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"Based on the video game from Blizzard Entertainment."
Whether people praise, worship, criticize, or reject God, they all presuppose at least a rough notion of what it means to talk about God. Turning the certainty of this assumption on its head, a respected educator and humanist shows that when we talk about God, we are in fact talking about nothing at all—there is literally no such idea—and so all of the arguments we hear from atheists, true believers, and agnostics are and will always be empty and self-defeating. Peter J. Steinberger's commonsense account is by no means disheartening or upsetting, leaving readers without anything meaningful to hold on to. To the contrary, he demonstrates how impossible it is for the common world of ordinary experience to be all there is. With patience, clarity, and good humor, Steinberger helps readers think critically and constructively about various presuppositions and modes of being in the world. By coming to grips with our own deep-seated beliefs, we can understand how traditional ways asserting, denying, or even just wondering about God's existence prevent us from seeing the truth—which, it turns out, is far more interesting and encouraging than anyone would have thought.
A revealing study of the sensual tensions powering the period's formal and ideological innovations.
A direct scriptural look at the battles we face in our minds and lives, that often affect our walk with God. This book deals with not only our actions, but dealing with the very areas that so greatly affect our perception of where we are with God.
Much of the current literature describes fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and other related syndromes in terms of anecdotes and sales pitches without benefit of medical fact. Dr. Duclos is a practicing internal medicine physician who treats patients with these conditions every day and has found striking similarities among these conditions. He uses the latest scientific research to support his theory that the problem common to these disorders lies in the central nervous system. He describes the underlying disease process in clear terms for non-medical professionals and offers hope for treatment. "For years," Dr. Duclos says, "patients have been told that their symptoms are all psychological. Now we know better."
This is a memoir of life on a small farm in the Pacific Northwest. It is filled with humorous anecdotes, a bit of poetry, and even some recipes.
What if your parents agreed to disagree? Eight and a half years ago, when their beautiful baby girl was born, Mr. and Mrs. Puddle couldn't agree on what to name her. So Mrs. Puddle calls her daughter Emily and Mr. Puddle calls her Ferdinanda. And everyone else? They call her Baby. Having parents who agree to disagree does mean twice as many presents on your birthday, but it can complicate your life! There was the time Baby's parents couldn't agree on what kind of dog to get -- so they got two, both named Sally. One summer day, when rushing back to the city from their country house, the Puddles leave the Sallys behind. Will the Puddles agree to go back? What will become of the Sallys? Kate Feiffer's debut novel is by turns funny, heartwarming, and wholly satisfying. Tricia Tusa's pleasing artwork makes the Puddles' world complete. Let the Puddle family into your heart. You will be glad you did.

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