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In this stunning anthology, 15 favorite fairytales have been retold for the #metoo generation. These princesses are smart, funny and kind, and can do anything they set their minds to. They are: Snow White, champion of real beauty Sleeping Beauty, specialist on sleeping disorders Thumbelina, music producer and advocate Rapunzel, world-famous architect Belle the Brave, undercover agent Elisabeth and the Wild Swans – fashion designer Cinderella – prime minster and businesswoman Star and the 12 Dancers – dancer The Goose Girl – stand-up comedian Princess Sevinah (and the Pea) – founder of the Fairyland Dating Service The Snow Queen – winter sports coach The Little Mermaid – advocate for peace between mer-people and humans Zade – storyteller (of 1001 tales) and businesswoman Evangeline (The Frog Princess) – natural historian Little Red Riding Hood – environmentalist and Princess of the Wolves Focused on issues including self-image, confidence, LGBTQ, friendship, advocacy and disability, these stories are perfect for sharing between parents and children, or for older princesses or princes to read by themselves. They teach that a princess is a person who seeks to help others, is open to learning new things, and looks for ways to add purpose to their lives and the lives of those around them. Power to the princess!
DIVA plot to kidnap a little princess and flood the passageways of a mine is thwarted when a mysterious silver-haired woman and a brave young miner help repel some devilish subterranean creatures. /div
It would be an engagement of convenience, nothing more. Princess Rebecca Marconi needs to stop her father from pressuring her into an arranged marriage. Logan Buchanan needs her royal influence to secure key business contracts in her European island nation. These total opposites agree to limit themselves to carefully timed public displays of affection—yet Logan's thoughts keep straying to hot, sexy and private scenarios with his fake fiancée. Soon, the earthy Chicago millionaire has this proper princess giving him the keys to her castle…so he can unlock the pent-up passion no protocol will deny.
To kiss a royal As Grand Serenity's goodwill ambassador, Princess Samantha DeSaunters lives a dazzling, high-profile life. Her own romantic dreams come second to her devotion to her island realm. Until she impulsively kisses a sexy stranger at a political gala. Now the reticent royal can't get enough of Garrison Montgomery, the former soldier hired to keep her and the throne safe. But who'll protect Sam from yearning to turn their mock courtship into the real thing? In the Caribbean to run security for the ruling family, Gary instead finds himself caught up in a sizzling forbidden affair that could sabotage his mission. As he and Sam share passionate secret nights that make him forget about his past, the threat against the DeSaunterses escalates. Can Gary protect Sam from the enemies out to destroy the crown and hold on to the chance at happily-ever-after with his princess?

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