal theory are explained conversationally in The Pocket Guide and there is an introductory chapter which discusses the science and the scientific culture in which polyvagal theory was originally developed. Publication of this work enables Stephen Porges to expand the meaning and clinical relevance of this groundbreaking theory.
The polyvagal theory presented in client-friendly language.
You Are 1-Click Away From Discovering How To Turn On Your Body's Self-Healing Ability By Leveraging Your Understanding Of The Polyvagal Theory To Neutralize Stress, Anxiety, Depression And Many Other Physical & Mental Health Issues! Ever since Dr. Stephen Porges developed the Polyvagal theory to explain how our autonomic nervous system controls our physical responses as well as emotional reactions, a lot of research and experimentation has gone into this theory to prove just how the functioning of our nervous system relates to our physical and mental health. The findings have been mind-blowing, as the vagus nerve has been specially found to hold the key to good physical and mental health on a scale never thought possible. But what exactly is this polyvagal theory? What does it entail? What does it have to do with good physical and mental health? What do scientific studies say about the theory? How can you take advantage of what the theory postulates to achieve optimal physical and mental health? What physical and mental health benefits can you expect from an understanding and applying polyvagal theory? This book will answer each of these and other questions you may have about polyvagal theory. The book breaks down the seemingly complex topic using beginner friendly language to help you to start applying what you learn to get closer to better physical and mental health, free from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, autism, trauma, inflammation, Asperger's spectrum and many others. More precisely, the book will teach you: The basics of the autonomic nervous system, including its structure, how it works, what it does, the different nerves, the different states of the autonomic nervous system and more The ins and outs of the polyvagal theory The basics of the vagus nerve, including what it is, its structure, what it does, scientific studies done on the vagus nerve, the effects of activity in the vagus nerve, the symptoms of dorsal vagal state and more Why you need your vagus nerve to be functioning optimally How the state of the nervous system affects different organs and organ systems, including the heart, the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, the gut, the mind, ears, spleen etc. How to apply the polyvagal theory to relieve stress, phobias, autism, PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression, panic attacks and more using different techniques The ins and outs of vagus nerve stimulation for restoring mental and physical health And much more! The polyvagal theory has indeed opened the world to an endless sea of possibilities as far as natural healing is concerned. And this book will show you exactly how to take advantage of this scientific breakthrough for optimal health by breaking down everything in a language you can understand, even if this is the first time you are coming across the term 'polyvagal theory'. Are you ready to discover how it is even wildly possibly to neutralize stress, anxiety, depression and other health problems by simply stimulating the vagus nerve? YES? Click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!
This product includes Stephen W. Porges' The Polyvagal Theory and The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory. The books are packaged as a shrink-wrapped set.
Do you want to learn how to unleash the body's natural ability to heal itself from stress and anxiety? Are you looking for effective ways to harness the healing power of the vagus nerve to take control of your physical and mental health? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this guide might just be what you need. Since the Polyvagal Theory was developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, this breakthrough has taken the world of clinical and therapeutic medicine by storm. This groundbreaking discovery is drawing back the curtain on how the autonomic nervous system controls our physical responses and emotional reactions, many of which are extremely primal and were developed as protective and defense mechanisms early in our evolution. In this guide, you're going to learn how to effectively get rid of stress, anxiety and panic attacks, as well as effectively manage Asperger's Spectrum and autism with social engagement. You're also going to find techniques and exercises and cardiovascular applications that will activate the body's inbuilt switch that allows your body to slow down and relax, boost your autoimmune responses and reduce inflammation. Here's a sample of what you're going to learn in The Polyvagal Theory: Everything you need to know about the vagus nerve and the polyvagal theory Why the discovery of the polyvagal theory matters and how it's important for treating nervous problems How the body regulates stress and depression and surefire ways to expedite this process Using Yoga poses and stretches to help you activate the vagal nerves Proven meditative techniques to help you stimulate the vagal nerves Effective diaphragmatic exercises to get rid of stress, anxiety and panic attacks Ways trauma can affect the nervous system as well as prevention tips Surefire ways to practice the Polyvagal Theory in your daily life ...and tons more! You don't need to be a clinician or therapist before using the actionable advice in this book to change your life. This powerful guide provides you with all the tools, techniques and strategies you need to completely understand the human nervous system. You'll also learn how to cure a variety of illnesses and improve your sleep by healing the vagus nerve with instructions and exercises that are simple and easy to follow. If you are ready to take back control of your body and control your primal responses to negative stimuli... Then scroll to the top of the page and select the "Buy Now" button!

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